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Prepare For The Greater Depression and What Will Follow

By: Tom Chatham

The current declining state of the economy is just the first leg in a long journey to the bottom of the pit of misery we will all know in the coming years. The cycle of business has been turned on its head as bankers rush to save themselves and their ill gotten loot. Never in the course of human history has so much been stolen from so many by so few. All of the human labor that has been converted into wealth has been diverted to the ruling elite and now that they have gotten all that they can get they will pull out of the system and let everything else crash. It is a slow process as they move their wealth around to insure most of it survives but when they reach that point the lowly masses will see the next leg of the greater depression unfold.

The withdrawal of this wealth from the markets will insure the system crumbles and what little that is left will be fought over by the masses as they scramble for dwindling resources. The life work of many people will be reduced to a few scraps of worthless paper in the end. After these people realize they have been robbed they will look for the person to blame but the machinations of the elite will insure this anger is redirected to other priorities. When the masses are reduced to poverty and misery they will then be subjected to war. This is the slight of hand that will keep the bankers safe for the time being. Hopefully by the time the war is over the masses will be so glad, they will have forgotten how it all began.

As the wealth is pulled out of the financial system the distribution system will begin to crumble from lack of credit to function in the just in time delivery system we now employ. This breakdown will seem like a slow motion train wreck as things slowly get worse until they simply stop one day. Truckers are now in survival mode as loads are drying up nationwide. Hundreds of locomotives are now parked on rail sidings because there is no freight to move. Major retailers are closing hundreds of stores and laying off workers because consumers no longer have the credit they need to maintain their former lifestyles.

Hanjin, one of the largest freight carriers in the world is now in bankruptcy and the 500,000 containers filled with goods still on their ships are now in limbo. Some are now using the word chaos to describe what is happening as customers and manufacturers rush to find new carriers and get their containers of goods back. This is just the first crack in the global distribution system that we are seeing and more cracks will appear in the future as shippers succumb to lower shipping rates and fewer goods to haul. Most of the goods and about 50% of the food eaten in the U.S. is imported. As these goods stop flowing into the country the population will see their standard of living get worse.

This loss of goods will trigger internal strife and fighting among the population as they seek to maintain their living standards. Unlike our ancestors who knew how to live in hard times, the snowflake generation will be unable to adjust to the desperate times. This combined with the over medication of our population will make the world a very dangerous place. Society will gyrate from withdrawal and fear to fits of rage on a regular basis and this will do little to help the average person make things better as we try to work through our problems as a nation.

Unlike previous hard times when people worked together and made the tough decisions needed to recover, the future will be very different. It will be a time of chaos, deceit, violence and lack of sympathy toward others. Families will be torn apart and social groups will fight one another. The war that comes may very well be on our own shores this time and Americans will be the cannon fodder for the global cover-up of theft and mismanagement of resources.

The coming days will truly try mens souls as we each work to live day to day and survive the turmoil that follows. Each person will need to understand the changes that are to come and determine what infrastructure they will need to get by for the several years that anarchy will rule. They need to know what they will need to do now so they will have the resources available when they need them. When the social safety nets collapse they may not have anyone to turn to for their needs. The future may seem bleak but the human spirit is more than able to compensate and see us through if we allow it and we all rise to our potential.

In times like this it is all too easy to allow a country to slip into a dictatorship in the hopes that some strong man will fix our woes but that never happens in the real world. The fundamental loss of freedoms will lead to more misery and poverty as the few remaining resources are diverted to the ruling class and the excess goods are used as a weapon to control the masses. Those that do not go along to get along will find themselves hunted as enemies of the state and see neighbors turn into informants to stay in the good graces of the state.

The only recourse in times like this are to become invisible and stay out of the way of the state while you work behind the scenes to undermine the states power and control through covert methods. Being off the beaten path will be the best method of survival that will allow you the most freedom to utilize natural resources and live a decent life away from the machinations of those that would enslave you for their own purposes. Hard times are coming and ignoring this will not change the future it will just make your life that much harder. Times change but how well you live through them is entirely up to you.


Is America Destined to Fight the Next Crusade?

By: Tom Chatham

There were seven crusades fought between 1095 and 1291 between the Christian west and the Muslim east. In 1071 the defeat at the Battle of Manzikert opened Asia Minor to the control of the Turks. The Byzantine Empire was on the verge of collapse with it’s treasury bankrupt, it’s army poorly deployed and it’s Emperor ineffective.

There has always been a rivalry between these two religions and it is not over yet. Both seek to dominate the world and it appears the next major war may be the next crusade in practice if not in name. But this time instead of trying to recapture the holy land it will be for the very survival of Christians everywhere.

It has been noted that every American war since the 1990’s have apparently been in the attempt to reestablish the former Ottoman Empire and reestablish Islamic rule over these areas under one government or Caliphate. When one looks at a map of all of the recent uprisings and wars it does lend credence to this theory. The question remains, why would America want to rebuild this empire with approving undertones from Germany?

At the same time we have a government that is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood operatives at high levels. These operatives are currently guiding government policy and have access to our nations most classified information. In an April interview, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) suggested that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Obama administration and are influencing the U.S. to ignore “Radical Islam’s” war against us. He also suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood may be directly influencing decisions by President Obama.

It is evident to anyone who is observant that there seems to be a war against Christians taking place in this country. For a nation that was founded on Christian beliefs, this is a bit unnerving and makes one wonder why Americans would want to destroy our Christian heritage.

According to one source, a senior UN official has stated that America would be a Muslim nation before the end of President Obamas’ term. This ties in with the Presidents assertion in his first term that America is no longer a Christian nation even though most Americans affiliate themselves with the Christian faith. It has also been suggested that the current immigration bill is the first step to pave the way for a future bill giving amnesty to millions of Muslims that may immigrate here in the next few years.

In school districts nationwide the practice of Islam in public schools is being promoted while the practice of Christianity is being suppressed and villanized by organizations such as CAIR. Muslim populations across the nation are seeking to Islamize entire cities and institute Shariah law while the government seeks to remove Christian beliefs from every sector that the government has under its control.

In a former post I suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood was attempting to convert the U.S. into a Muslim nation and was using the liberals in this country as an avenue to achieve that end. I also said I believe the Muslims will rid themselves of the liberals when they are done with them.

With all of the recent scandals emerging from the current administration the liberal press seems to be turning on them. Are the liberals in this country waking up to the potential threat or is this just two factions of the elite at war with one another? It is a foregone conclusion that the liberal press would not dare turn on this administration unless they had been given marching orders from some entity higher than the President.

The Muslim influence in our government is setting the stage for a mass campaign against loyal and patriotic Americans and is currently engaged in a massive surveillance campaign to identify all of the Americans that could possibly stop this domestic threat to our nation by subversive forces. When war comes to this nation it may very well be an Islamic plot to seize control here. If you think a Muslim nation with one or two nuclear bombs is dangerous, what would happen if they had control of the thousands that we have?

The hostilities that are being created between the government and the American people may manifest themselves as the next crusade against Islam. This time though, the Christians will not have a home to go to if they lose. It is likely they will be killed outright before the war is over. Muslims have not hidden their desires to eliminate Christians from the Earth. The recent Christian mass slayings in the Mid-East give a clear picture of what awaits here if this is the future we find ourselves in. If this is our future it will be bloody and without mercy and Americans had better prepare themselves for that.

When Murphy Shows Up For Dinner

By: Tom Chatham

Everybody knows Murphy. Just when you think you have everything figured out and set, Murphy shows up and ruins your best laid plans. It always happens at critical times.

I’ve said several times that you always need several backup plans for a severe crisis. Even if most of those plans are just paper assessments of what to do in unusual circumstances it is important to think about them while you have the opportunity to make a rational plan. The recent interviews by Doug Hagmann, at Northeast Intelligence Network, with a DHS insider should leave you with a sense of foreboding. After reading these interviews it is up to each individual to assess the information and come to their own conclusion. In the end you will need to rely on your gut instinct and do what you feel is necessary to preserve your wellbeing.

Many people have seen the storm clouds forming and realize the danger we face as a nation and many have made extensive plans and laid in many supplies. Those that have a rural retreat that is well stocked and secure from most hazards must keep one thing in mind. No matter how well you have planned, expect Murphy to show up at a most inconvenient time and ruin everything. It may not happen but you would be foolish not to plan for it.

If the nation is locked down for any reason and the government feels the need to bring the total population under tight government control, your rural retreat may not help. The cities would be the first place they would secure due to the large population there. The suburbs would be next then the rural areas. They already know a lot of the gun owning population lives in farm country so if they decide to do something stupid like confiscate firearms, they will have a plan to do it.

Most likely they will do a reconnaissance of the area they are about to secure and identify any well armed and supplied persons then show up in force. Most of those that have planned to defend their homes have planned for several heavily armed civilians at most working in unison to attack them. If the only danger is from civilians, this might be sufficient. If a platoon of heavily armed federals show up with air support, the dynamics will be much different. Think ATF, DHS and TSA goons with predator drones and armored vehicles.

In this instance most would either surrender or fight to the death and the federals would be willing to level the place. This is the scenario you need to contemplate. As General Patton once said, no poor bastard ever won a war by dieing for his country, he won it by making that other poor dumb bastard die for his. Sometimes, its better to live to fight another day. That means if the war comes to your front door one day it might be better if you were not home to answer the door. At the very least you should have the ability to prevent any vehicles from getting within half a mile of your home to reduce the aggressors abilities.

For those that have made extensive plans, this might be unthinkable but needs to be said. Even if you have what you consider the perfect retreat to sit out any collapse, you need to consider what circumstances would cause you to leave and where you would go. This may only be a temporary relocation until your home is safe again. Then again, your home may be lost forever. Are you prepared for that eventuality? There are some simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do to cushion the blow of this type of upheaval.

If you have several acres of land you have the ability to build a hidden “root cellar” on your property to store critical items that will allow you to go on if most of your other supplies are lost. If you do not have sufficient land for this, and you live close to a heavily forested area you may be able to install a small cellar there, hidden from view which you can store supplies in. If you see the need to relocate in this type of scenario, you may want to identify a large national forest or park near your home that can be utilized. A weekend hiking trip to the area can provide the reconnaissance you need and allow you the opportunity to actually build your cellar while you are there.

A simple 8 x 10 cellar covered with logs and dirt and lined with plastic can provide you with all of the storage you need. It can even act as a relocation site to provide a shelter if things become desperate. Keep in mind we are talking about extreme circumstances where everything is going wrong and you have few options. This may even be a backup plan where you review topographic maps of the area and have satellite maps to see what is actually there. Without even going there, you can choose a site to fall back to in desperate times. Once there you can build a cellar for shelter and storage. With nothing more than a shovel, bow saw, hatchet and roll of plastic, you can build a cellar utilizing locally available materials.

By digging a hole, then lining it with plastic and utilizing the roof logs to hold the top of the plastic in place, you can create a floor and four walls with a moisture barrier. Any extra plastic can be wrapped around the top of the logs and left on top. A second piece of plastic can be laid on the top to completely cover the logs to prevent leaks from heavy rains, and then the structure can be covered with dirt. The amount of dirt will depend on the size of the logs used. A hidden entrance 2’x 4’ can be built and camouflaged to prevent detection. As with a root cellar, two plastic pipes can be installed for ventilation and a third pipe made of metal can be situated to act as a chimney for a small wood stove should it be necessary. With a small enough stove, even automotive exhaust flex pipe may be used. The floor and walls can be reinforced with masonry or logs but will take considerably more time and expense to complete.

If installing a stove pipe, it would be beneficial to have it protrude from the ground at least several feet if not yards from your cellar. This will prevent your cellar from being destroyed if the heat signature of the pipe is used to direct weapons to you. This will also help to diminish the heat signature as the smoke travels through the pipe. If a plastic or metal form that resembles a large animal like a deer or a bear is positioned over the pipe exhaust it may appear on infrared detection equipment as just the heat signature from an animal and be dismissed.

Just to be clear, what I am suggesting is this. In the near future those in America that believe in the constitution and its protections, will be faced with not one war to fight but three. They will be fighting a revolution against the Government, a civil war against those who support the government and eventually a war against foreign troops attempting to take control of this country. Once the country is weakened by internal fighting and unable to defend our borders, it would be the best time for an aggressor to strike. This is why even well stocked rural retreats may not be enough to keep you safe throughout all of the fighting. A cellar stocked with critical supplies may be your last resort to keep in the fight and stay alive. Those that do not have the financial means to stock an extra site should not dismiss it outright. You can still identify a cellar location and make a plan for relocating the supplies you do have to that location if it becomes necessary. A well thought out plan will cost you nothing now but may save your life later.

In the movie Defiance, Russian Jews were suddenly and violently killed when the German army overran their country. Some escaped to the forest where they formed a resistance and fought back. Their life in the forest was difficult because they had no resources to live there initially and they suffered for their lack of basic necessities. This is a prime example of why a backup plan is necessary. Things can go bad very quickly with little warning.

At some point in the near future, everyone in this country will have a Murphy moment, and when that happens they will suddenly realize that all of their future plans are now destroyed. They will suddenly feel like they have a giant hole in their chest as if their guts were ripped out, and they will be gripped with fear. When that happens even the most prepared will ask the same question. Oh my God, what do I do now? Those that prepared will have an immediate answer to that question.

Here are some potential items you might want to stock at a cellar site as minimal backup.

Sanitation Kit –
5 gal. bucket with gamma seal lid
4 rolls toilet tissue
2 qt. pine oil
50 8 gal. waste bags
1 toothbrush
2 tubes toothpaste
1 collapsible sink
10 disposable razors
2 cans shaving cream
1 bath towel
1 wash cloth
12 bars soap
1 bottle medicated powder
1 mirror

Clothing Resupply –
5 gal. bucket with gamma seal lid
1 heavy work shirt
1 heavy work pants
1 pair boots
3 pair socks
3 pair underwear
3 t shirts
1 thermal top
1 thermal bottom
1 hat
1 neck gator
1 field jacket

Food Stores –
6 lbs. rice
6 lbs. beans
42 oz. oats
32 oz. vegetable oil
100 tea bags
4 lbs. sugar
5 lbs. cornmeal
4 lbs. milk powder
8 oz. salt
2 oz. pepper
1 lb. popcorn
2 lbs. potato flakes
Multi vitamins

• multiply this list by the number of months you need

Kitchen Equipment –
Kerosene or propane stove
5 gal. kerosene or 20 lbs. propane per month
Cook set – 1 frying pan, 1 – 2 qt. pot w/lid, 1 – 2 qt. pressure cooker, 1 coffee pot
Dining set- knife, fork, spoon
Cooking utensils- Spatula, large spoon, carving knife, large fork
Dish pan
Dish soap
Dish rag
Dish towel
Cooler 25qt.
5 gal. water jug

Power & Lighting –
5 gal. bucket with gamma seal lid
Kerosene or propane lantern with extra wicks/mantles
Candles 100 hr.
LED flashlight
Handcrank flashlight/ radio
Rechargable batteries – D, AA
Solar charger
5 gal. kerosene or 20 lbs. propane per month

Sleeping Gear –
1 cot
1 sleeping bag
1 sleeping pad
1 pillow

Field Gear & Weapons –
Weapon – This can be a cheap bolt action like a Mosin-Nagant capable of defense or hunting large animals.
Ammo – 400 plus rounds of ammo for defense and hunting.
Rifle cleaning kit with oil
Ammo pouches
Back pack
Canteen, cup, cover
Rain gear

Medical Supplies –
Antibiotic ointment
Eye drops
Hydrogen peroxide
Burn cream
Calamine lotion
Surgical razor
Bandage scissors
Emergency Dental Kit
Cotton balls
Irrigation syringe
1st aid dressings
Surgical tape
Butterfly closures
Ace bandage

Misc. Supplies –
Bow saw
Vegetable seeds
Food prep table
Dining table w/ chairs
Mechanical clock
5 gal. solar shower
Portable shower enclosure w/ tub
Butane lighters
Sewing kit
Playing cards
5 gal. water storage containers
Water filter
Fishing supplies as appropriate

Prepare For The Resource Wars

By: Tom Chatham

As the economy sinks deeper into oblivion and drought conditions cause devastating damage to crops nationwide, many people go about their daily lives hoping things get better, totally unaware of the problems growing in the shadows. The world runs on resources and the low hanging fruit has been harvested, leaving the more difficult commodities to be extracted.

The world has heard the arguments for peak oil. It is not that we will run out completely, but the fact that as the oil fields age, extraction of oil becomes more expensive. We have already passed peak world production that occurred in 2005. From now on every barrel of oil that is produced will cost increasingly more.

Keep in mind that energy is required for everything we do. Not only do we need it for electrical power and transportation but other natural resources that must be produced require vast amounts of energy for extraction. As the third world nations vie for better living standards, they will be competing for the limited resources that they must have to build up their economies.

The wars we fight overseas are to a large degree for the resources in that area. What is still unclear is why the global power brokers have the U.S. fighting for control of overseas resources when we still have vast untapped resources here that they refuse to let us use. It may be their way to bring all remaining resources under their control for later global control. It may be that the plan is to use everyone else’s resources and when they run out we will still have ours to draw from. The scenarios are endless but one thing is for certain, our natural resources are declining at a very rapid rate.

It is the depletion of our resources through unsustainable use that will lead to nations increasingly using military force to get the things they need. The U.S. has the best equipped military thus far but what happens to it when we run out of money to pay for that hardware? What will happen if a rising economy like China, decides they need our resources to further their consumption? The population is increasing substantially in the third world nations that will need resources in the future. These people see it as only fair that they should have the same living standard the U.S. has had in the past and it is now their turn to share in the wealth of the planet.

More people and fewer resources will inevitably lead to more conflict in the future for control of the dwindling water, food and energy resources and those that live in and around those resources will be in great danger. The green revolution brought greater agricultural production to the U.S. but that production came at the price of large quantities of oil needed for fuel, fertilizer, pesticides, transportation, processing and packaging. When the price of the energy to produce food becomes too great, the quantity and quality of our food will suffer. Those that have no wealth and are forced to bid on future resources will revolt at some point and will either have to do without or fight. The U.S. is mired in debt that can never be paid back without destroying the currency. The destruction of our currency would destroy the vast paper wealth that Americans have and turn us into a third world country almost overnight reducing our ability to bid for needed resources.

The need for water is even more grave than the need for food. Without water nothing lives or can be grown. The fresh water resources in the world are dwindling and becoming more polluted every day. Even in the developed world, water is becoming a scarce resource and our consumption of large amounts of it to support our standard of living is making it even worse as time goes on. The sad fact is we could have a high standard of living while reducing the amount we use but like everything else, the volume of water we use creates a lot of jobs and makes many people rich. In recent years several U.S. states have had disputes over water rights and as water sources dry up it will become worse. What will happen to places like Las Vegas and Phoenix in the future when water supplies are reduced to levels that cannot sustain their populations?

The need for petroleum is a major cause for fighting in the world. Many of the things we do require a great deal of energy and oil now fills that role. A major use of oil is for growing crops, and transporting goods around the world. In the past when goods were made and sold locally, the need for large amounts of energy were small. As the price and declining availability of oil increases many will have no choice but to revert to earlier forms of production and distribution. Those that are creating large industries will see it as a necessity to acquire the supplies of energy for their own use and many will be willing to fight for it. No military in the world can be powerful without oil so those with the largest militaries will be at the forefront of the forced acquisition of resources. At this very moment China is using its large cash reserves to buy up resources around the world including here in the U.S.

Other resources such as copper, zinc, iron ore, manganese and rare earth elements are the foundation of a modern society. Those that control these resources will grow and those that do not will be mired in poverty. Rare earth elements are hard to extract because they are, well rare, and they make the small powerful electronics we use possible. This also makes them a necessary element in military hardware. The ones that control the rare elements will have the most sophisticated military equipment that will give them a distinct edge on the battlefield. China produces the most rare earth elements and the last few years they have begun to restrict their export. The U.S. and Australia have deposits but they are less developed than Chinese production leaving the U.S military in a bad position if a major war should break out.

As the population increases and the world attempts to maintain the status quo it is inevitable that more wars will be fought for resources. Those producers that are as self sufficient as possible will have an advantage over the consumers in society and will fare better in the long run. A person living on a 20 ac diversified farm will have the ability to produce most of what they need and earn a living with the excess. The potential to produce all of the energy you need is possible even on this type of small acreage. A few acres of timber can provide wood for heating and cooking and even for fueling a wood gas generator for powering equipment and generators. The use of solar and wind energy can provide a majority of your electrical power. The production of bio-gas for cooking and power generation is possible in livestock operations. The production of ethanol from corn can provide additional energy for selected operations. The building of rain catchment systems to store rainwater for irrigation during drought conditions would allow the irrigation of small fields. With livestock to produce fertilizer and water storage systems, a small farm will be able to avoid many of the resource problems that larger farms would experience in the future. It is this type of localized production that will become more important in the future as resources become scarce and expensive.

As resources get tighter, expect inflammatory language and actions followed by armed conflict. It will not be just nation states with armies but corporations, states, municipalities and individuals in conflict with one another to seek their share of resources on various levels. These conflicts will likely be in conjunction with economic problems and could last years or decades until balance is restored by the advent of new energy systems or through population reduction reducing the demand on resources.

Innovation has always been the hallmark of civilization and we can solve the problems we face but only if we try. To continue down the road we are on just because it is easier than changing course will inevitably lead us to a dead end and the time it takes to get back on course will take much longer.