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Mala Prohibita

By: Tom Chatham

Basically Mala Prohibita means something that is illegal because someone says it is. That is much different from Mala In Se meaning something that is illegal because it is bad in and of itself. Most people know that things such as rape, armed robbery, murder and assault are not acceptable behavior. These things hurt others by the mere act of doing them so civilized society declares them illegal.

But what about the things that are illegal just because someone in charge says they are? Is it a bad thing to drive 80 instead of 60? Is it a bad thing to drive without a license or without tags on your car? Is it bad to sell raw milk to a neighbor? Is it bad to own a gun that shoots 600 rounds per minute rather than one that shoots 20 rounds per minute? Is it bad to build a structure on property you own without a building permit?

It can be argued that some of these things are illegal because if the circumstances surrounding them get out of control, someone could get hurt. That has a lot to do with taking personal responsibility and using good judgment. Those that make these laws claim they can keep you safe if only you live the way they tell you to. Many of these laws are enacted for three reasons.

– To maintain control of a larger group by a smaller group.

– To generate revenue to support the smaller group and provide a means of force to maintain control.

– To force the social agenda of one group onto another group.

In the most basic sense, a law is only a law if someone has the force to enforce it. A dictator can make any law he wants because he has the force to punish people if they don’t comply. When a group of people know something is bad in and of itself, they don’t need a law to tell them so and to prevent someone from doing it. All that is required by them is to decide on a penalty if it is done. Laws are all about force and control and nothing more.

Laws are a way for a social hierarchy to push their values and lifestyles onto the broader population in a way that makes everyone feel abnormal if they do not comply. This is the way they keep everyone in line. When this does not work they apply pressure to noncompliant individuals to invoke some sort of pain on them to force compliance. It may be monetary pain, loss of property or even loss of freedom. Most people have become so accustomed to this type of coerced living style that they no longer question it. Some do and they are the constant targets of the social engineers. These non conformist people must be brought under control or destroyed as the engineers see it before more begin to question their authority.

This always leads to the same outcome for countries and the human race as a whole. Eventually the laws become so convoluted and all encompassing that nothing you do is acceptable. The society eventually tears itself apart, usually with a great deal of blood shed before it is over.

When three basic premises are adhered to a society can live with basically few laws and prosper in relative harmony.

-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or simply do not infringe on someone else’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

-Respect the private property of others.

-Take responsibility for your actions.

These things may seem very basic but the population as a whole ignores these simple things on a daily basis and then wonders why there are so many problems in the world. The problems we face in life can be traced back to these simple things that society must embrace once again before our problems can be solved. The social engineers will fight that transformation with everything they have because it will mean the loss of their power to manipulate society into their vision of Utopia.

The power of laws comes from the power to enforce. Not until the society brings enough force to bear against the social engineers will the laws that hinder our growth and happiness be abolished. Not until the society once again embraces the three basic premises will they have the collective power to bring that force to bear. Unfortunately, that may not happen until after our society has torn itself apart once more.


How Consumerism Killed a Society

By:  Tom Chatham – Author of Rebuilding The Republic

On this Thanksgiving holiday there are many things for Americans to reflect on. We are seeing the beginnings of a major war in the Middle East, the destruction of our currency, a high unemployment rate that will increase, and hurricane disaster victims that continue to struggle. There are deep divisions in our society at all levels, distrust of the government, talk of secession, the specter of increasing taxes and inflation, the creeping loss of freedom and government scandals that are piling up.

This is the time of the year when we come together and celebrate the family and renew old bonds. We celebrate and give thanks for the many things that we have no matter how little that may be. The laundry list of troubles that we face become insignificant on this day of the year. It is the ties that bind that are important and the happiness of belonging that we share. At least that used to be what Thanksgiving was all about.

The new holiday tradition is all about stuff. People actually camp out in front of stores for days just to be the first one in on black Friday to get the limited sale items. The advent of the consumer rush began long ago as people rushed to buy presents for Christmas. This sacred holiday became all about shopping and buying the best gifts. The act of buying became more important than the holiday a some point. Peace on earth and good will towards men got trampled in the rush to celebrate buying stuff.

With the Christmas holiday successfully debauched by sales it was time to move on to the next victim. Thanksgiving was only a month from Christmas. If people could be convinced to start their holiday cheer a little earlier, it would be a boon for retailers. A whole month of shopping insanity to increase profits, Gee, what a country that would make. A whole month to rack up credit card debt that they could take the next year paying off just to do it again.

The shopping season used to start the day after Thanksgiving but it has at last started creeping into Thanksgiving Day itself. Not content with opening at midnight Thursday, the stores are now opening earlier Thursday night as every retailer tries to get the shoppers money first. It’s all about the money and how much you can get before all of the consumers credit is maxed out. Some stores were putting out Christmas decorations before Halloween this year.

I suppose before long the madness will start on the 4th of July and provide shoppers with six months of shopping glee to spend the increasingly worthless money they will be loaned to put them further into bondage. I think everyone harkens back to the good old days not so much because they were more prosperous but because people were too poor to act this stupid. When a society begins to place a higher priority on the tangible things, like money, than the intangible things like faith and friendship, the society is soon to suffer the indignation of economic failure and societal collapse. Humility is a dish usually served cold and unannounced to the populace. You might try to reflect on that this Thanksgiving Day as you eat your turkey and stuffing. I will as I contemplate the limited shopping I’ll do next month.

The Illness That Consumes America

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It has destroyed families and caused the downfall of many businesses. It has crept into our bedrooms, into our doctors offices, and into our schools. It has killed children and soldiers alike. It waits in dark alleys for any hapless victim that chances to pass by unaware of the danger. It crawls into our souls and takes root in our mind, sending rational thought to oblivion and growing into a cankerous sore that eats away at our humanity.

It puts its mark on us in innumerable ways and destroys our happiness at every turn. No one is immune to it. Only those that make the utmost effort are able to keep it at bay. It stalks us in our every waking moment and seeks the total and irrevocable destruction of everything we hold dear. Its goal is to tear families apart, destroy hope and eviscerate any possible future that produces prosperity. It seeks to erase all traces of our individuality and clone everyone into a hoard of thoughtless trolls.

This illness is insidious in its nature and once it finds a victim, it is difficult to root out and destroy without killing the victim in the process. It is a communicable disease that can infect a person who is miles away from the host. It makes the new host feel good while visiting destruction on those around them. It gives false hope and aspirations to those it touches. It grows into a sense of need and entitlement and offers the host a sense that they can do no wrong and they are always right.

This illness has many names and symptoms but it can always be summed up in one word, Evil. It sometimes appears as abortion, graft, murder, theft, abuse, embezzlement, rape, lies, totalitarianism, materialism or envy. It hides behind words like fairness, equality and necessity. This illness has only one goal and that is to destroy. It consumes goodness and understanding and cooperation and produces a waste product of hopelessness, misery, death and despair that requires an ever increasing supply of fuel. This disease only exists to destroy until there is nothing left to consume and then it dies out.

The only cure for this insatiable bug is goodness in its purest form. It is exemplified in phrases such as turn the other cheek, do unto others and love thy neighbor but sometimes these cures are not enough. When the illness that is evil is deeply embedded and runs rampant through a majority of the population the only cure is another form of evil that is held on a leash by the hand of goodness. It is the type of steel textured cure that revolutions are forged from.

Evil prevails when good men fail to act. Good men are reluctant to unleash the most potent cure at their disposal because they know the deadly toll it will take before the illness is cured. Good men try to cure the disease with the least destructive cure they can but when all else fails they will invoke their last line of defense. For America, the good men have tried most of the cures at their disposal and only a few are left and very little time remains to regain our moral health. The most potent cure will be used if things continue as they are but the question is, will the cure come in time? Our moral health can only be regained when the evil that infects America is removed in total. It may not be long before the good men of conscience utilize that final cure of last resort and announce its deployment. And make no mistake, this will be a battle of good versus evil, and only one will survive to rule America.