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The Pursuit of Money Over Personal Satisfaction

By: Tom Chatham

Have you ever asked a person why they work? If you have the answer will likely end with a statement that they need to pay for stuff. It’s a truism in the world we live in that you must pay for many of the things we need. Its this need to pay for more and more stuff that leads to the need for higher paying jobs.

This perceived need leads many to seek jobs they do not necessarily like but need to achieve this end result. The race for the almighty buck has many unintended consequences. It has been said that if you do not like your work, you will not like anything else about your life.

The pursuit of money leaves many people with a hollow void that is never filled and causes them to lash out at society in their discomfort. This is seen in the many cases of domestic abuse, road rage and general lack of politeness in society. In many cases the more the person makes, the more likely you are to see these traits.

What is missing in many peoples lives is the personal satisfaction they get from the feeling of accomplishment of something every day. The more personal satisfaction a person gets out of life, the more likely they are to be a happy person and in turn treat others with respect. This also helps to insure a healthy life that avoids many of the ailments that come with having a foul mood most of the day.

The feeling of accomplishment can come from very little things such as building or repairing something. Some of my most cherished accomplishments are things I did for free. Knowing I did something that had some value and served a purpose meant a lot to me personally. Doing that and making some money at the same time is just icing on the cake.

This is something many people in our fast moving world miss out on and it can cost them in the end. As society gets faster and money becomes the primary commodity in life, people can lose their self worth and determination. This is evident when something happens and they suddenly have no money to continue their current lifestyle. Money has replaced personal satisfaction as the cement that holds society together. When the money supply finally gives out, society will fall apart.

Having money is great because it allows you to do many things you could not do otherwise but it should not be the foundation of your existence. How many people have gotten divorced because of monetary problems? How many people have refused to get involved with someone else because they did not meet up to their monetary expectations?

Money has become all too important in society and when it goes away during economic crisis society cannot handle it. If you have a spouse that just says, don’t worry we can manage, after you have lost your job and have very little money to live on then they get it. They are saying their personal happiness does not depend on money to give them the personal satisfaction in life that they require.

This is the missing ingredient that the American society needs to get through the trying times ahead and we no longer have it. If we do not find it soon, the days ahead will be very miserable and very destructive as society tears itself apart searching to fill the void left by the destruction of money. When you can go day to day without money and feel happy about life, you are at a place that will allow you to get through most bad events in the right frame of mind. That frame of mind is what you need to solve the problems at hand and move on with your life. The lack of it will cause us to self destruct.

Disposing of the Useful Idiots

By: Tom Chatham

There have been a lot of wild stories floating around about FEMA coffins, rail cars with shackles and guillotines. DHS is buying billions of rounds of ammo and thousands of rifles and pistols and armored vehicles, enough to arm a small army. The speculation is that all of this is to take out the patriots in society that will defend the constitution. Let’s explore that scenario for a minute.

The current government is without a doubt transforming this nation from a prosperous capitalist nation to a poor third world nation at breakneck speed. The reigns of power have been seized and control is almost complete. Once the bankers and corporations have extracted all of the wealth that can be had, they will move on to greener pastures and what is left of the U.S. will be left to the sociopaths that want to continue their social experiments in failed ideologies.

The final hurdle they will have to navigate will be the heavily armed partisans in this country that like things the way they used to be. That is what some of the weapons and ammo are for. These few million hardcore American patriots will have to be hunted down and destroyed before the real social engineering can begin. Most of these people will have to be killed outright because they will refuse to live under a dictatorship and will refuse to play nice.

That leaves three groups in the former U.S., the ruling oligarchy, the remaining working class and the useful idiots. The useful idiots made themselves useful by allowing the oligarchs to buy their votes. This allowed the rulers to attain power and change the nation as it is. Once the oligarchs have seized complete power, they will no longer need to buy votes, so what will happen to the useful idiots? In a socialist system everyone has to work to produce for the State. The useful idiots in this nation do not work, do not want to work and do nothing but consume production from the working class. It was ok to provide for them when the working class was footing the bill but once all of the production belongs to the State that will have to stop. The State will want to keep as much of the production for itself as is possible because they feel they deserve it because they are superior to the masses and it will also be very profitable for them.

When the breakdown finally comes, the useful idiots will likely be the ones loaded onto railcars and disposed of in the coffins. These people cannot take care of themselves and when the state ceases providing them with the goods they need and want they will riot. Most of these people live in the cities and they will be the first places to become unruly when the goods stop flowing. These are the first places the rulers will have to pacify before they can move on to the productive rural areas of the country.

If you are a dictator, and you now have complete authority over the populace, who are you more likely to want to keep alive, people that consume a lot and produce nothing or those that produce everything and will obey you. That seems pretty self evident. The patriots will have to be eliminated because they want to destroy the rulers and the useful idiots will have to be destroyed because they contribute nothing useful to the country.

One of the wild cards in this soon to be event is the involvement of the Muslim Brotherhood and their surrogates in this country that have infiltrated the government with the idea of turning the U.S. into another Muslim country. For more information on this element see our previous article Enemies Foreign and Domestic. These forces will turn on the radical left wing that seeks control and attempt to dispose of them as well at some point. There may be many factions fighting in this country in the near future with many different goals so there will be no shortage of interesting times. Based on historical precedent, this crisis could start at any time but should be at its’ height around 2020 and wind down by 2025 so you might want to make your plans for self preservation based on that time line.

Right now the battle is being fought in the temples so those most dedicated to their cause will probably win. Those with the least dedication that seek the easy way through life will likely not see the conclusion of this struggle. In the end, many will either die on their feet as free men or on their knees as slaves. How you choose to live or die in the future will be your legacy.

The main problem the rulers will have is the fact that the patriots will not give up easily. While the rulers and their surrogates will be fighting for conquest and control, the patriots will be fighting for their very lives and that of their families. The government forces will hold back due to fear of dieing while the patriots will hold back nothing because at that point they will have nothing to lose but their lives and everything to gain by winning. This is one of the elements that will decide the outcome of the coming conflict. Will someone fight harder for a paycheck or for freedom and their way of life? In any event, the patriots can be assured of one thing, that the useful idiots will be dispatched before the fighting ends.


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