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7 Items Every Citizen Soldier Should Have

By: Tom Chatham

There are many lists of items that people should have during times of disaster. Every list is dependant on the circumstances you may find yourself in. With the slowly rising tide of tyranny in America it is important for Americans to remember how we got here and what we may need to do to maintain a Constitutional Republic in the future. When you hear the words citizen soldier it beckons the image of national guard soldiers heading off to training. It is important for you to realize that virtually every adult American citizen is a citizen soldier. In many states you not only have the National Guard but also the navel militia, the state defense forces and the unorganized militia. This is because every citizen bears the burden of protecting our heritage and our rights from those that would try to deprive us of them.

In the weeks and months ahead it may become necessary for every citizen soldier to do their part in preserving those precious liberties that we now find in perilous waters. In order to do an effective job in defending those liberties it is necessary to own certain items that can leverage your abilities and help insure victory. The following items are some key elements that a soldier needs to have to take the fight to the enemy and insure continued combat effectiveness.

Rifle –

A good rifle is an imperative in a hostile environment. It is easy today to find older military rifles that are still capable of serving your purpose. While civilian rifles will do, military rifles are designed to better endure the combat environment with fewer problems. While a good quality military rifle is best, when the time comes that you need one, any rifle that you are proficient with will serve you better than a club.

Ammo –

A rifle is not much good without ammo to feed it. If you are contemplating the need to operate in a hostile environment for a prolonged length of time you must insure you will have sufficient supplies of ammo to carry you through to the end. It is difficult to determine the exact amount you will need in future encounters so you need to buy as much as you can now while it is possible to get it. You should also make allowances for utilizing captured supplies of ammo. This is why a military caliber weapon is best.

Boots and Socks –

Any good infantryman will tell you, a good pair of boots and good quality socks are imperative for long operations conducted on foot. If you are operating as a citizen soldier then it is likely most of your movement will be on foot. For an infantryman his feet are one of the most important pieces of equipment he has. You must maintain your feet in combat no matter what. These are two pieces of equipment you do not want to skimp on. Buy the very best you can afford.

Body armor –

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have given us statistics that are vastly different from previous wars in one regard. The number of killed is relatively low and the number of wounded very high. This is due to the body armor that troops now wear. Many soldiers that would have died from their injuries in past wars are now surviving to make it home. Body armor gives you a decided edge in combat and allows you to survive newer weapons with more likelihood. The psychological effect of knowing you can survive a direct hit allows you to be more aggressive and press the attack.

Night vision –

In modern combat the U.S. military owns the night. This has been accomplished by the pervasive use of night vision equipment. The ability to conduct operations day or night with equal ability allows you to choose when and where to attack the enemy. It no longer gives him the ability to relax during hours of darkness. Even a simple monocular can give you significant abilities and allow you to move at a time of your choosing.

Protective Mask –

A chemical protective mask is a critical piece of equipment on the modern battlefield. The use of chemical and biological agents to kill or incapacitate troops is more likely than ever. New agents that can incapacitate to varying degrees are constantly being developed by militaries around the world. The ability to continue the fight after these weapons have been deployed by the enemy gives you the ability to continue the fight and deny areas to the enemy he would otherwise get without a fight. The use of rubber gloves and full body suits may be necessary depending on the agents used.

Bible –

This is one item that might be the most useful and necessary. Without spiritual guidance, combat can devolve into something tragic. It is easy for prolonged combat to escalate into barbaric acts. History is full of tragedies that should not have happened. Without a moral compass to guide you through the worst of times the ultimate victory may not be worth winning. A small pocket bible can provide comfort when there is only pain and nourishment when there is little.

These items are not the only equipment needed by citizen soldiers but they are the most important in many ways. While some of these items are expensive and beyond the ability of many to buy all at once, the acquisition over several months is possible for many. Each of these items has the ability to keep you alive and combat effective to fight another day. When the balloon goes up you may only have the equipment on hand at that time to fight with. Anything you lack will hamper your effectiveness for the duration of the campaign so the sooner you can equip yourself the better off you will be when the need arises. Good equipment means life, and your life is not expensive, it’s priceless.


It’s Revocation or Revolution

By: Tom Chatham

The core of all the financial and moral damage done to the U.S. over the past few decades can be traced back to the abuse of federal powers by government officials at all levels. Government has slowly usurped the constitution by adding and interpreting powers it never had. The lack of education by recent generations has allowed this transformation to occur right in plain sight with little or no outcry. The government has enabled this complicity by the population by literally buying it. The sale of freedom and personal rights was never so cheaply bought.

The money changers and printers of false prosperity have stolen the physical wealth of the nation for decades and the end is in sight. The wealth many think they have will soon be revealed for the illusion it is. The savings of a nation have already been looted and now resides in the possession of others. The destruction of financial records and savings accounts will be the conclusion of this grand show of manipulation and outright theft.

The result will be unmitigated chaos and destruction as a nation of soft malcontents loses all of the distractions that keep them quiet and controlled. The masses will suddenly rush into the streets to acquire the things they need and no longer can afford. The final act of treason will be the elimination of the constitution and its protections as government seizes total control under the guise of saving the nation from itself. Most of the people will fall to their knees and hail it as a great event as government assumes the role of caring uncle.

A ruling body, regardless of the type , only has the power allowed to it by the people under its control. Even the threat of force will only carry a tyranny so far. When the people finally say no more, that effectively begins the reduction of the rulers ability to fully control a nation. Control is only possible when the majority comply and the rest can be coerced by the amount of force available to the ruler.

In the case of the U.S. the people must first come to the revelation that they have the power to revoke government power just by saying no. When the populace decides to revoke the legislative power granted to the federal government the federal power will then be limited to the amount of physical force it can project on the population. The current buildup of federal agencies is clearly a sign the federals know this eventuality will soon come to pass and they are preparing for it. If the people speak out in a unified voice before the preparations are complete the federals will have limited options. If the people do not voice their opinions in time there will only be one option left to them to restore the constitutional protections that is their birthright.

Unfortunately, the current disposition of the masses indicate that any collective act against government overreach is unlikely until it is too late leaving the final option to be utilized.

If revolution comes it will be born in the dark of night with a crash of the door as federals attempt to force their way into your home. Those that present the greatest threat to federal authority will be the first on the battlefield as they awake to the sound of a thundering hoard bearing down on them as they attempt to protect their families. These first few martars will be the alarm that activates the prepared masses for a long and bloody revolt.

The federals will likely take down the communications ability of the masses prior to military engagement to prevent the dissemination of information over long distances. Any type of grid failure or EMP type attack should be viewed as just such a signal to act.

The revocation of federal power at the state or county level is the only option to rebuke the federal position of lawlessness in a peaceful way. As a last line of defense, county governments revoking federal authority in their jurisdictions must be able to project sufficient force to back up their actions. A sufficient number of county governments revoking federal power will form the nucleus of a future resistance that will either grow to overwhelm federal control or succumb to federal forces and never rise again. The more territory a resistance element holds, the more federal forces it will take to subdue that area. The only way to remove federal control permanently is to force them to use more forces than they have, depleting their pool of manpower while eventually removing corrupt officials from office.

The tea party has noble goals but the attempt to replace federal officials is a futile gesture at this point. The federal levers of control have already been bought and paid for by those that are truly in control. The best that true patriots can do is to take back the nation one county at a time by installing a constitutional sheriff and county officials in local elections. Once enough counties are controlled the state level can be pursued. The majority of the population that sold itself into serfdom will resist any changes until they suffer sufficient pain and deprivation to make them want a change. This is the battle patriots are now fighting with various levels of success.

There is always a peaceful way to resolve most situations but that window is rapidly closing. Bismark may have been right. The great questions of the day will be answered not with speeches or majority votes, but by blood and iron.

Secession Comes In All Sizes

North Carolina – May 20, 1775

Mecklenburg today became the first county in America to declare its independence from Britain. The safety committee of Mecklenburg, formed to carry out the will of the Continental Congress, took this radical step in response to the British attack on colonists at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, last month. The committee called for the election of military officers, declared all colonial constitutions void and said that any person who accepted an office from the crown was an “enemy to his country.”

What Does It Take To Fight A Revolution? Part II Partisan Politics

By: Tom Chatham

When all else fails to prevent the rise of tyranny and the abuse of freedom, good men of continence must take those actions that in peaceful times seem drastic and ill advised. The maintenance of freedom is an ongoing struggle between those who believe in God given rights and those who believe in government supremacy. It is only natural that a country that slowly turns its back on God and embraces immoral activities, will eventually see the government as the grantor of social values and freedoms. It is the moral decay of a society more than anything else that signals its impending demise and only those that rise above the depravity will be able to defeat these forces. Those without moral values must ask themselves what they are willing to die for while good men already know.

To be effective in defending values that they hold dear, a partisan resistance must have resources to draw on. A populace can be controlled by restriction of water, food, movement, communications and financial controls or any combination of these systems in a developed country. It is the role of the partisan to become as self sufficient in these areas as possible in order to conduct an effective campaign. The less government restrictions affect the population, the less control they will have over them and the less likely the population will succumb to government orders. Access to resources is the governments biggest concern when it comes to control and that is why they will secure those items very quickly when they wish to implement full control over the population.

When it becomes evident to most of the population that the government wishes total control, it will be difficult to acquire those resources in sufficient quantities to be effective in the future, therefore, supplies and production capabilities must be organized prior to government action. Resources needed to wage a prolonged fight can be broken down into several categories.

Personnel – Partison personnel would need to live in the area of operations to better blend in and for knowledge of the area. They would be averse to government interference in their daily lives and would be willing to make sacrifices to improve their living conditions.

Secure area – Partison fighters must have secure areas to resupply and perform training and operational planning from. It must provide safe conditions for medical treatment and recovery of personnel.

Weapons – There must be an initial stock of weapons and ammunition to conduct operations with. The equipment to reload and reproduce ammo and repair weapons is essential for prolonged operations that may take months or years to complete. The creation of weapons and munitions from locally available materials may become a necessity.

Equipment – Individual field gear specific to the fighting environment would be required by each fighter. Specialty equipment such as night vision, telescopic sights, body armor and enhanced listening devices would be beneficial.

Food – A locally available supply of food and water would be vital to partisan forces in the event the transportation and delivery of those items is controlled by hostile forces. The placement of small scattered gardens and caches of food hidden throughout an area would insure some food is available at all times. The placement of root crops in small clearings in wooded areas would go unnoticed by most people. The availability of small diversified farms within the affected area would be a primary source of products that hostile forces would have difficulty accounting for. This would also make farms a primary target for these forces.

Medical Resources – The potential for medical supplies being cut off nessitates the local production of medicines and supplies. An initial stockpile of medical equipment and supplies would be very beneficial to a partisan group. The availability of qualified medical personnel is also a need in a prolonged situation. These individuals would be a target of hostile forces and subject to surveillance.

Communications – The ability to communicate with other partisans to assemble and conduct coordinated operations is critical to effective operations. The use of several types of communication systems would provide redundancy depending on the atmosphere you are operating in. Shortwave radios, short range hand held units and message drop points would be beneficial if standard communication abilities are prevented or monitored.

Transportation – The ability to move swiftly around the battlespace allows you to shape the battle and insure a positive outcome. Automobiles are the most accessible transportation but motorcycles, four wheelers, bicycles and horses allow you to move where most vehicles cannot go. In a fight with mechanized forces, you must be able to go where their vehicles cannot, thus removing some of their abilities and tactical advantages.

Clothing – The ability to fight will in some cases require the proper clothing to protect the fighter from the elements. The acquisition beforehand or the local production capability later, will enable partisans to continue operations year round for the duration of hostilities.

Energy supply – Energy is required for many operations in a conflict. It is needed for heat, to cook food or sterilize equipment. It is needed to power transportation and produce electricity for equipment and lighting. The more technology that an army uses, the more energy it will require, therefore, a partisan army will want to keep technology needs to a minimum so that localized energy production is possible. The use of solar panels and wood gas units to produce the power needed will give the partisans a distinct advantage over an army that needs to transport large amounts of energy that can be disrupted.

Local support – For partisan fighters to be successful a large percentage of the population must be either sympathetic to the cause or indifferent. This is what allows partisan fighters ease of movement and safe areas to operate in. The lack of support in an area will present a difficult situation for partisans to live and operate in without being identified and captured.

Good moral judgment – During times of combat, the anger and disassociation experienced by fighters can devolve into wanton acts of rape, murder and looting, causing sentiments among the local population to turn against the fighters. Only fighters that maintain good moral standards will have the backing of the community and the wherewithal to endure the physical and environmental difficulties that will be experienced.

When government forces decide to control an area or a population, they must have unfettered access to resources of their own to conduct these operations. A small partisan force has no chance of defeating a well equipped army head on, therefore they must employ gorilla tactics utilizing asymmetrical warfare. The larger the fighting force, the more logistics they must have on a continuous basis and the disruption of these logistics is one of the keys to defeating them.

The use of partisan forces over the largest area possible will force the enemy to deploy a disproportionate amount of troops to secure the area. The disruption of supplies becomes easier as the battlespace becomes larger. Disruption of critical supplies and selected harassment of forces can have a demoralizing effect on personnel that will create problems with conduct and effectiveness of units. In the case of demoralizing troops, asymmetrical warfare can take time to be effective but can have devastating effects.

In other areas, asymmetrical warfare can have rapid results such as disrupting water, electricity, food, munitions or liquid fuels to combat forces or local populations. The destruction of critical infrastructure that is difficult to quickly restore can be detrimental to heavily mechanized forces that depend on heavy weapons to maintain a tactical advantage.

Trees that block roadways, the destruction of roadbeds or the destruction of primary bridges can hamper the movement of heavy equipment. The destruction of power transmission towers, transformer sub-stations and fuel delivery systems to power plants can disrupt power transmission to large areas. The contamination of water or bulk food with poisons or substances that are not easily removed can prevent operations of forces in an area and possibly disable enemy personnel. Sniper activity can force units to move as larger elements than normal tying up resources and decreasing the area of coverage. The addition of substances to liquid fuels can damage equipment and prevent deployment of those assets. Booby traps and IEDs in selected areas can hamper travel or even close that artery to use. The lessons from Vietnam and Afghanistan should not be lost on partisan fighters.

A campaign fought by partisan fighters is the last act of defiance when the civil population becomes subject to government intrusions into their lives. Historically, when the situation devolves to these types of actions, the acts of violence against the civil population has already begun by government or hostile forces providing justification for self preservation by individuals. When an overwhelming force is misused by those in power, the only option is to dissolve that force in the most expedient way possible returning the ultimate power to the people.

Could The U.S. Government Dissolve Itself?

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It is the belief in many circles that at some point in the future the U.S. government will suspend the U.S. Constitution under a declaration of Martial Law. If they do that, under what authority will they continue to rule over the U.S.

After our victory in the American Revolution, These United States formed a loose confederation and conducted their business as individual states both internally and externally. This resulted in many difficulties in every day life for the newly independent states. To better coordinate the needs of the states they consolidated some of their power into a central government that would oversee the larger issues while allowing the individual states to conduct their own business as they saw fit. The document signed by the states giving the Federal Government its powers was the U.S. Constitution. This document also provided the authority to establish a standing army and to coin money.

The interesting thing is, if the U.S. Constitution is no longer in effect for whatever reason, where would the Federal Government and the U.S. Military get the authority to do anything on American soil? Technically, the Federal Government only owns the area known as the District of Columbia. All federal laws originate with the U.S. Constitution, so a suspended U.S. Constitution means all federal laws are also null and void. With no constitution, there would be no legal authority backing the U.S. Dollar.

With no active constitution, the Federal Government and U.S. Military would be operating similar to an organized criminal element by rule of force and nothing more. Under that scenario, whoever has the most force gets to make the rules.

The moment the Feds decide to suspend the U.S. Constitution the individual states would once again become independent nations of their own and any intervention by the former Federal Government or military could be seen as an invasion by a foreign power and the states would have the right to defend themselves by any means necessary.

By suspending the U.S. Constitution, the government would be dissolving its authority to exist along with that of the U.S. Military. Once it is suspended it can only be legally reactivated by a constitutional convention of the states. Dare we hope the U.S. Government is stupid enough to do something like this?

In a situation like this, the moral and legal authority of the states should prevail but it will only happen with the support of the people. The government can only do what the people allow it to do and nothing more. The sad fact is, if this should happen most people would continue to do whatever the Federal Government says without question and that is what the Feds would be hoping. If the population were to suddenly question the power of the government, they would suddenly lose a great deal of their power over the population.

It has been said that on 9/11 COG protocol was enacted thus overriding the U.S. Constitution. A declaration of emergency is supposed to be reviewed by Congress every 6 months to decide whether to cancel the emergency declaration or extend it another 6 months. In the 11 years since 9/11, Congress has not met a single time to review this declaration which has been renewed every year by Bush and Obama alike. This may be why President Obama has been able to sidestep Congress on numerous occasions without intervention by Congress.

There are those in the Federal Government that want to do away with the constitution but remain in an authoritarian position and this is where a potential revolution could result. While many would bow to the Feds there are many who would understand the significance of the situation and prepare to fight for their rights. War is the continuation of politics by other means. When all else fails, hopefully the people of the U.S. will apply the necessary political pressure at the appropriate pressure points to resolve the issues of the day.

Consider this. If the U.S. had a national referendum and a majority of the states voted to abolish the Federal Government, would it suddenly cease to have any jurisdiction over the states and go gentle into that good night, or would they fight the citizens with everything they have to remain in power? Only an educated populace can preserve and protect the liberty we enjoy.

“The great questions of the day will be decided, not by speeches and majority votes … but by blood and iron.”
– Bismark

“ This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or the revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”
– Abraham Lincoln