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Don’t Shoot the Bastards, Yet

By: Tom Chatham

There is a time for everything under the sun. The key is knowing when to do something and when to wait patiently. Right now is the time to bide your time and stay under the radar until you really need to act. Those in power are hoping some overreact and do something stupid so that they can capitalize on it. Now is the time to prepare and build up your supplies until the day they are needed.

Some have stated that burying a weapon does nothing to protect your gun rights. I would disagree to some extent. If you leave it buried when you should be using it then they are correct but it might be the best thing to do until that day comes. There are those who say they will fight to keep their weapons if someone comes for them but consider this. What if they come to your home while you are at work or at the grocery store? This is plausible especially if the enforcers wish to prevent a confrontation that may get some of them killed. This would prevent you from protecting your weapons and leave you little recourse if they get your arms.

There are some that say all of the rhetoric from the left is merely to agitate the right and invoke a response that would justify their actions to come for you. I would agree with that. There may come a time when the deed needs to be done but that time has not yet come. It was my belief that the government would come out with some type of regulations in the near future that will infuriate the gun owners but will do little more than make guns and ammo more expensive and slightly harder to get but will stop short of outright bans and confiscation right now. This is basically what just happened. This will be to keep guns in the public view as gun owners fight for their rights and will help obscure other agendas at work in the background.

As things stand now, unless there is a sudden catastrophic situation like a currency collapse and rioting, they probably will not push for outright confiscation for another 12 to 24 months, but I don’t see it going much beyond that before they try something. The UN is about to take up the gun control issue again by March so pay attention to this as it will have a great bearing on what the politicians in D.C. are compelled to try in this country. When the day comes you need to know you will still have a gun to use so every effort should be made now to preserve any backup weapons and ammo you have.

People are not in the mood right now for any armed confrontations. The populace at large has access to the things they need and they are still relatively content so the feds may not want to muddy the waters until it suits their needs. These people are resistant to any change right now that would cause any loss of the free stuff they get and to disrupt that supply by going after the government would shift the blame for any disruptions onto gun owners and those that know what is really happening in America. Only when these people start to feel pain from loss of supplies due to government actions will the mood change and be suitable for engaging the government.

When things start to get chaotic is when you should be leery. They want to use gun owners as the scapegoat for some of the problems that we have so don’t help them by doing something stupid right now. They will use the tactic of divide and conquer to separate as many of the gun owners as they can to prevent any type of organized resistance from forming. If things should go hot suddenly, the best tactic might be the employment of 3 man fire teams rather than large organized units of resistance. But that is a discussion for another day.

When the time for armed resistance and confrontation comes you will know it. Until then continue to prepare. If any type of fighting breaks out between the feds and citizens it will be a long campaign and logistics will play a large role in victory. When the feds start to clamp down on purchases of any type of supplies that can be used against them then you know time is growing short. As I have stated before, guns can be made from scratch so the thing that the government needs to limit to gain the upper hand is the ammo. With the amount of reloading equipment already owned in this country the things to watch are the primers and powder. Those are the weak links in the chain. As long as people have a sufficient supply of reloading ingredients, the government will be powerless to stop any resistance from the public. These are the things to stock up and keep a close watch on in the coming weeks.

Also be alert for any new hoarding laws that may be enacted to prevent the population from storing supplies that will limit government control by rationing goods. When the government decides to clamp down on everyone, food, water, travel, long distance communications and power will be used to maintain control of the situation. This will come in the later stages of any breakdown but they will try to limit the supplies people have ahead of any government moves. A careful analysis of the potential problems we could face should be explored by each person and backup plans made for different contingencies. Try to stay ahead of any shortages by using this analysis to plan your shopping. It’s all up hill from here so prepare yourself for a long hard struggle.