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The Truth

By: Tom Chatham

What is it that we should consider the greatest virtue of men? Is it courage, honor, brilliance, strength or perhaps loyalty? These are all important but there is another that the lack of can imperil men and destroy empires faster than anything. It is the truth. The truth must be the most important virtue because when a man lies he murders some part of the world.

The truth illuminates and empowers while lies breed darkness and despair. Lies infect and breed cankerous wounds that can never be healed. They infect all they touch with a rot that leaves a stench you can never wash off.

Americans often joke and laugh about the lies politicians tell. It never occurs to most that they are laughing at the means to their own destruction. Every time a politician lies to the people they murder someone by one means or another. It takes the shape of corrupt laws or regulations or unjust orders.

A free people cannot remain free and prosperous when they are subjected to a continuous bombardment of lies that they rely on as the truth and depend on to ensure their continued existence. As the lies grow so grows the pile of bodies that act as a reminder of what we should hold dear and sacred.

What are we to expect when a growing majority of the population hold untruths and immorality as a virtue and elect those that exemplify those characteristics that represent the majority. The truth will set you free but lies will put you in bondage eventually. Lies are the bitter narcotic that we chomp at to ease the burden of doing the right thing which is often more difficult.

The end of a nation is not brought on by the fall of its currency or the demise of its manufacturing but the untruths it lives by. When a nation tries to fool itself with falsehoods as a means to correct its problems it can never recover.

Only when a nation looks at itself in the mirror and admits the truth to itself can it begin to recover some of what it has lost. Until that occurs no amount of lies will prevent the darkness it brings upon itself. No amount of lies can fix a problem permanently.

When a politician lies it is always evident because they are left with the death and destruction that cannot be hidden from view. As long as the people are content to step over the bodies in an effort to continue their daily routine it will never end. As the politicians lie to us we lie to ourselves to justify the mirage we want to believe.

When a man lies he murders some part of the world and it does not matter if that lie is to himself or another, the damage is the same. Until the truth is once again the most sought after virtue, men will continue to stumble in the darkness and the bodies will continue to accumulate. Every new lie is a new body we must climb over in our struggle to reach the light. The lies breed darkness and the trouble with the darkness is, you can never see the cliff ahead until it is too late.


Mala Prohibita

By: Tom Chatham

Basically Mala Prohibita means something that is illegal because someone says it is. That is much different from Mala In Se meaning something that is illegal because it is bad in and of itself. Most people know that things such as rape, armed robbery, murder and assault are not acceptable behavior. These things hurt others by the mere act of doing them so civilized society declares them illegal.

But what about the things that are illegal just because someone in charge says they are? Is it a bad thing to drive 80 instead of 60? Is it a bad thing to drive without a license or without tags on your car? Is it bad to sell raw milk to a neighbor? Is it bad to own a gun that shoots 600 rounds per minute rather than one that shoots 20 rounds per minute? Is it bad to build a structure on property you own without a building permit?

It can be argued that some of these things are illegal because if the circumstances surrounding them get out of control, someone could get hurt. That has a lot to do with taking personal responsibility and using good judgment. Those that make these laws claim they can keep you safe if only you live the way they tell you to. Many of these laws are enacted for three reasons.

– To maintain control of a larger group by a smaller group.

– To generate revenue to support the smaller group and provide a means of force to maintain control.

– To force the social agenda of one group onto another group.

In the most basic sense, a law is only a law if someone has the force to enforce it. A dictator can make any law he wants because he has the force to punish people if they don’t comply. When a group of people know something is bad in and of itself, they don’t need a law to tell them so and to prevent someone from doing it. All that is required by them is to decide on a penalty if it is done. Laws are all about force and control and nothing more.

Laws are a way for a social hierarchy to push their values and lifestyles onto the broader population in a way that makes everyone feel abnormal if they do not comply. This is the way they keep everyone in line. When this does not work they apply pressure to noncompliant individuals to invoke some sort of pain on them to force compliance. It may be monetary pain, loss of property or even loss of freedom. Most people have become so accustomed to this type of coerced living style that they no longer question it. Some do and they are the constant targets of the social engineers. These non conformist people must be brought under control or destroyed as the engineers see it before more begin to question their authority.

This always leads to the same outcome for countries and the human race as a whole. Eventually the laws become so convoluted and all encompassing that nothing you do is acceptable. The society eventually tears itself apart, usually with a great deal of blood shed before it is over.

When three basic premises are adhered to a society can live with basically few laws and prosper in relative harmony.

-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you or simply do not infringe on someone else’s life, liberty or pursuit of happiness.

-Respect the private property of others.

-Take responsibility for your actions.

These things may seem very basic but the population as a whole ignores these simple things on a daily basis and then wonders why there are so many problems in the world. The problems we face in life can be traced back to these simple things that society must embrace once again before our problems can be solved. The social engineers will fight that transformation with everything they have because it will mean the loss of their power to manipulate society into their vision of Utopia.

The power of laws comes from the power to enforce. Not until the society brings enough force to bear against the social engineers will the laws that hinder our growth and happiness be abolished. Not until the society once again embraces the three basic premises will they have the collective power to bring that force to bear. Unfortunately, that may not happen until after our society has torn itself apart once more.

Don’t Shoot the Bastards, Yet

By: Tom Chatham

There is a time for everything under the sun. The key is knowing when to do something and when to wait patiently. Right now is the time to bide your time and stay under the radar until you really need to act. Those in power are hoping some overreact and do something stupid so that they can capitalize on it. Now is the time to prepare and build up your supplies until the day they are needed.

Some have stated that burying a weapon does nothing to protect your gun rights. I would disagree to some extent. If you leave it buried when you should be using it then they are correct but it might be the best thing to do until that day comes. There are those who say they will fight to keep their weapons if someone comes for them but consider this. What if they come to your home while you are at work or at the grocery store? This is plausible especially if the enforcers wish to prevent a confrontation that may get some of them killed. This would prevent you from protecting your weapons and leave you little recourse if they get your arms.

There are some that say all of the rhetoric from the left is merely to agitate the right and invoke a response that would justify their actions to come for you. I would agree with that. There may come a time when the deed needs to be done but that time has not yet come. It was my belief that the government would come out with some type of regulations in the near future that will infuriate the gun owners but will do little more than make guns and ammo more expensive and slightly harder to get but will stop short of outright bans and confiscation right now. This is basically what just happened. This will be to keep guns in the public view as gun owners fight for their rights and will help obscure other agendas at work in the background.

As things stand now, unless there is a sudden catastrophic situation like a currency collapse and rioting, they probably will not push for outright confiscation for another 12 to 24 months, but I don’t see it going much beyond that before they try something. The UN is about to take up the gun control issue again by March so pay attention to this as it will have a great bearing on what the politicians in D.C. are compelled to try in this country. When the day comes you need to know you will still have a gun to use so every effort should be made now to preserve any backup weapons and ammo you have.

People are not in the mood right now for any armed confrontations. The populace at large has access to the things they need and they are still relatively content so the feds may not want to muddy the waters until it suits their needs. These people are resistant to any change right now that would cause any loss of the free stuff they get and to disrupt that supply by going after the government would shift the blame for any disruptions onto gun owners and those that know what is really happening in America. Only when these people start to feel pain from loss of supplies due to government actions will the mood change and be suitable for engaging the government.

When things start to get chaotic is when you should be leery. They want to use gun owners as the scapegoat for some of the problems that we have so don’t help them by doing something stupid right now. They will use the tactic of divide and conquer to separate as many of the gun owners as they can to prevent any type of organized resistance from forming. If things should go hot suddenly, the best tactic might be the employment of 3 man fire teams rather than large organized units of resistance. But that is a discussion for another day.

When the time for armed resistance and confrontation comes you will know it. Until then continue to prepare. If any type of fighting breaks out between the feds and citizens it will be a long campaign and logistics will play a large role in victory. When the feds start to clamp down on purchases of any type of supplies that can be used against them then you know time is growing short. As I have stated before, guns can be made from scratch so the thing that the government needs to limit to gain the upper hand is the ammo. With the amount of reloading equipment already owned in this country the things to watch are the primers and powder. Those are the weak links in the chain. As long as people have a sufficient supply of reloading ingredients, the government will be powerless to stop any resistance from the public. These are the things to stock up and keep a close watch on in the coming weeks.

Also be alert for any new hoarding laws that may be enacted to prevent the population from storing supplies that will limit government control by rationing goods. When the government decides to clamp down on everyone, food, water, travel, long distance communications and power will be used to maintain control of the situation. This will come in the later stages of any breakdown but they will try to limit the supplies people have ahead of any government moves. A careful analysis of the potential problems we could face should be explored by each person and backup plans made for different contingencies. Try to stay ahead of any shortages by using this analysis to plan your shopping. It’s all up hill from here so prepare yourself for a long hard struggle.

The Rise and Fall of A Second Obama Term

By: Tom Chatham – Author of Rebuilding The Republic

10 things that will rise:

Precious metals – With the continued printing of fiat money the price of precious metals will continue to rise in nominal terms.

Unemployment – The increasing government regulations and taxes will send more jobs overseas or close many more businesses.

SNAP – The increasing unemployment and impoverishment of Americans will increase the number of Americans dependant on the government for food.

Welfare recipients – The number of people receiving welfare type payments will increase as the number of Americans falling into poverty increases.

Energy costs – The governments war on conventional energy sources will decrease the amount of domestic energy produced and increase the price.

Food costs – The increased printing of money will cause the nominal price of food to increase substantially causing more hunger and unrest.

Gun sales – The threat of increased gun control and outright confiscation and the intrusions by government will cause more individuals to arm themselves not only against federals but the increasingly desperate people that the economy will create.

Government regulations – Government regulations will increase and strangle domestic supplies of food and energy to gain more control of the productive sectors for redistribution.

Taxes – Taxes will increase on most Americans to pay for government programs and for more fair redistribution of wealth.

Medical costs – Medical costs will rise substantially due to new Obamacare regulations and the shortage of doctors, many of whom have already said they would retire or change careers.

11 things that will fall:

Freedom – As the economy declines the less freedoms government will allow to keep a newly impoverished populace in control.

Productivity – Falling wages and fewer real jobs will decrease the production of real goods in the U.S.

Privacy – The loss of freedoms will include the loss of privacy as time goes on to prevent dissention in the population and identify those that need “reeducation”.

Security – The decreased defense capabilities of the U.S. as time goes on will invite attack by those that desire the natural resources we have. This is not to be confused with the false security threats we are now presented by government.

Income/wealth – The loss of jobs that cannot be replaced, lower wages and the destruction of the savings of millions through money printing will insure poverty conditions engulf a majority of the population.

Standard of living – The loss of jobs, lower wages, less production, lack of affordable homes and high prices for necessities will reduce many Americans to third world standards.

Asset values – The value of many assets such as homes , that Americans hold as a store of wealth, will decline as the economy reels from increased unemployment.

Product availability – Price controls enacted by government to alleviate the high price of goods due to money printing will cause shortages as manufacturers and retailers cease selling items they will lose money on.

Purchasing power – The printing of money will raise prices in nominal terms, consuming more of the populations money for basic necessities and leaving little or no extra for consumer products.

Number of doctors – The new regulations enacted by Obamacare wil cause economic hardships on doctors that will see many of them leave the field and seek retirement or other forms of employment.

Number of Wealthy In U.S. – The number of wealthy persons in the U.S. will decline as many expatriate to more friendly countries with the bulk of their savings to escape new government taxes and devaluation of the currency. This will also affect the job creation in the U.S. and cause further impoverishment.

The Police State Economy

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It is important to talk about a possible currency collapse given the current financial conditions in the U.S. The people need the conversation to help prepare for the challenges that would immediately follow. Government control following a collapse would further degrade quality of life and personal freedoms. It would be a troubling time to say the least. Those that feel the need to prepare already know what the government is about and what it is capable of. They know it will be a long time following a collapse before any semblance of civilized society might return to the country, if it ever existed to begin with.

A police state economy can be identified by shortages, poverty, misery and brutality. The population has no drive for productivity and no chance for wealth creation or incentives for new product creation. The whole system breeds stagnation throughout the country insuring future generations will have a lower standard of living. People will do the minimum work necessary to survive as anything more will create no excess for them to keep and use.

A good question they might ask themselves now while they have time to ponder it is, what will the government use to pay its minions to carry out its plans after a collapse has destroyed the dollar. The sociopaths that fill the government ranks will no doubt do as they are told but at some point they will expect to get paid for their services to purchase the necessities their families need. What might this situation look like?

In normal times, a currency collapse would be followed by government reforms and possibly replacement of politicians by an angry populace. The government would issue a new fiat currency and the citizens would be slowly conned by the politicians to accept it. The game would start anew until the next collapse. In the case of the U.S. the populace at large is learning how the game is played and they won’t want any part of a new fiat currency by choice.

The emerging problem with the U.S. is that the politicians don’t care what the populace wants or is willing to accept. The fact that the U.S. is becoming a police state gives some indication of what a post collapse situation would look like. Being that the major banks own the government, in practice if not in name, the industry and resources seized by government will provide securities for recapitalization of the banks following repudiation of the dollar.

Immediately following a collapse of the dollar in the U.S. the government would seize control of all production capability and resources. It would have no choice because they know a new fiat currency would not be accepted by the working class and businesses. They would issue a new currency probably in connection with a type of debit card that government employees and those that support the government would get. The government would want to control every sector of society in order to ensure finished products are available to the selected groups. Everyone else would either have to fall in line and work as they are told to receive goods or be removed as a threat.

A barter society would arise quickly to provide the needs of communities but this would be a threat to government control so expect them to react against this activity very quickly and harshly. Any barter activity that eludes government scrutiny would need a medium of exchange outside of government control such as precious metals, diamonds or other hard commodities. All industries would have to be controlled by government in order for the new fiat currency to be accepted and used for commerce and to insure continued production of products. Any type of small business that is hard to regulate or control would be shut down by government officials. This would cause a severe backlash by the population and the critical infrastructure would have to be guarded by heavily armed government personnel to maintain control and prevent interference by citizens. This would require a large army with weapons and lots of ammo that will obey all orders from government officials.

The government may claim the new currency is backed by gold reserves but if it is not directly convertible into gold a gold backing will mean nothing. This would be one way to attempt to appease citizens into accepting a new paper currency. The prevention of barter or alternate currencies would be enforced with brutal force by the government acting in a totalitarian way to ensure its total control over the society. Currency controls would be such that officials would be able to prevent the accumulation of wealth by individuals. The absolute control of resources will ensure most of the population will submit or do without.

In the opening hours of a government takeover, the only way for citizens to prevent totalitarian rule is the acquisition of critical infrastructure and resources by force before government personnel can secure it. As the old saying goes, possession is 9/10 of the law. The acquisition of resources is only the initial problem that the citizenry would face as government forces attempt to take control away from citizens. The difficulty would come in restarting commerce with a hostile government still in place. Those that depend on the government would likely support any measures that would keep resources flowing to them. The large populations in the urban areas would be easy for the government to manipulate due to the need for a continuous flow of resources to those areas.

Citizens that can control the resources in the rural areas will curb government control as long as those areas can be held. Once government forces have complete control of industry and resources it would be very difficult to remove it from their hands. It is a historical fact that once a totalitarian government takes control, it is very difficult to end it. The regime in North Korea is a good example of what to expect if the U.S. ever goes down this road.

An informed and vigilant citizenry is the only defense against this type of scenario and judging from current events, Americans have little or no defense at this time. Once a total government takeover has occurred, nothing short of war will likely correct it. There are nonviolent actions that can topple a government, but only if the population acts in unison for a common goal, which is unlikely given the divisions we currently see in the U.S. The current course of the U.S. is troubling and barring a significant event that alters this course, the American people have some very difficult times ahead of them. When this paradigm shifts, the citizens that do not have supplies or local production capability will become beholden to the government for their every day existence and it will not be benevolent in its actions.

Representation Without Taxation: The Coming Tax Revolt

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

Taxation has always been a way for governments to raise money and control the population. In a truly free society, the people volunteer or donate the necessary funds to provide for the communities needs. There is no need to forcibly extract money from citizens to accomplish those goals that the citizens deem necessary. This forced extraction of wealth always leads to graft, corruption and more poverty.

When someone takes money from their own pocket and gives it to someone in need, it is a noble thing, but when someone else takes money from your pocket and gives it to those that they think are deserving, it is a despicable act that must be challenged.

There are times when people need help to get back on their feet and society has already provided the means to help these people.
The first source of help comes from family and friends. These are the people closest to you that want to see you succeed and are willing to help even if it means some personal deprivation for them.
The second source is your church or religious organization. These people see it as their moral obligation to assist their congregation when they are in need.
The third source is the charity organizations that are found nationwide. These people take pride in helping those that have been unable to get the needed help from the first two groups and they regularly seek donations from the general population to render this assistance.
These sources have in the past provided the help the average person needed to correct their situation and this gave these organizations an incredible amount of power with the population. Over the years the government at all levels have done everything possible to harness this power from these organizations for their own machinations while attempting to destroy these sources of self help and replace them with tax money. There has been a war against family, churches and charity organizations for years to usurp this power and control it for political purposes.

When someone can arbitrarily decide what you should pay, it eventually devolves into a corrupt racket that is used as force to keep people in line. Today, the working class spends almost 5 months of their time and labor every year to provide for others through enforced taxation. This is not an exercise in nobility but theft in its purist form. One segment of society is forcibly taking from another segment in order to have an easier lifestyle. At some point in the future this will end. It will end because the working class is being taxed into poverty and at some point will decide not to continue working to support others.

Many will argue that taxes are necessary to build infrastructure for the masses. In a free society, the government presents the potential need to the people with the potential cost and the people decide whether it is worth the cost they must pay. Current government operates by taxing and then deciding what to spend the collected money on, in many cases wasting it on questionable projects that provide no benefit to the masses. Much of this money goes to selected groups in the form of grants, subsidies or benefits. Almost half of the people in the U.S. pay no taxes and most of these people pay little or no property tax because they own little or nothing. To someone that pays no property tax, it makes no difference to them if the tax rate is doubled or tripled on property just as long as they continue to receive their benefits. These people do not suffer the same as property owners who must produce more just to keep what they have.

State and local governments are spending more and collecting less in taxes which is putting them in a precarious situation. They must either spend less or tax more and the voting public is in large part receiving benefits that they do not want to decrease. The only option for politicians is to raise property taxes on land owners to make up the difference. At a time when property values are dropping and should provide some relief to taxpayers, governments are raising taxes to make up the shortfall. If a land owner fails to pay their taxes the government will simply take the property and sell it for taxes and the new owner will pay the new tax rates. It makes no difference to the government who owns the land as long as they pay for the government largesse.

At the national level an even more sinister plan is taking root. When the federal government gets to the end of its rope it will add more by seizing all retirement accounts which amount to trillions of dollars. These accounts will be converted into government annuities held in U.S. Treasury bonds. If the U.S Dollar crashes, these will become worthless and the taxpayers will lose their retirement savings. There is also talk that when these annuities are paid out, those that have more than their fair share of savings will have some of their annuity redistributed to the less fortunate. For those that think this will never happen, a recess hearing was held by Senate Democrats in October 2010 to discuss this very issue.

At some point there will be a tax revolt of epic proportions and it will likely start with the farming community. Farms can generate a high dollar volume of products but most of that money is eaten away by operating expenses which can be very high. Most farmers are left with just enough to provide a modest lifestyle for their family. Many of these farmers are working land handed down to them by their family. Farming is not something you go into to get rich, it is a lifestyle choice. These family farmers can accept losing their land because they failed at farming but they will not accept losing it as a result of inflated taxes just to keep the government solvent a little while longer. When this revolt finally comes it will likely be bloody because the only thing that government will respond to is force. The takers in society have been bleeding the producers for too long and it will soon come to an end, most likely in a violent way. Those receiving the government largesse will fight to keep it and those paying for it will fight to stop it. It is bound to happen. It always does at some point. Corruption and failure is guaranteed. It is the epitaph of all corrupt governments in history.

Our forefathers made one mistake. What they should have fought for was representation without taxation. –Fletcher Knebel, historian

Could The U.S. Government Dissolve Itself?

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

It is the belief in many circles that at some point in the future the U.S. government will suspend the U.S. Constitution under a declaration of Martial Law. If they do that, under what authority will they continue to rule over the U.S.

After our victory in the American Revolution, These United States formed a loose confederation and conducted their business as individual states both internally and externally. This resulted in many difficulties in every day life for the newly independent states. To better coordinate the needs of the states they consolidated some of their power into a central government that would oversee the larger issues while allowing the individual states to conduct their own business as they saw fit. The document signed by the states giving the Federal Government its powers was the U.S. Constitution. This document also provided the authority to establish a standing army and to coin money.

The interesting thing is, if the U.S. Constitution is no longer in effect for whatever reason, where would the Federal Government and the U.S. Military get the authority to do anything on American soil? Technically, the Federal Government only owns the area known as the District of Columbia. All federal laws originate with the U.S. Constitution, so a suspended U.S. Constitution means all federal laws are also null and void. With no constitution, there would be no legal authority backing the U.S. Dollar.

With no active constitution, the Federal Government and U.S. Military would be operating similar to an organized criminal element by rule of force and nothing more. Under that scenario, whoever has the most force gets to make the rules.

The moment the Feds decide to suspend the U.S. Constitution the individual states would once again become independent nations of their own and any intervention by the former Federal Government or military could be seen as an invasion by a foreign power and the states would have the right to defend themselves by any means necessary.

By suspending the U.S. Constitution, the government would be dissolving its authority to exist along with that of the U.S. Military. Once it is suspended it can only be legally reactivated by a constitutional convention of the states. Dare we hope the U.S. Government is stupid enough to do something like this?

In a situation like this, the moral and legal authority of the states should prevail but it will only happen with the support of the people. The government can only do what the people allow it to do and nothing more. The sad fact is, if this should happen most people would continue to do whatever the Federal Government says without question and that is what the Feds would be hoping. If the population were to suddenly question the power of the government, they would suddenly lose a great deal of their power over the population.

It has been said that on 9/11 COG protocol was enacted thus overriding the U.S. Constitution. A declaration of emergency is supposed to be reviewed by Congress every 6 months to decide whether to cancel the emergency declaration or extend it another 6 months. In the 11 years since 9/11, Congress has not met a single time to review this declaration which has been renewed every year by Bush and Obama alike. This may be why President Obama has been able to sidestep Congress on numerous occasions without intervention by Congress.

There are those in the Federal Government that want to do away with the constitution but remain in an authoritarian position and this is where a potential revolution could result. While many would bow to the Feds there are many who would understand the significance of the situation and prepare to fight for their rights. War is the continuation of politics by other means. When all else fails, hopefully the people of the U.S. will apply the necessary political pressure at the appropriate pressure points to resolve the issues of the day.

Consider this. If the U.S. had a national referendum and a majority of the states voted to abolish the Federal Government, would it suddenly cease to have any jurisdiction over the states and go gentle into that good night, or would they fight the citizens with everything they have to remain in power? Only an educated populace can preserve and protect the liberty we enjoy.

“The great questions of the day will be decided, not by speeches and majority votes … but by blood and iron.”
– Bismark

“ This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or the revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”
– Abraham Lincoln

May You Live In Interesting Times

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

There is an old Chinese curse that states ” May you live in interesting times “. Let’s see where we are.

The government is becoming more hostile every day and on the verge of turning into a dictatorship.

The crops are drying up in many parts of the country.

The gulf will take decades to recover from the BP oil spill.

The Federal Reserve is destroying our currency.

Our production capability and jobs are going overseas.

The U.S. is trying to pick a fight with anyone it thinks it can beat, which are mainly the little third world nations, and victory still isn’t guaranteed.

The reactors in Japan are spewing radiation all over the world and into the ocean.

The economy is in the tank and no one can find a decent job.

Almost 50 million Americans need food stamps in order to feed themselves.

You cannot get on a plane without getting molested by the government.

You cannot film a cop without getting arrested.

We need cheap energy but the government won’t let us drill.

You cannot drink raw milk but processed foods with lots of sugar and salt are almost becoming mandatory.

GMO crops are destroying our heritage seeds and causing health problems in most who eat them.

You cannot grow food in your yard without government employees destroying it.

The government wants to take away your guns.

Thousands of people are homeless at a time when homes are being destroyed just to get rid of them.

You have no free speech in certain areas.

The government can now force you to buy things you don’t want.

The sun may be preparing to initiate widespread damage to our electronic infrastructure.

Long dormant volcanoes are waking up.

Earthquakes are increasing worldwide.

Our fresh water supplies are drying up.

The government is setting up a total surveillance grid to watch you 24/7.

You are no longer safe in your own home, even from the cops.

You cannot believe anything a politician tells you, even more so than usual.

Our cities are decaying and the population is getting more violent.

The main stream media is nothing more than a propaganda organ for the government.

Our moral values have all but vanished.

Religion is under attack worldwide, especially Christianity.

It is now a crime to store food and prepare for disasters.

If you are an illegal alien or Muslim extremist you are protected by law but if you believe in defending the constitution you are a potential terrorist.

Over 50% of the population thinks the government will take care of them if a major disaster happens.

Many Americans are now living in a pre-revolutionary state of mind.

Is it getting interesting yet?