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The Season of Crisis and Total War

By: Tom Chatham

Winter is a time of decay and destruction to make way for the coming renewal of spring. Those who fail to prepare for the winter can have a difficult time getting through it. Each season has its’ differences but winter is by far the harshest. Every season has a role to play in the cycle of life.

Strauss and Howe explain the four seasons of human cycles in The Fourth Turning. As it is said, history does not repeat, but it does rhyme. The reason for this are the four cycles we continuously go through. History bears this fact out all too plainly for anyone who cares to look.

We are now in the winter season of the current cycle. This cannot be changed. The generation, born between 1964 and 1984, are the Nomads, the ones with the survival and leadership skills to lead the way in the winter season. This is how it always is.

If they play their roles well, it will usher in a new golden age, like the High we experienced after WW II but if they fail to step forward and do their part, we could begin an era of darkness. The future is not written, but will play out based on human actions that are somewhat consistent. We must not ignore the cycles and prepare for the trying times ahead.

Strauss and Howe explain how human cycles always culminate in the winter season and move us through the gateway into the next cycle. The winter season is a time of hardship and danger. It is a time of crisis. The American Revolution, the Civil War and The Great Depression/WW II were all winter seasons. Each winter season culminates with a great war and this one should be no different. During each of these wars, the newest and most destructive weapons in existence were used to achieve total victory.

With the weapons we now posses, this could make this cycle the most deadly to date. Something noticeable about these three wars is that each was worse than the last. The culminating wars are not the only thing we have to fear in the winter season. The social, political and financial currents that flow through society will be in upheaval as well. As Strauss and Howe have said, you should prepare for the winter season as if it were a winter blizzard that will last seven years. There is still time to prepare for the coming winter cycle but time is short.

Using the Great Depression/WW II as a guide but assuming it will be worse this time will give you an idea of how to prepare yourself and your family. In The American Dream Lost and Rebuilding The Republic I discuss some ways to shield yourself and your family from situations like we are about to face. Those that go into the future with their eyes open and armed with the knowledge of history will be in a position to mold their futures and that of their children. This Fourth Turning is expected to end around 2025 so you should plan accordingly. The bulk of the crisis should be seen between now and 2020.

Another aspect of the two previous winter seasons is the fact that personal liberties and freedom were substantially decreased each time. This winter season could see the final slide into dictatorship or the rebirth of freedom, depending on the will of the people. How the people react to the coming crisis will be the determining factor.

The plans you make now will determine your future and that of your children so due diligence should be taken. As with a winter storm, you should plan for all aspects of this season. You want to insure food, shelter, clothing, energy and medical resources are available to weather the storm. These are not the only things to concern yourself with.

With the passing of winter you need to insure you have the resources to begin the new spring. The seeds to begin anew may be actual seeds, property, gold or silver or equipment to produce the needs of people. The spring should be a time of prosperity and new beginnings so insure you are prepared to take advantage of it. This is something that each and every person must do for themselves. Armed with the knowledge of history, our future will be what we make of it.

Those that understand The West Line and the cycles of history will have a better understanding of the world around them and will have some idea of the changes to come and the actions they must take.


Is Civilization Cyclical?

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The Crux Event

When we look at the actions of the universe we find many instances of cyclical trends. The sun has cycles. The moon has cycles. The Earth has cycles. Is this true with everything in the universe? Is the universe even more, well ordered than we realize or can comprehend?

Harry Dent has identified cycles in human behavior. We live, work, spend and grow old in generational cycles that repeat with regularity. Knowing these trends we can speculate when and where we can invest time and money for the best return.

If the Earth has cycles such as glacial and interglacial periods, do these periods affect human cycles? Do humans prosper and grow with these interglacial warm periods only to destroy ourselves and civilization just as the new ice age begins, leaving only a few humans to survive and carry on the human race until the next interglacial period. The scattered remains of past civilizations litter the Earth and we are only now discovering artifacts that defy belief and cause us to question how long civilized man has existed.

It is interesting when we look at the many crises we are now faced with that seem to grow by the day. We know man has the capability to destroy civilization many times over today, so we need to ask, has he done so before? If so what does this say about humans and civilized society? If civilization is cyclical and we continuously start over, is it possible for us to realize this and understand it enough to leave a message for the future to prevent our own demise? Would our understanding of it break us out of this cycle to usher in a new age of reason that would break this chain of self destruction? Perhaps former civilizations have made this attempt but we have yet to find and understand the message.

Former civilizations have left temples and writings that tell us they existed and understood things we are now only beginning to comprehend. Is there a message in these artifacts that can help us move forward instead of backwards? Are we doomed to another cycle because of human arrogance? There is evidence that there may have been a previous nuclear war on Earth. Glass found in several desert areas of the planet indicate the sand was fused at a temperature of 3,300 degrees and lacks the tell tale sign of being caused by meteors or the like. It is the same kind of glass formed at the U.S. nuclear test sites. Does this mean anything or is it just a freak natural occurrence?

If we decided to send a message to future generations thousands of years into the future, what would it be and how would we insure it survived to be found? To answer these questions now might allow us to find the answers we seek to the past. Most people are so consumed with their daily lives that they are not concerned about thousands of years into the future or the past. They are only concerned about the here and now and what they can do to make their lives enjoyable. Are humans so petty that they only care about themselves and is this the road to destruction that cycles are made of?

If civilization is cyclical should we care and if so what should be done? To understand these cycles is to understand ourselves and the world around us and would allow us to use this knowledge for more productive ends. The human race has not been kind to itself or the planet. A continuous cycle of destruction can only lead to the end of humans or Earth or both. Is that the legacy we want to leave? In the end, will the universe really care what we do to ourselves?