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The Grand Jihad Deception

By: Tom Chatham

The president is trying his best to sell the nation a faulty bill of goods. He would have you believe that it is ok to allow a murderer into your home as long as that person does not have a gun. Anyone with at least two brain cells to rub together knows that if a murderer gets into your home with the intent to do you harm, it does not matter if he has a gun because he will find some other way to harm you.

He wants you to believe that we do not need to prevent these radical individuals from entering the country. He wants you to believe we only need to prevent them from getting guns and the way to do that is to take guns away from everyone. They want you to believe that will keep you safe. It is faulty logic at best and treason at worst. They are trying to disarm the population and leave the whole of the country open to genocide at some point.

They keep talking about the availability of certain weapons calling them assault rifles and weapons of war. They try to use words to make you think it is crazy to have these types of weapons. The government has declared a war on terror that covers the entire globe. That battlefield includes the United States homeland. If you live in the middle of a battlefield it only makes sense to have military grade weapons to protect yourself and conduct operations to eliminate the enemy.

When the enemy is allowed to enter the nation at will, unimpeded, it is a sure sign that those in power have ulterior motives and Americans are being set up for failure at some point. The president has already said that the U.S. is no longer a Christian nation and goes out of his way to defend the Islamic religion against any attacks while condemning Christianity every chance he gets.

With over 22 Islamic training camps in the U.S. now and the relentless call for more Muslim refugees to be resettled in the country, we are witnessing a silent invasion that will ultimately result in open warfare on the streets as Muslims attempt to eliminate anyone that refuses to convert to their faith. The so called peaceful Muslims are siding with their radical brothers by their failure to denounce the murder of Americans by these radicals. The majority of Muslims in America want to see Sharia law become the law of the land replacing the constitution and the freedoms it signifies. Sharia law and Muslim beliefs in general are not compatible with the U.S. Constitution or our way of life.

As far as Islam is concerned, there can be only one religion on earth and it is theirs. To this end they will do whatever they must to make that a reality and the U.S. is a major impediment to those ends at this time. We have seen the ease with which the invasion of Europe has taken place and the elements responsible want the same for America. The major impediment will be the ability of Americans to actually resist with lethal force and that is where we are today.

The elements that have captured the reigns of power in the U.S. are attempting to disarm Americans by any means necessary. There has been a 700% increase in mass shootings since Barack Obama has become president. Every shooting is met with the same demands of more gun control. Time is running out for them to complete the disarmament of Americans and the failure to do so will severely hamper their plans for complete subjugation of America under Islamic rule. Islamic rule would insure that a free republic would never rise again and any survivors would be loyal subjects to their radical ideology.

The radical liberal left is cooperating with this agenda in hopes of achieving their socialist utopia but they fail to see that their liberal policies are ultimately unacceptable to Islam. The current killing of homosexuals and Christians and the stoning of women is clear indication of what will happen to liberals when conservatives are eventually eliminated.

The gun culture in America is largely a conservative venture and these are the individuals that excel in war fighting skills. The loss of this block will insure liberals are left relatively defenseless in the future and will be unable to defend themselves against future hostility from Muslim aggression within the U.S. That is exactly how the current administration wants it. Eliminate the sheepdogs so the flock is helpless in the future. Then the call will be convert or die.

For those at the top of the ruling pyramid, an Islamic dictatorship would be easier to control than a prosperous free nation where the people have any say in matters. Bare in mind that we are in a global war on terror epitomized by the likes of Al Qaeda and ISIS, both of which were created and are funded by the U.S. government. For those who want their new world order it is merely a means to an end. I don’t need to wait until America looks like Syria before I realize what is going on. We have been slated for destruction and those behind it are using the hatred fomented by American bombs to encourage foreign Jihadis to do the bulk of the internal damage to us.

I could care less what you do in your country, on your land or in your home, that’s your business, but when you bring something into my country, onto my land and into my home it becomes my business and I don’t have to agree with it or put up with it. The U.S government has a habit of making bad decisions and they need to answer for them but if someone decides to make American citizens pay for the bad deeds of government all I can say is you need to pack a big lunch and wear a life preserver because you are about to jump into the deep end of the ocean and the critters that live there may not be very friendly.


The Transformation of America Into A Failed State

By: Tom Chatham

When you look at the chaos and destruction going on in the Mid-East today you are looking at the future of America. This is not by mistake or incompetence but by design.

After WWI the British and French created new countries out of the area in the Mid-East and in doing so created future states that would be unstable and ultimately fail to have national cohesion. The unnatural boundaries of these states thrust together people of different beliefs and set the stage for generations of turmoil.

When you look at the things going on in America today it is easy to see the similarities with this plan. To the south, our borders are open and a mass of humanity is flooding in and changing the demographics of the southwest. Further to the north our northern states are being flooded with Muslim refugees and changing the demographics there. At the same time, patriotic Americans are being demonized by the government and along with Christians and veterans are being pushed toward civil war by Government actions.

When you consider the Mid-East and look at the U.S it becomes easy to see the plan unfolding to create chaos here and prevent Americans from uniting against the forces that want to prepare us for subjugation.

Why would anyone want to create a failed state? It became the conclusion of the British elite many years ago that a a failed state was the easiest to control. With the internal population always warring against one another, outside forces could do as they please in the country with little hindrance from a disunited population.

With the U.S. overrun with people from other countries that do not share the same values as Americans and instead practice their own beliefs and continue to speak their own language, it is only a matter of time before America becomes chaotic and infighting begins. This will give cover to others to subjugate and control America that would not be possible by any other means.

Unchecked immigration is the only way to dilute the American demographics enough to cause fighting among diverse groups and make subjugation easier. There has always been animosity among some groups in America but not enough to start a war as most Americans could see that would destroy the good life they were leading. Many Americans know the government is trying to instigate civil war in this country but cannot understand why. Now you see the reasons in a different light and may understand a little better what is happening now.

A united America is the only thing holding back the subjugation of this nation and it is being undermined with many types of subversion that will tear the fabric of this nation and send it on its way to chaos. Everywhere you look, various groups are being pitted against one another, whites against blacks, blacks against Hispanics, liberals against conservatives, Christians against Muslims, homosexuals against heterosexuals, gun owners against gun controllers and cops against citizens just to name a few. It is all orchestrated to bring about one thing, a dysfunctional country that is easy to handle. Its hard to unite and fight the government and bankers when you are busy fighting your neighbors every day.

Many understand the global ponzi scheme of fiat currencies will collapse soon thrusting most people back onto their own resources. During this collapse, global interests cannot risk the potential of citizens to come together under nationalism and work for their own best interests. Citizens must be divided and fighting one another to insure the globalists can sweep in and take total control of populations and resources. A united America with lots of weapons will make this plan impossible. Hence the need for gun control and division.

This is the plan now unfolding in America and the more people that realize it the more control we will retain as things become chaotic. If these groups would understand how they are being used it would be easier to prevent open hostilities that would benefit a select group in the future and ultimately destroy the nation we now know. With the masses under the influence of mainstream media, it is a good bet that many will fall into this globalist trap. The only thing we can do now is prepare for the worst.

Martial Law: The Tool of Tyrants

By: Tom Chatham

Martial law is by definition- the temporary rule by military authorities over the civilians as in time of war. Over the years, the meaning of martial law has been obfuscated to mean something very different from its intended purpose. This obfuscation has come from the very tyrants that have used it to oppress and intimidate the civilian masses for their own self interest.

There are two versions of martial law you need to be concerned about.

The proper application of martial law is used when civilian leadership is absent or destroyed during times of conflict. The military command operating in the area declares martial law or military law. This means the military becomes the temporary authority to oversee civilian operations necessary to serve the population until a civilian government can be reconstituted to perform the function.

The military becomes the surrogate leadership and is obligated to enforce the civilian laws as the civilian government would. This military leadership is merely taking the temporary place of the elected officials until such time the community can replace them by proper elections utilizing the democratic principles they are accustomed to. This temporary leadership is applied to prevent the chaos that prevails when no leadership is present to enforce laws and provide infrastructure for the populace. It is meant to enforce the continued civilized behavior of the community to ensure that peace and normal operations continue for the benefit of the citizens. This is the true meaning of martial law and any deviation from this application should be considered illegal.

The second version is the one most people see or talk about and is not to be considered legitimate.

When a civilian entity declares martial law it is contrary to the very meaning of the phrase. If civilian leadership is present, military leadership is not needed as the civilian government has the authority to enforce the laws and administer to the populations needs. When a civilian entity declares martial law what they are really saying is, they want to dispense with the rule of law and rule by force. This fact is evident where any civilian entity has declared martial law in the past.

When these entities declare martial law they universally dispense with normal civilized behavior and legal proceedings and engage in a reign of terror to oppress the civilian population and deny them their unalienable rights. The idea that an entity can suspend legal laws approved by the population and act on the whims of their emotions and desires is the absence of legitimate law. This type of martial law is usually employed by individuals or groups that desire to overthrow the legitimate legal system for their own personal gain and will do anything they deem necessary to maintain control.

When a rational person asks themselves what the reason for martial law is, they will in all likelihood come to the conclusion expressed in the first case. When a government finds itself in a time of chaos, it has the ability to summon reinforcements to bolster the police force to maintain order. It has the ability to order curfews to clear the streets to enforce the peace and arrest those who break the current law. So, why would martial law be necessary in the presence of civilian leadership doing what it is legally elected to do?

The same rational person would arrive at the conclusion in the second case that martial law declared by civilian entities is nothing more than a power grab meant to take away the rights of a free people in the name of tyranny. Those that apply rational thought and critical thinking to this issue will see the logic in the argument.

To anyone who would argue otherwise, certain questions will make it very clear.

Why would it be necessary to suspend the constitution?

What does martial law really mean?

What circumstances necessitate the action of martial law?

What laws are applied when martial law is declared?

Where are these laws for martial law written down?

Who created these laws and how were they approved?

Who has the authority to declare martial law and where does this power come from?

There are cases when martial law may be needed when civilian leadership is absent but the employment of martial law by civilian agencies acting on emotions and desires is the law of brute force and is no law at all. The lack of an educated populace makes the second case possible due to a lack of understanding of the principles of freedom and unalienable rights meant to prevent a second case scenario.

An unarmed populace is helpless to stop the second scenario and prevent the brutality that comes with it. Unchecked brutality leads to theft and murder and eventually mass murder. These are the lessons of history we are often to forget until we are reminded in a very graphic and painful way.

Don’t Shoot the Bastards, Yet

By: Tom Chatham

There is a time for everything under the sun. The key is knowing when to do something and when to wait patiently. Right now is the time to bide your time and stay under the radar until you really need to act. Those in power are hoping some overreact and do something stupid so that they can capitalize on it. Now is the time to prepare and build up your supplies until the day they are needed.

Some have stated that burying a weapon does nothing to protect your gun rights. I would disagree to some extent. If you leave it buried when you should be using it then they are correct but it might be the best thing to do until that day comes. There are those who say they will fight to keep their weapons if someone comes for them but consider this. What if they come to your home while you are at work or at the grocery store? This is plausible especially if the enforcers wish to prevent a confrontation that may get some of them killed. This would prevent you from protecting your weapons and leave you little recourse if they get your arms.

There are some that say all of the rhetoric from the left is merely to agitate the right and invoke a response that would justify their actions to come for you. I would agree with that. There may come a time when the deed needs to be done but that time has not yet come. It was my belief that the government would come out with some type of regulations in the near future that will infuriate the gun owners but will do little more than make guns and ammo more expensive and slightly harder to get but will stop short of outright bans and confiscation right now. This is basically what just happened. This will be to keep guns in the public view as gun owners fight for their rights and will help obscure other agendas at work in the background.

As things stand now, unless there is a sudden catastrophic situation like a currency collapse and rioting, they probably will not push for outright confiscation for another 12 to 24 months, but I don’t see it going much beyond that before they try something. The UN is about to take up the gun control issue again by March so pay attention to this as it will have a great bearing on what the politicians in D.C. are compelled to try in this country. When the day comes you need to know you will still have a gun to use so every effort should be made now to preserve any backup weapons and ammo you have.

People are not in the mood right now for any armed confrontations. The populace at large has access to the things they need and they are still relatively content so the feds may not want to muddy the waters until it suits their needs. These people are resistant to any change right now that would cause any loss of the free stuff they get and to disrupt that supply by going after the government would shift the blame for any disruptions onto gun owners and those that know what is really happening in America. Only when these people start to feel pain from loss of supplies due to government actions will the mood change and be suitable for engaging the government.

When things start to get chaotic is when you should be leery. They want to use gun owners as the scapegoat for some of the problems that we have so don’t help them by doing something stupid right now. They will use the tactic of divide and conquer to separate as many of the gun owners as they can to prevent any type of organized resistance from forming. If things should go hot suddenly, the best tactic might be the employment of 3 man fire teams rather than large organized units of resistance. But that is a discussion for another day.

When the time for armed resistance and confrontation comes you will know it. Until then continue to prepare. If any type of fighting breaks out between the feds and citizens it will be a long campaign and logistics will play a large role in victory. When the feds start to clamp down on purchases of any type of supplies that can be used against them then you know time is growing short. As I have stated before, guns can be made from scratch so the thing that the government needs to limit to gain the upper hand is the ammo. With the amount of reloading equipment already owned in this country the things to watch are the primers and powder. Those are the weak links in the chain. As long as people have a sufficient supply of reloading ingredients, the government will be powerless to stop any resistance from the public. These are the things to stock up and keep a close watch on in the coming weeks.

Also be alert for any new hoarding laws that may be enacted to prevent the population from storing supplies that will limit government control by rationing goods. When the government decides to clamp down on everyone, food, water, travel, long distance communications and power will be used to maintain control of the situation. This will come in the later stages of any breakdown but they will try to limit the supplies people have ahead of any government moves. A careful analysis of the potential problems we could face should be explored by each person and backup plans made for different contingencies. Try to stay ahead of any shortages by using this analysis to plan your shopping. It’s all up hill from here so prepare yourself for a long hard struggle.

Gun Control: The Red Herring

By: Tom Chatham

Ever since the Sandy Hook shootings, all you have heard from the left is gun control. They know this is a subject that will ignite the ire of the gun owning public and stir up a lot of bad feelings between the left and right in this country. That’s the point. While the left desperately wants to disarm the public, this latest show of disarmament is just that, another act in this long playing show. While any advances in gun control will be met with glee from the left, they know any meaningful disarmament would be a declaration of war.

They know that a massive push for more gun control will be the sole thing on many peoples’ minds. The people that know the current status of the U.S. and the financial calamity we are about to face will be too occupied with defending their guns to worry about anything else for a while. What is it that Rahm Emanuel likes to say, never let a good crisis go to waste. When they show you something with their right hand always keep an eye on their left one.

The power brokers in D.C. know that financial Armageddon is just around the corner and need to focus the nations’ attention elsewhere. As is the historical precedent, they will need to divert attention with a major war somewhere. Who is to say that war will not be in the U.S.? That would definitely divert everyone’s attention when the time comes.

It would be a two for one for the government. They could divert attention away from the financial crisis right up to the very end, then when everything falls apart go for the guns to keep pressure off of themselves for the crisis that they created and even have people look to them for help while blaming the deteriorating conditions on defiant gun owners.

While keeping an eye on the gun issue it is important to also keep an eye on four other issues that will have monumental effects on the public in the coming years. These issues will allow the government to gain full control of the population and tyranny will rule.

Dollar Status –

The derivatives bubble and the reserve currency status of the Dollar is a pressing issue that has the ability to change the world overnight. The worldwide value of derivatives is estimated at about 600 Trillion. If there is a meltdown it will take down major banks and possibly governments worldwide. Almost as disastrous is the reserve currency status of the Dollar. If the U.S. looses reserve currency status, the U.S. economy will implode almost overnight as everything that we must import will become much more expensive and we will no longer be able to just print money to buy the things we need. It will almost certainly cause hyperinflation in the U.S. destroying the currency and peoples’ savings. The FED is already buying most of the U.S. debt and several countries are moving away from the use of the Dollar in international commerce. If oil ceases to be sold in Dollars and oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia refuse to accept Dollars for oil then you will know the end of the Dollar is near.


The major stores of wealth remaining in the U.S. are in pension plans and retirement accounts. When the public is not looking they will try to grab these funds to continue funding the government and lock them into government securities that they control. These securities will either be wiped out in real value through inflation or if any value does remain the government will have control over who gets it and how much. Redistribution will be much easier once they have control of these funds and you will be at their mercy. I can imagine that anyone being labeled a terrorist by the government will have these funds seized by the government for their use.

Private Property –

The financial crisis will come as a surprise to many and these people will have no means to retain their property when the financial networks freeze up. Many will lose the money they had in the banks and with no means to continue paying their mortgage or ability to pay taxes, these properties will become an asset of the government either through the loan guarantees from federal agencies or from tax seizure by local governments. Those that have other payment options such as gold and silver to maintain payments will fare better than most others. Government ownership of most of the homes in the U.S. will give them the power over who gets shelter and what kind. They will also want control of the farmland which brings us to the fourth item.

Food –

The droughts of the past year have caused the global stocks of grain to become very low. If the drought conditions affect the grain harvests in 2013, the world will find itself in a precarious situation. The current low water levels in the Mississippi River are a good indication that ground moisture is very low in the center of the country. Unless we get sufficient rain in the next few months the winter wheat crop could be damaged. Food is power and if things get out of control the government will want to hold that power. If people are distracted from a potential food crisis by other things, they will not be stocking up on any food and will be caught with few supplies when a food shortage appears. This will allow the government the opportunity to control the food supplies and dictate where they are used and how much people will get.

It is not a coincidence that many of the gun owners in this country are also people who recognize the coming problems and have stocked up on food, gold and silver and own property to grow food, making them independent from the whims of the government. These are the very people that have tried in vain to alert the unsuspecting public with little success. It is to the governments’ advantage to keep these people distracted with other things while the country slips further into the abyss. Gun owners are the governments’ sworn enemies and the feds will seek to destroy them when the time comes.

At the end of the day the government will come after the guns but not before they have used guns as a distraction from the other problems that are not being addressed. These people are criminal but they are not stupid. The more chaos they can create at one time the better it will be for them. Who will care about the government coming after Billy bob’s guns when they are struggling just to feed their families and find shelter. Everything will be orchestrated for maximum effect and advantage. When the government starts to push gun control hard with the right hand, keep an eye on the left hand and watch out.