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Problems and Solutions

By: Tom Chatham

The following is an excerpt from Rebuilding the Republic

The advancement of civilization has happened by a sequence of technological improvements in the world.

Western Ideology
Revolution in Weapons
Agriculture Revolution
Industrial Revolution
Sanitation & Medical Revolution
Demographic Explosion
Transportation & Communication Revolution

Each of these turning points was built on the previous technology that allowed the expansion of human knowledge and a rise in our standard of living. This is the ideal sequence of progress and the U.S. by chance or design followed it in perfect order. This is one reason for our continuous progress and wealth creation. When a nation progresses in a different order, it has been shown to lead to unbalanced development and often chaotic conditions. When any of these technology points are compromised, they weaken all points following them just as a damaged floor in a multi-story building weakens everything above it. If the integrity of that floor is compromised, everything above that point will ultimately collapse. While technology may continue to expand, a disintegration of the living standard will ultimately follow with a degree of chaos. The only solution to resolve the dysfunctional system is to return to the technology level where the problems are inherent and correct the imbalances. Our industrial base is in decline and the agricultural base is about to become dysfunctional with the rise in input costs. The only solution to rebalance and stabilize this situation is to return to the agricultural sector and correct the unsustainable nature it is built upon. Once the agricultural sector is stabilized in a sustainable way, we will have a good foundation to rebuild our industrial base. The only sustainable system that works in the agricultural sector is the small diversified family farm.
The ability of small farms to produce crops with a minimum of fuel inputs provides the farm with a sustainable production ability that will allow food production regardless of the national fuel disposition. This production capability is crucial during a national crisis that disrupts the transportation and distribution systems. The dispersion of small farms nationwide near the potential markets will allow for realistic distribution scenarios during emergencies that limit transportation abilities. This production and distribution capability will become more critical as the duration of the emergency lengthens. Production and distribution systems circa 1900 can provide a frame of reference for prolonged situations where support systems must be reconstituted from technologically insensitive sources. A catastrophic failure of critical infrastructure will stress agricultural production necessitating a high percentage of farmers within the population that can utilize manual techniques to sustain the population. This is a niche that small family farms can fill almost exclusively in a disaster providing an essential national security asset.
While many of the solutions we require can be implemented by a new generation of farmers, one of the most destructive elements that inhibits prosperity is the government itself. The government agencies that seek to regulate and coerce producers without regard for rights or scientific facts, have destroyed the small producers in this country at the behest of multi-national corporations seeking a larger market share. The destruction of individual rights have accompanied government largesse in the slow abandonment of the principles of free enterprise. It is becoming less likely that any improvement will come from the federal level and will force individuals and groups to initiate change at the local level. The control of county governments by freedom minded individuals will have to lead the changes necessary to improve the business climate in the U.S. before family farms can achieve the freedom necessary to be truly prosperous again. Only when local governments declare federal laws and regulations null and void and are prepared to back the declaration with force will a new foundation be laid. Federal control must be rolled back to levels that pose no interference to local businesses or allow corrupt federal agencies the use of hostile tactics to impose their will on individual citizens. A new revolution to secure the rights of free men will be the key to unlocking the inherent prosperity we posses but are unable to use in the current repressive regulatory environment.