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The Big Picture

By: Tom Chatham

With so much going on these days it is difficult to keep focused on any one problem. Economic collapse, Fukushima radiation, drought, peak energy, WWIII, pandemic, famine, illegal immigration, government coverups and abuse and natural disasters are just some of the many threats we have to keep up with. With so many threats facing us it is impossible to focus on each one and hope to overcome them all. We need to try to keep our eye on the bigger picture and focus on getting through the events with some of our resources in tact so we can carry on. Being prepared is good but it means nothing if you do not make it to the other side in tact. That is the larger goal. To get through whatever comes in tact.

Many of the crises we face have many things in common. They can destroy the economy, cause shortages in energy or food, destroy freedoms, cause harm to our health, destroy security, make the future uncertain, destroy wealth and destroy hope. These are the things we need to focus on rather than individual problems. These things encompass the big picture. By focusing on the outcome of the events, we can protect ourselves from multiple possible events at once. We do not prepare for the events themselves, we prepare for the problems they cause.

One crisis that ties into many others is the turmoil in the Middle East.

The rise of ISIS in the region is no surprise to some. As with many things today, it was planned. There has been no serious attempt to stop this group because of the players backing them. Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and the U.S. are the forces pushing this group forward. It is natural for one to ask, why would the U.S. be backing a group like this. To answer that question you must also answer the question of why members of the Muslim Brotherhood have been given senior level positions within the U.S. government.

When ISIS moved into Iraq, there was no effort by the U.S. to stop them. And even now, the U.S. is only making feeble efforts to do anything. That is because the U.S. government does not want to stop them. When ISIS moved into Iraq, they were able to push the Iraqi army back with ease. This is largely due to the fact that almost all of the Iraqi officers the U.S. trained before we left were fired by the Iraqi government. These officers were replaced with political appointees by the government. When the attacks came, these leaders, lacking sufficient military training, fled leaving the army with no one to organize a defense.

This terrorist group now has some of the best equipment that America has in its’ arsenal. This is equipment that the U.S. gave to Iraq and they left behind when they fled the approaching enemy. Some of this equipment was supposed to go to the Kurds but it did not for political reasons. All we need to do is give the Kurds the equipment they need to defend themselves and this threat in the region will largely be stopped but that will not happen in any significant way.

If the minimal attacks on ISIS continue and the Christian refugees are allowed to slip through to relative safety and then the U.S. declares victory and stops the attacks, it will be a tell tale sign that the American government has no intention of stopping ISIS. I do not expect the American government to do anything significant to stop this group.

When you look at this and look at the current situation in the U.S. the government actions of the past few years seem deliberate. With over 200 senior officers fired in the U.S. in the past few years and more now scheduled, it is becoming obvious that the government is trying to decapitate the leadership of the U.S. military for some reason. The remaining senior leadership are those largely loyal to the government rather than the most dedicated and most experienced . This appears to be the same thing that has happened in Iraq. It also happened in the Soviet Union just before WWII when thousands of officers were purged from the military and that almost lost them the war. The only difference is that any vacuum of leadership in the U.S. will be met by the junior officers and NCOs taking charge as U.S. soldiers do. Any crisis in the U.S. may be initially chaotic but the junior leaders would step up and get control of the situation and many of these soldiers would uphold their oath.

This is why the military must be deployed out of the U.S. before any serious attempt to move against the constitution and the people. It is only my opinion but I think ISIS has been allowed to build up and will continue to get stronger so that a credible threat will arise in the region that requires the deployment of large numbers of the U.S. military back to the region. This will get these loyal troops out of the U.S. and open the door for federal agencies to do as they please. I also believe that once our troops are in the region they will be abandoned to their own fate while events unfold in the U.S. I think it is possible this may begin in early 2015. Again, this is only my opinion.

Why would all of this be done by the U.S. government? It is no secret that the current occupant of the White House thinks of the U.S as a Muslim nation and I believe that is exactly what they will try to do with it once all resistance is crushed. The barbarism and murder we now see in Iraq directed at the Christians there will happen here as well when the time is right. I may be wrong and I hope for America I am wrong but the situation seems to be heading in that direction. I also believe the Muslin Brotherhood is using the liberals in the U.S. to achieve this goal. The liberals think they are using the Muslims for their agenda but once conservative Americans are out of the way the liberals will be targeted as well. That is the bigger picture as I see it. Muslim nations are authoritarian for the most part and that is where the U.S. is heading. The globalists may be pushing us towards a North American Union but that is not to say it will remain a democratic or largely Christian one. A good time to take down a population is when they are struggling to understand and deal with a multitude of crises allowing an aggressor to gain the upper hand.

The main thing that stands in the way of this type of future are the millions of combat veterans in America, many of whom are armed at this time. The other thing that is an impediment to this type of situation is awareness which is possessed by too few Americans at this time. The willingness to accept what is happening as reality and the will to prepare for it are the things to keep in focus as the future plays itself out.


The Season of Crisis and Total War

By: Tom Chatham

Winter is a time of decay and destruction to make way for the coming renewal of spring. Those who fail to prepare for the winter can have a difficult time getting through it. Each season has its’ differences but winter is by far the harshest. Every season has a role to play in the cycle of life.

Strauss and Howe explain the four seasons of human cycles in The Fourth Turning. As it is said, history does not repeat, but it does rhyme. The reason for this are the four cycles we continuously go through. History bears this fact out all too plainly for anyone who cares to look.

We are now in the winter season of the current cycle. This cannot be changed. The generation, born between 1964 and 1984, are the Nomads, the ones with the survival and leadership skills to lead the way in the winter season. This is how it always is.

If they play their roles well, it will usher in a new golden age, like the High we experienced after WW II but if they fail to step forward and do their part, we could begin an era of darkness. The future is not written, but will play out based on human actions that are somewhat consistent. We must not ignore the cycles and prepare for the trying times ahead.

Strauss and Howe explain how human cycles always culminate in the winter season and move us through the gateway into the next cycle. The winter season is a time of hardship and danger. It is a time of crisis. The American Revolution, the Civil War and The Great Depression/WW II were all winter seasons. Each winter season culminates with a great war and this one should be no different. During each of these wars, the newest and most destructive weapons in existence were used to achieve total victory.

With the weapons we now posses, this could make this cycle the most deadly to date. Something noticeable about these three wars is that each was worse than the last. The culminating wars are not the only thing we have to fear in the winter season. The social, political and financial currents that flow through society will be in upheaval as well. As Strauss and Howe have said, you should prepare for the winter season as if it were a winter blizzard that will last seven years. There is still time to prepare for the coming winter cycle but time is short.

Using the Great Depression/WW II as a guide but assuming it will be worse this time will give you an idea of how to prepare yourself and your family. In The American Dream Lost and Rebuilding The Republic I discuss some ways to shield yourself and your family from situations like we are about to face. Those that go into the future with their eyes open and armed with the knowledge of history will be in a position to mold their futures and that of their children. This Fourth Turning is expected to end around 2025 so you should plan accordingly. The bulk of the crisis should be seen between now and 2020.

Another aspect of the two previous winter seasons is the fact that personal liberties and freedom were substantially decreased each time. This winter season could see the final slide into dictatorship or the rebirth of freedom, depending on the will of the people. How the people react to the coming crisis will be the determining factor.

The plans you make now will determine your future and that of your children so due diligence should be taken. As with a winter storm, you should plan for all aspects of this season. You want to insure food, shelter, clothing, energy and medical resources are available to weather the storm. These are not the only things to concern yourself with.

With the passing of winter you need to insure you have the resources to begin the new spring. The seeds to begin anew may be actual seeds, property, gold or silver or equipment to produce the needs of people. The spring should be a time of prosperity and new beginnings so insure you are prepared to take advantage of it. This is something that each and every person must do for themselves. Armed with the knowledge of history, our future will be what we make of it.

Those that understand The West Line and the cycles of history will have a better understanding of the world around them and will have some idea of the changes to come and the actions they must take.