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Quid Pro Quo

By: Tom Chatham

I’ve said before that I believe gun control is just a red herring and we may now be seeing what one of the reasons may be. The president has recently announced a return to the immigration debate and says it is a top priority. Many illegal immigrants that have supported the Democrats in the past are getting tired of being lied to and want action. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The shootings in Sandy Hook last month gave the Democrats the momentum they needed to push for more gun control. While some states may make big pushes, the country at large will not allow it.

The Democrats know that any hard push for gun control will be their demise come the next election and are not ready to risk it. Bill Clinton even warned then in a recent meeting not to look down their noses at the gun owners in this country because it would be political suicide.

As with everything in Washington, it’s all about compromise. You give me your vote for this and I’ll give you my vote for that. This is beginning to look like another setup that will enrage most Americans once it is all known but will be too late to repeal.

This is how it could all go down. The Democrats want more gun control but there is too much resistance to it to go anywhere. Without support from moderate Republicans and Democrats, nothing can pass so a compromise will be reached. In exchange for a vote for gun legislation such as comprehensive gun registration or background checks the Democrats will tone down their calls for gun bans and in return Republicans will vote for Immigration Reform that will include a path to citizenship. This will be a double victory for the Democrats.

Democrats will get an important piece of immigration legislation that they want and Republicans will go along for the ride hoping it will resonate with immigrants and get some of their votes in the next go round. The problem for Republicans is that the Democrats, who have been promising this for a while, will reap the lions share of the credit and the votes. The Republicans will see some minor gun legislation as holding their line in the sand but gun owners will still be enraged and for good reason. This will keep gun control in the forefront as people like Chuck Schumer continue to call for more controls. If the UN passes the gun legislation coming up again in March it could put the necessary pressure on Republicans to make the deal. This will coincide with the debt limit debates around the same time and that too may play a role in the deal making.

They may pass legislation to tax guns and ammo out of peoples reach, implement new insurance that gun owners must have, institute new mental health exams as a prerequisite for firearms ownership or a combination of these actions. Those taking any type of prescription medication or with preexisting medical conditions may be denied gun possession until “certified” as safe and anyone labeled as a potential terrorist will be stripped of gun rights as a safety measure. A measure to deny gun ownership for unpaid taxes or other unpaid violations may also materialize by revoking the license you may be required to get to own guns just as you need one to drive a car. All they will then have to do is revoke your license for some dubious reason and when you do not surrender your guns as required they will simply stop you on the street one day and arrest you. These are just some of the nefarious laws they may use to separate some of the population from their guns.

This will continue until later this year another mass shooting occurs and the next big push for gun control will commence. If they have some type of gun registration they will know where to go for the guns when the time comes. A second shooting may give them the ability to pass more legislation concerning ammo or to actually come after the guns so be ready for that. They know they cannot take the guns in one sweep so they will continue to chip away at it until they have exactly what they want. The Republicans will play the moronic dupes throughout this whole show and continue to wonder why conservatives are mad at them. Gun owners will continue to be squeezed into a box until something gives. When it finally does give, it could be very messy. Conservatives cannot count on Republicans to do anything other than continue to cede ground to the Democrats for the foreseeable future. All I can say is, bend over, here it comes again.


A Capital Christmas Story

By: Tom Chatham

Twas the eve before Christmas and all through the city,
The capital was lit and the Congress sang a ditty.
Where is my tax cut, said Boehner in a fright,
I must find it now, this very night.
Pelosi was sipping on her California wine,
Oh my, a tax cut, what a horrible sign.
The children need shoes and the teachers a raise,.
My poodle a pedicure, and my garden a new maze.
She stormed down the hall and called for her troops,
We must stop them now, make them jump through our hoops.
Now Shultz, now Hoyer, now Miller and Lee,
Now Waters, now Rangel, now Frank and Woolsey.
Assemble the house, assemble them all,
Bring them all in, I want a quorum call.
Twist their arms and threaten their job,
They can’t mess with the Chicago mob.
Get our leader on the White House line,
We’ll end this talk, then head out to dine.
The tree was all trimmed with Lenin, Mao and Che,
The fundamental shift was going their way.
Michelle in her nightgown and Barack in his cap,
Had just fallen asleep for a long winters nap.
When the call came in, he was lost what to do,
He reached for his blackberry and teleprompter too.
I can’t get a signal, I can’t see my lines,
What do I say, these are all bad signs.
I must act quick, show them my power,
Just tell Nancy, I’m in the shower.
I’ll call her back, now get me Jarrett,.
She’ll know what to do, to her good merit.
She had a plan, it was devious and sly,
It was guaranteed, to make Boehner cry.
Call the CIA, put the drones in the air,
Blow something up, what do we care.
Divert their attention, make them forget,
Confuse them with language, until we’re set.
As the house debated the government largesse,
The city outside was becoming a mess.
The yacht club and river were filled with debris,
And a predator drone crashed in a tree.
The FBI grabbed a patsy in wait,
Called Abdul a conservative, and used him for bait.
It must be the tea party, those constitutional swine,
That sounds good, the normal party line.
We’ll blame it on them, make them rue the day,
Progressives don’t care what those people say.
Pelosi took the floor and threw her hair back,
We can’t cut now, we’re under attack.
It’s those tea party people, with freedom of mind,
We must lock them up, get rid of their kind.
This was a turn of events, that was bound to confuse,
And make those Republicans sing the blues.
The tea party people, but how could it be,
As Bachmann exclaimed, they voted for me.
Perhaps a consensus, that we all can agree,
Pelosi said, with a smirk and some glee.
We’ll forget the tea party if you forget the tax cut,
We’ll call it a draw, and this debate will be shut.
Boehner just cried, as he struggled to stand,
He said it’s just not fair, as he wiped the tears with his hand.
He had to agree, he was up a creek in a boat,
He couldn’t win reelection, without the tea party vote.
He shook his fist and wiped the tears from his eye,
This woman was smart, for a demon that could fly.
As he got in his car and drove out of sight,
He yelled, I’ll see you next year for the next budget fight.

Merry Christmas To All,
And To All A Good Night.

Dumb and Dumber

By: Tom Chatham – Author of The American Dream Lost

A new bit of news that comes from The Sunlight Foundation is very revealing of our current culture in this country. They have used the Flesch-Kincaid test to rate the grade level of speeches in this country. This test equates higher grade levels with longer words and longer sentences. They analized everything said on the floor of the House and the Senate for the past several years to rate the congress. Our current Congress collectively speaks with an average grade level of 10.6 which is down from 11.5 in 2005. The law makers still speak over the heads of most Americans who read at between an 8th and 9th grade level. To put this in perspective, the U.S. Constitution is written at a 17.8 grade level and the Declaration of Independence at a 15.1 grade level. The Gettysburg Address is an 11.2 and the MLK “I Have a Dream” speech a 9.4 level. They found 4 interesting things about Congress in this study.
1. Controlling for other factors, it is generally the most moderate members of both parties who speak at the highest grade levels, and the most extreme members who speak at the lowest grade levels. This pattern is most pronounced among freshmen and sophomore members.
2. Prior to 2005, Republicans on average spoke at a slightly higher grade level than Democrats. Since then, Democrats have spoken on average at a slightly higher grade level than Republicans.
3. Some of the decline in grade level since 2005 is because junior members speak at a lower grade level than senior members, and some of it is because senior members have simplified their speech patterns over time.
4. On average, the more words individual members speak on the floors of Congress, the simpler their speech tends to be.
The 2012 State of the Union was for the third year in a row at the 8th grade level coming in at 8.4 which is well below the 10.7 average for the previous 67 addresses. You can find more data on individual members of congress at The Sunlight Foundation.

So, what does all of this mean? Just a precursory observation would conclude that Americans are getting dumber by the year. We learn by reading and most Americans don’t read very much any more. Reading increases our vocabulary and the amount of data we have to solve problems. The less people read the less capable they are of solving complex problems. This affects how creative a person can be. This may be why older generations were able to do great things. They gained most of their knowledge from reading, not from xbox or TV.

When you look at this data is it any wonder why we no longer follow the Constitution? Most people are too stupid to understand what it means. We are destroying our country more every day so I guess it’s true what they say about stupid people doing stupid things. The best thing you can do for future generations is encourage your children to read as much as they can. It’s also been said that the most important thing that a farmer can raise is a set of children with a good work ethic and set of moral values. This may be the only thing that saves us in the future.