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Economic Survival Strategy For The Little Guy

By: Tom Chatham

Many people today know there is danger on the horizon and want to do something to prepare for it but lack substantial money to buy what they think they will need. They have scanned many good lists online and know what others are stocking up on. There are many good ideas out there but most of them take a conventional stance in preparing. When everything goes wrong with the economy and you can no longer depend on a regular income you must have a plan to maintain a decent standard of living.

If the day ever comes that you suddenly have no job, your savings and retirement are gone and you have no source of income, what will you do? If you can no longer make your monthly rent or mortgage payment, do you think you will be able to continue living there and for how long? This is a serious question that many people have not contemplated and refuse to even think about. When the greater depression picks up speed, your whole world can be turned upside down overnight.

Those that have made the decision to store emergency supplies may not have contemplated losing their dwelling when it hit’s the fan. Even if you have supplies for your family where will you take them if you lose your home? Have you planned for that eventuality? Even if it is remote you need to think about it.

The first three things people need to satisfy are shelter, food and clothing. Regardless of the situation, these are the first things people will try to get before moving on to other needs such as transportation, security and sanitation to name a few.

As a minimum your 72 hour kit should be upgraded to a two week kit with a good four season tent and cold weather sleeping bags for each person. This will provide you with the minimal level of food and shelter that you should be prepared to provide for your family. Adding to this, you should increase your food reserves to the amount you could transport if you had to move. This should be the minimum resources you have to take care of your family if it all falls apart.

In the event you lose your home and have no place to go you should plan on a more permanent type of shelter that you can feasibly pay for on a limited budget. The following are the six items you should try to acquire to care for your family in a worst case scenario. Even if you declare bankruptcy, in many cases the homestead act will allow you to keep up to $5,000 worth of property. The following list will fall far below that threshold with a little shopping around.

Older pickup truck- You should have a vehicle that is fully owned so there is no chance of losing it if all of your financial assets are lost. You want an older vehicle so you can maintain it yourself to a large degree. Newer vehicles since the mid 1980’s have fuel injection, computers and many electronic sensors that make diagnosis and repair difficult for anyone without the proper equipment. You also want a vehicle that can pull a trailer which leads us to the next item.

Camper trailer- Living in a tent is better than nothing but is still miserable in very cold weather. Having a hard shelter is far more comfortable especially if you have children. You can maintain a good deal of normalcy with a camper and you still maintain your mobility. Trailers can be found very cheaply today and the longer you have to look for one the more likely you will find a good deal.

Food supply- With a hard shelter that is mobile you maintain the ability to store several months of food and move it quickly if needed. You should acquire at least a years food supply even before you have a trailer to carry it all. If you plan to set up for long periods of time at a stationary location you would also benefit from having some basic garden tools and a supply of seeds to extend your food supply.

Energy systems- In a long term depression you will still need a certain amount of energy for certain systems. A wood gasifier will allow you to power your vehicle when fuel is hard to find or too expensive to buy. Your vehicle will also provide you with a power source for electrical power. Solar panels will also prove useful for electrical power over the long term crisis. For heating and cooking, wood stoves are good to have since wood is available in most locations and relatively cheap.

Security- Having a means to protect your family will become necessary if the social conditions deteriorate to the point that large numbers of people seek out resources for survival. A good pump shotgun and at least 500 rounds of ammo will give you a basic level of protection in most circumstances. It will also provide you with the means to hunt for food should it become necessary. A shotgun is a good entry level weapon for someone with little or no experience handling weapons. If finances permit a good pistol and a rifle with a good supply of ammo would be a good investment as well.

Silver-Some wealth preserved in the form of precious metals will give you the ability to buy items in the future that are truly needed. Paper money can lose it’s value in a national crisis but gold and silver will maintain their purchasing power over the long term and provide you with options you would not have otherwise. Having at least $20 face value in junk silver coins is a good start but more is better based on some of the economic signs we are now seeing.

These six things are only one type of plan but they provide you with the means to provide the basics no matter how disruptive things get. If you are unable to service your debts in the future you may end up with only those things you fully own and have physical control over. Regardless of your plans you need to analyze your current situation very carefully to insure you will have the means to provide the basics to your family.

It may be thought as premature by some to make such drastic plans at this time but once crisis strikes it will be too late to get the things you will need to ride out the social disruptions. If the government continues to print money we will eventually lose our reserve currency status and the petrodollar will be destroyed. When that happens inflation will run rampant until the dollar that we know disintegrates into nothing. Before that happens you need to ask yourself some important questions and have good answers now.

What will I do if I lose my job and cannot find another?

How will I continue to pay for food, rent, energy, clothing or medications if my income is cut off?

What will I do if inflation destroys my wages, savings and retirement accounts leaving me with nothing?

Will I be able to stay at my current home if I no longer have any money?

Where will I go if I am forced to leave my home?

What assets do I have that are fully owned?

How can I preserve my wealth if the dollar hyper inflates to nothing?

How will I take care of my family if the banks are closed?

What can I do to earn money if we have another great depression?

This is just a sample of some of the things you will need to know if the worst happens and judging from the current economic numbers we are getting very close to a terminal situation that will destroy most of the wealth that exists in paper and digital form. Continued money printing will only make the situation worse but that is the path of least resistance and the one we are likely to take as a nation of economically illiterate stooges.

If you do not have your economic survival strategy operational at this time you are playing with an economic fire that will burn everything you have in short order. You should not complain about your preps if it does not happen next week or next month. The longer it takes to happen gives you that much more time to make the necessary preparations so use this time wisely.


Who Will Bail Out Detroit?

By: Tom Chatham

The Dominoes are beginning to fall. The result of deindustrialization in America is beginning to have it’s intended effect. More and more cities are losing needed revenue and drowning in a sea of debt. The result is and will continue to be bankruptcies and defaults that will see creditors taking possession of large tracts of real estate in the U.S.

When municipal bonds loose their luster and everyone begins to realize the bonds will default, why would anyone want to invest in these instruments anymore? If you happen to be someone with large amounts of dollars and you want to get something in return for them or at least reduce your losses in the event of high inflation or default of the dollar, a loan to a bankrupt municipal might be just what you want.

The FED is still buying mortgage backed securities in the billions of dollars every month. In the event of default they will effectively own all of the real estate backing those mortgages. Let’s think even bigger. If you loan billions to a bankrupt city knowing fully well they will never pay it back and will eventually default again, it might be a good way to pick up an entire city at very little cost. But who would want to own an entire bankrupt city? Someone with lots of cash they need to protect. Here is one possibility.

The Chinese have been spending their dollars as fast as possible on anything with physical value. They have invested in energy properties, mines, real estate, movie theatres, manufacturing businesses, food production facilities and banks in the U.S. over the past few years. They want physical assets rather than our devaluing dollars. They have been buying properties in various locations where they might be able to set up new residential and manufacturing facilities in the future, run and owned by them.

With the massive and increasing numbers of Chinese living in China, it is becoming harder for them to provide basic essentials for the entire population. They need more living space and natural resources. Why spend a lot of money bringing resources to China when it is much easier and cheaper to send Chinese workers to the resources. If they could buy several large cities in the U.S. in areas near vital natural resources like water and food, they could reduce their population density by tens of millions and procure much needed resources for themselves. Look at the types of resources they have already bought here. Just the types of things you need to supply a large population.

This is just one possibility but it just goes to demonstrate why we should be careful at this juncture in this crisis. There are other entities in the world with the financing and agenda to want large tracts of U.S. land. As was once said by a founding father, Americans may wake up one morning to find themselves foreigners in the land once conquered by their fathers.

The bankruptcy of American cities provides an opportunity for an outside force to enter and take control of America one piece at a time. Once in control of large areas this entity can force the relocation of large populations out of the area or possibly into it depending on the economic factors in play.

The thing to watch over the coming months is who provides funding to these bankrupt cities and what the price will be for future defaults. The bankruptcy of large numbers of cities is also a good cover for Agenda 21 proponents to control the areas they want to utilize in the future. In any event, Americans should keep an eye on what goes on behind the curtain as this all unfolds.