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Do You Have A Plan Of Last Resort?

By: Tom Chatham

We have been reading for years about the increasing number of people that are becoming homeless in this country. Many of these people now live in tents, if they are lucky. Some of them live in their vehicle and even have a job of some sort. Those with a tent or a vehicle have managed to create a last resort backup plan to house themselves. This is not an ideal situation but at least they have something to work with.

When the worst happens, having resources to work with provides you with options. Those options increase with the number of resources you have.

When most people suddenly lose their only source of income they immediately determine how much money they have left to live on. They then determine how long they can continue living as they currently do before they run out of funds. They hope things will change for the better before they run out of money. They try to ignore reality and pretend everything is normal for as long as they can.

It is only after they have no resources left that they decide to come up with a plan to take care of themselves. By then their options are very limited because they have little to work with. If this is not the case then why are so many people living in tents and cars?

As I mentioned in The American Dream Lost, you need to realize your situation when the money stops and come up with a plan immediately. You need to accept that things may not get better before you run out of money and plan for the worst. You need to decide the best use of the funds you have left to insure you can continue to take care of yourself for the foreseeable future.

Simply trying to live as normal and ignoring reality will do you more harm than good in the end. If you can maintain a solid roof over your head and room to work in you can better survive the struggle you face and work your way back up to an acceptable level.

If I were facing potential homelessness, I would take inventory of the things I have to work with and devise a plan to have a place to live. With just a few thousand dollars or even several hundred to work with, you can create a place to live to keep your living standard from dropping below a certain level.

If you can buy a van, small delivery truck, camper or even a small trailer to build an enclosure on, you can create a small home to live in until things get better. The thing is, you need to do this before all of your money is used up.

This summer I plan to build a 7’x 11’ enclosure that I can use to store some of my equipment and extra supplies in, mainly because I need the extra space. I have decided to make this a multipurpose building to get the most out of it. It will be wrapped with Mylar for insulation, which will also make it a low level faraday cage for my electronic gear, and the inside will be set up so it can also be used as a camper. This building will fit on my 10 foot utility trailer and enable me to move it around. The materials will cost me around $400 dollars. The way I have designed it, I could actually live in it if necessary. A backup plan can be something as simple as this.

I also plan to put my battery pack, charge controller and power inverter inside and build a roof rack to hold my solar panels. This will give me a portable solar installation to power the house if the power goes out for any length of time. All I need to do is park it in the sun and run a power cord to the house or shed. This would also be helpful if I had to evacuate for any reason.

Things may be going fine for you right now but if you depend on a regular inflow of cash every month to maintain normalcy then you should be thinking of a plan of last resort while things are still good for you. Virtually every system connected to the economy is in a massive bubble right now and is set to pop soon with little notice. When it does many people will be left with few good choices and their only salvation will be the resources they have on hand.

Having a supply of food, medicine and energy are good things to have but what will you do with it if you lose your home? Having some place to call home that you will not lose if the economy goes bad is one thing many people do not think about until it is too late. Food, shelter and clothing are the first things people seek out to fulfill their immediate needs so keep that in mind.

An old pickup truck equipped with a wood gas generator and a camper trailer with solar power, that are fully owned, and a few rolls of silver quarters is just one possible plan that can solve a lot of problems when you have lost everything. It can provide you with shelter, energy and transportation when you have no money to pay for these things. In a currency collapse a little bit of silver may also be enough to buy a small piece of land for cash. The more you can provide for yourself at no cost when you have no money, the easier it will be to survive the times and rebuild your life.

Many people living a middle class or upper middle class life right now can not comprehend that some day everything they have worked for may all be lost. They have planned for nothing but success in life and will not know how to deal with a financial or societal collapse that takes away all of their support systems. They will become refugees in their own country that resemble the masses we now see coming across our border. The sad thing is, it does not have to be that way if they have a plan of last resort to fall back on.