Energy Is The Key To Everything

By: Tom Chatham

When people are sitting around making lists and deciding what they need to survive or just get by in the future there is one thing they need to give great thought to. Energy is the basis of everything. Energy takes many forms such as food, electricity, liquid fuels, mechanical, nuclear, solid fuels, solar and wind to name a few. Without it your body will not function, you will have no light, no heat, no transportation or communication. Energy is the foundation of everything humans do in this world. Without energy in its many forms we cannot live.

If you can produce enough energy you can do just about anything. You can live deep underground, live on the moon or even in space. You can heat your home, produce light to see, grow food, power vehicles and radios, produce goods from raw materials and power equipment to keep you alive.

Most people do not think about this very often because they can simply walk outside and feel the warm sun on their skin, do numerous tasks and even feed themselves as a result of this energy from the sun. They can do many things without modern technology because the sun provides the energy to do it. Knowing how to generate and utilize the various types of energy allows you to survive in many different environments. Here is one example to think about to show you what I mean.

In the movie The Road, the earth is consumed by an environmental disaster that leaves the world in a cloudy haze, leaving it cold and dead. The survivors wonder around looking for any type of sustenance they can find including each other.

Even under the circumstances given these people still have the ability to produce energy. Energy means life. Nuclear power would still work under these circumstances especially in navel vessels. Even though all of the trees seem to be dead, they can still be burned for fuel. As long as water falls from the sky hydroelectric power will still work. Where you have power generation you have the means to provide heat and light to grow food. You only need the knowledge and skills to do it.

In a survival situation, especially an extreme one, having an energy source that allows you to live is very important. That is one reason why knowledge and skills are so important to many preppers. Knowledge and skills allow you to construct a new living environment following an event and energy plays a major role in that. It is idiotic to walk around like the survivors in The Walking Dead, with no food, water, equipment or transportation when there are resources scattered all around you that can be utilized.

Simply burning wood can provide you with energy to run a vehicle, produce power for lighting and communications and produce heat for cooking. With sufficient energy you can grow food, produce clothing, distill water, even provide fresh air and refrigeration. Energy is the key to living and the more knowledge you have in producing and controlling it the more likely you are to survive long term. The types of energy produced and the ways you utilize them are entirely up to you when your survival is in your hands. The more energy you can produce, the better your living standard is likely to be.

When an abnormal event occurs that can bring civilization to a screeching halt, the energy you have available to you will determine if you survive or not. Energy in all of it’s forms is something most people never think about until it is too late. It does not matter if it is the sun, wind, hydro, wood, oil, bio fuels, coal or thermoelectric. You need to be ready to utilize what you have available when the time comes. Your ability to create and utilize the energy available to you is your ability to live.


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  1. Energy certainly is an important part of being prepared. Our homestead includes about 60ac of hardwood wood lot which we use for heating fuel and building material. I keep 12-16 cords of oak and hickory cut/split/in sheds at any given time…..little over stocked right now at 18 cords. We use 5-6 cords/yr, so that means at least two years ahead drying. Have a wood cook stove in our canning kitchen, but don’t use it a lot. Also have a 50gal stainless steel pressure tested tank set up for heating water should the need arise.

    For normal use, propane is our source of water heating and cooking fuel. Keep three 500gal tanks, use a bit less than one per year. Also keep dozen 100lb tanks (23gal) and bunch of the smaller 20lb gas grill size tanks.

    Liquid fuels stored are a 300gal diesel and 500gal gasoline for normal farm use, then nine 55gal drums of diesel, and six of gasoline in longer term storage, preserved with PRI products. Have two 500gal tanks I’ve just refurbished for diesel storage for 8kw diesel generator set I plan to install this fall.

    Electric generation is 11kw solar power, battery based system. It is grid tied, so we have zero electric bill. The diesel gen/set will be a backup to the solar for grid down situations.

    • Sounds like you have a really good setup Andy.Something like that takes a long time and a lot of work but will prove its worth in the long run.

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