Freedom Means Being Independant

By: Tom Chatham

Most people say they want to be free but will also say we must do as we are told. They see government controls as safety from the world surrounding them. You cannot be free and be under someone’s total control at the same time. They force compliance by threatening to take away the things you need.

The more independent from the system you are the less control they have on you. The less stuff you need the less money you will need. The less money you need the less dependant you will be on the source of that money and the financial system in general.

I have said before that in order to solve some of our problems, we need 20% of the people going back to live on small family farms. Living on a small farm reduces the amount of things you are dependant on from others.

A farm provides you with shelter, food, energy, clothing and employment just to name a few. Providing these things for yourself should not be underestimated when it comes to having more freedom. The more power you have over your life the more freedom you have.

You can build a home to live in of any shape and size without many of the rules and regulations that hamper city living. Governments like everything to conform to their visions and they could care less what you want. Many areas force you to build homes of a certain size and type to insure you will be paying sufficient property taxes every year.

On a farm you can grow the types of food you want without all of the pesticides and chemicals now used. You can produce your own electricity with solar and wind or fuels like biodiesel and ethanol from your own crops. You can choose to home school your kids and teach them a vocation at the same time. You can make some of your own clothes from the leather, wool or cotton you produce. You can free yourself from the bondage of working for a company where you could be fired at any time for any reason.

Being more independent does not mean you need a 200 acre farm. A small 5 or 10 acre farm will provide most of the things you need to get by and even excess to sell for income. By taking control of your life you inevitably achieve more freedom as time goes on.

As the government gets deeper into debt they will ultimately become more repressive as they try to strip assets away from individuals in order to stay afloat. The more dependant you are on the system, the easier it will be for them to do this. Those with no other recourse will have to grin and bear it. It does not have to be this way for you if you depend less on the system.

Being independent will allow you to stand your ground as others falter in the face of shortages and chaos. Being independent gives you options that the dependant will not have. You will have strength instead of fear.

When you have freedom you have the ability to follow your conscience instead of doing as you are told. Desperate people will often resort to desperate actions that lead to totalitarian practices. The only weapon that can defeat this is independence from the oppressive system some wish to impose on you.

The amount of freedom you possess is directly correlated to the amount of independence you have from controlled systems that are designed to keep you compliant. In the coming months this will become more evident to many that thought they had freedom just to find it was just an illusion. As governments at all levels become desperate to maintain their control and income, they will devolve into more despotic rule of the masses as they try to strip away the few remaining assets they can get their hands on. Those that do not have the means to resist will lose everything including their lives.


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  1. Thom, I read your article first on alt market but am erased … so I try direct reply to you here :

    I live in France and am studying Logically the Metaphysics.

    I wrote several (english-french) free books in PDF on that topic. (I am a gifted).

    I am good at findings contradictions…

    Which is nNOT always pleasant .

    Here it is : your definition of Liberty as Independance is NOT the problem. I rather follow that view. Your focus on rural life ( I live in France countryside and look forwrd to goat keep within months as soon as I finish my 4th volume) is fine too.

    The point is in the very begining of the article, quote :

    “They see government controls as safety from the world surrounding them.”

    Actually, there is a game theory difficulty in implementing your view. It’s called literally “Prisonner’s dilemma” (indeed). You cannot move unilaterally out of protection of a state if other states remain.

    You’ll be invaded just as Indians were by Americans.

    It’s painfull I know but there is no way out unless they all (prisonners of arm race not to mention power over you and me) agree to stop to so, which is mere utopia.

    Yet, They are at each others throats and may M.A.D. In that case, ONLY, your goal (or mine) is achievable.

    Good preparation Thom. ‘Cause it’s coming before Chrismas.

    Check my free PDF and please keep some paper copies ( very difficult… but for present and future special gifted on American continent) :

    If you want to contact me just reply to this post, I’ll check.




    • Eric, I do not advocate for no government but simply for less government. Those who live in urban areas are subject to many laws and regulations that infringe on their freedom more so than people that live in rural areas. As an example Richmond, Va. recently imposed a $50 fine for people who do not keep their grass cut short enough it goes to $200 on the second offence. Many cities now prevent people from growing gardens in their yards. The less you are free to do on your own property the less freedom you have.

  2. My (understandable ) mistake Thom !
    So basically, we live in the same dictatorship (UNO, NATO…).
    About less gvt, again, impossible to happen unless self-destruction in WW III.
    Try pigs and goats if you are in mountains.
    Here they are planning Bank Run ( at EU level freezing accounts, at nation level (France is a Nation), by ordering tear gaz supply…). Germany and Swiss are carrying Gold back from USA and France… Big mili NATO strategy in Afpak AND Ukrain …Ultimatums to come in September…

    Prepare for next months before Chrismas … nearly sure of crash AND war BEFORE 2018
    Good Luck Thom.

    Creuse, Limousin, FRANCE

  3. Tw for the ping back, Thom
    bye & good luck

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