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Prepare For The Black Market With Gold and Silver

By: Tom Chatham

The black market is merely the free market operating in the shadows when government rules and regulations become so oppressive that everything begins to seize up and all commerce and production stop. People can be very creative when there are needs to be filled but government has a way of destroying that potential as they try to maintain control as they slowly lose power.

As the government destroys the economy, people will only play along for so long before they seek out the things they need from any source, legal or not. This is where the free market rises up in the shadows to fulfill those needs. Rules and regulations are no substitute for actual goods and services but this is a notion that is lost on politicians.

When goods begin to disappear from the marketplace, people will try to cope until things get better. But as goods get harder to find, not easier, people will seek them out from those that have them to offer. Those with the resources to provide these goods will soon appear in back alleys and the back of vehicles to sell their goods to anyone with the means to buy them.

Prices will often be higher than before due to supply and demand principles. If you have excess resources at this time you will be in a position to operate an underground business that can likely provide you with a good living. For those that desire those resources, a means to pay for them will be required. In most cases the paper currency normally used may be worthless at some point. Those that do not possess an alternative form of money will likely be left in want. This is the cold hard reality we must live with.

For those that do no see potential supply disruptions soon enough and lay in a supply of goods or alternative payment means, they will suffer from lack of goods they need for their very existence. Unfortunately this will be the fate of a majority of the population that expects things to always be as normal or the government to care for them. You do not want to be one of these people.

Setting aside extra supplies is a reasonable thing to do in these uncertain times. Having excess in a few items will allow you to trade for items later that you had not planned on or for services that cannot be stored for later use.

When systems collapse and black markets arise a good means of exchange can be found in gold and silver. These metals are universal stores of value and can be used to get many types of goods and services in desperate times. Those storing even a few silver coins will be in a better position to deal in the black market for items than someone with household items to trade. In desperate times some things are just worth more than others.

By understanding the dynamics that take place in a functioning black market you can position yourself to function with it and insure access to the things you need. Those selling on the black market are providing goods that are difficult to obtain in the legal marketplace. For this reason you will pay a premium for what you want

The prices may not seem fair to you but this is how the free market works and that is what you need to be prepared for if you want to get what you need. That is why you need to store some gold and silver for trade if you ever have to deal on the black market.

Why gold and silver? Because they are already recognized as a universal medium of exchange. Gold and silver are the best all around mediums of trade because they are compact wealth that can be stored for as long as you need.

There are other goods you can store that will be valuable depending on the specific circumstances. Things like storable food, medicine, booze, fuel, tobacco products and chocolate have proven to be good trading mediums in some cases. It all depends on the prevailing circumstances you find yourself in and how long the troubles persist.

When the current bubble economy collapses there will be a transition period between the time the bubbles burst and the time that prices stabilize with the introduction of a new currency. It is in this period that you need to have the means to acquire the goods you need. You must have a physical medium of exchange that exists outside of government and banking control. The current war on cash is a way to stifle any black market activity following a currency crisis keeping people dependent on banking services under government control.

Gold and silver provide a means to operate within a black market but outside of government controls. Those holding gold and silver will also find some very good deals that could set them up for success following stabilization if they have the means to take advantage of these deals during the turmoil. When the normal market collapses for whatever reason, you need to be in a position to function in the world that follows.