Survival Is Up To You When The Worst Happens

By: Tom Chatham

As Russia prepares its people and military for possible nuclear war with the U.S. the American propaganda organs are busy selling the notion that everything is just fine. While Russia has been building fallout shelters for its people the U.S. government has been building FEMA camps for theirs. It just goes to show the prevailing mentality in each of these nations.

The corrupt policies and inept leadership in the U.S. has done everything to create this situation. Unfortunately when the bombs begin to fall it will not be the leadership that pays the price for their failed ideology but the average American citizen. Long before the first bombs arrive the leadership will be whisked away to the safety of underground shelters while the citizens are told to stay calm.

The great terror for the people will not be the sudden blinding flash that vaporizes whole cities but the majority that will survive the bombs only to have to deal with the fallout that follows. Many people think that a nuclear war will mean their instant death but that will only happen for the few at ground zero. What will follow for the rest will be a slow death as radiation slowly destroys them from the inside out due to lack of proper shelters to protect them.

The lucky few that survive this horror will then have to deal with the next problem of finding clean water and food. Anyone that has made it this far has a good chance of survival if they are prepared. Many will say why bother, I would not want to live in a world like this. The thing is, if you do not prepare to survive you will eventually die but it will be slower and increasingly traumatic along the way. You will have to watch your family die a slow death as they dehydrate and starve.

Being located away from military bases and large cities and being upwind of them will greatly increase your chances of survival. At the same time, being underground to some extent will also be helpful. To be effective against fallout a shelter does not have to be a large concrete bunker with all of the amenities. A simple hole in the ground with sufficient overhead cover and some type of air filtration system will get you through the first few weeks that are the most dangerous. This is realistic and possible by the average person with the proper knowledge.

The book Nuclear War Survival Skills by Cresson Kearny provides a wealth of usable knowledge to help the average person survive the unthinkable. This book can be downloaded online for free so there are no excuses for anyone not to have this valuable information especially in times such as these.

A temporary shelter to protect you from fallout can be as simple as a 3’x6’x12’ hole in the ground lined with plastic and covered with logs and a few feet of dirt. The entrance would need a sealed door of some type and an air pump to remove stale air and moisture. Basic supplies would include food, water, lighting, bedding, medical supplies, a radiation meter and sanitation system. Nuclear War Survival Skills shows you how to supply these items with the least amount of cost. This book provides you with the means to survive many other disasters as well with the same supplies.

We all hope for the best possible outcome in world events but when everything goes terribly wrong we owe it to ourselves and our families to have the means to take care of them even when the worst happens. Every family that can care for itself after an event will provide that much more stability to society in the days following that are crucial to recovery. Even in the worst case scenario there will be survivors. How well you plan will determine if you are one of the few.

It is unfortunate that the vast majority will simply not prepare and wait for FEMA to come to their rescue but that is a foolish action. FEMA’s primary mission is for continuity of government so when the worst happens there will be no serious help coming for the regular people. To aid in your own planning you should have a copy of Nuclear War Survival Skills which you can find with a web search. Here is one site that offers a free download.


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  1. We both grew up during the cold war, had school drills (duck and cover) etc. We chose to be child free knowing this possibility years later. We are twelve years into retirement now. Some of my peers chose likewise, some chose to adopt children already here or foster instead. This is a likely scenario gotten off other websites: surgical strikes in some cities, power grid shut down , release of bio weapons as the global elitists go into their bunkers and wait for die offs of the masses. Some or all of these events would create mass panic, breakdown of law and order and major die offs in a matter of weeks. Preparing for these events is a major undertaking, most will just give up, some will vacate cities and hunker down in isolated areas.

  2. I grew up during then and am also former military, one of those “Cold Warrior” soldiers, those of us who always trained to fight but fortunately never had to.

    When the Soviet Union collapsed, Russia became our ally. They were becoming good friends. Then the military industrial complex turned them back into our enemy, it seems. Well, their enemy, anyway. I am not going to discuss why that happened but I assume most of us can work that out.

    Russia if given the chance will be our ally again as we are similar peoples. US and Russia belong together as partners and allies, especially in space where we are all part of mankind facing the unknown.

    I really hate the globalists, the military-industrial complex, the banksters and the traitors who are bleeding the cattle slowly to feed while keeping them penned up as food.

    Sometimes I wonder if I should tell people how I really feel about them (sardonic humor.)

    It seems almost every day I look in the mirror and ask myself how much longer things can hold together. I thought it would have imploded long before now.

    I have had to re-think many of my survival strategies as I grew older and made realistic assessments of my physical condition (based on age, health.) Those two factors alone and lack of any family or tribe forces older people to re-evaluate their plans. An example of what I mean:

    Let’s say “Man 1” in his early 40s is still physically robust to fight and able to defend himself and his family and their property. He might have a wife and some teenage children. His wife or girlfriend is able to stand watch and perhaps able to handle weapons well enough to be effective.

    Compare that situation to “Man 2” in his early 60s who was in good shape physically for someone their age but has a few health issues. His children are grown and have moved away pursuing their own lives so it may be him and his wife or girlfriend who is also the same age.

    The man can handle weapons well but his eyesight is failing and he wears glasses. The man is keeping physically fit as best he can but has a bad leg and a bad heart. His wife or girlfriend is able to stand watch and perhaps able to handle weapons well enough to be effective.

    When he was younger he moved to the mountains and lived a very self-sufficient lifestyle but as time passed life became harder and harder as he had no large family to help him maintain his homestead.

    He learned that the myth of communities of people (patriots) helping each other are few and far between no matter if you are in a “retreat” location or if you are in rural areas today because the kind of people that all hinged upon are mostly gone now.

    Instead you face meth addicts who sweep the area looking for easy prey or plunder for the isolated homestead. Instead your neighbors are older city people who “retired” to the country to “commune” with nature and whom are mostly helpless and OLD.

    Instead you have isolated homesteads that are easily overwhelmed (much like it was in the early settler days though those homesteads were populated by healthy, robust younger families with large quantities of children to grow and help out more and more as they get older.

    I guess we all understand why the traditional family model evolved as it, I suppose. It seems to be the only model that works in the country.

    I guess I went off on a tangent when all I wanted to do was note that as you get older your survival plans have to change to match your age and physical condition. If you are lucky enough to be part of a large clan then relax and hand the reins over to the younger folks wherever you can but if you are older and pretty much alone then you face a quandary.

    You are not going to be able to defend yourself or your wife as well as you once could, nor can you remain on watch 24×7 like you used to. Your physical stamina no matter how fit you are deteriorates with age so you have to re-evaluate your abilities that you once took for granted, re-evaluate yourself often to make sure you can still count on yourself.

    You might find that as you get older you need to completely revamp your plans. I think I am at this stage now and I am having to completely change everything in my situation now to match my reduced abilities as old age approaches.

    I could discuss this topic quite a lot now, it has been consuming my thinking for a few years now as I too get older and I can’t do the chores and hard physical work as easily as I used to. I know most older people know what I mean when I say “Everything hurts!” now (heh.)

    May the Good Lord Bless Everyone!

    • I know exactly what you mean, I’m a cold warrior myself and I’m starting to slow down as well. All we can do is what we are capable of. If security is the issue then it becomes necessary to create as many barriers to hostile forces as possible to slow them down until we can react. As for food if it becomes too difficult to produce and store your own then we are forced to fall back on store bought items that we can stock in depth. Getting older definitely changes the dynamic of survival these days and must be taken into account when we make future plans.

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