Economic Collapse Logistics For The Government

By: Tom Chatham

When a national currency collapses, the government goes into survival mode and does what is necessary to insure its continued existence. The state power becomes all important and citizens become expendable. The state exists for it’s own fulfillment.

When the monetary system collapses along with the banks, the government will still need a way to pay government employees to insure they continue enforcing the governments will. If all government employees suddenly decided to stay home the few officials that remained at their desk would be ordering 300 million people around with no way to enforce their orders. To maintain control of the population it is necessary for government minions to continue doing their job of enforcement.

This means the government would need the means to continue fulfilling the needs of government employees to insure their compliance and obedience. As long as people get the things they need to survive day to day they will continue to do as ordered to continue that supply.

The government would need to insure that a payment system and banking system would remain functioning after a collapse. The banking system may not look like the current one but something would have to take it’s place. Once the currency has failed it would be necessary for the government to issue a new currency. It may not be accepted by the majority but it is only necessary for it to be accepted by the government minions. This would allow the government to remain in control.

If the government employees know they will still be able to get food, clothing, gas and other items they need when normal citizens cannot, they will be inclined to stay on the job and do the governments bidding in order to maintain their standard of living. This would be a necessary control mechanism in the event of a collapse.

Once the banks collapse along with the currency, the FED could take over any bank branches necessary under the control of the Fed and issue the new currency through them. There may be some form of physical currency or it could be digital. Either way the government would have control over who gets any in the beginning.

The government would likely confiscate any resources it needed to fill “government stores” for the purpose of supplying government employees. The rest of the population would be left to get by on their own. In this event EO 13603 becomes more clear as the mechanism to take whatever the government needs to fill these stores and keep their people supplied. In a collapse physical goods become the only thing that matters.

Those that have the things government needs will likely be sent to camps and their property taken for government use. Those with special skills that are needed to continue the supply functions would fall under the control of government agencies and be subject to internment if they fail to do their jobs. Once government has control of critical infrastructure they can let the remainder of the country fight among themselves and do the governments job for them. The few who remain after a few weeks will be easy prey for the government.

I do not claim this will happen, only that it is one possibility in the event of a total banking collapse. Those in power will do whatever they must to stay in power. That much is born out in history. This is not meant to scare you but to make you think about the possibility of this event and plan accordingly should the worst happen. Should the government confiscate resources following a collapse, you will need to be two steps ahead of them and the general population in order to get through the events in one piece.

Many feel a collapse of any kind is impossible in the mighty USA but times change and anyone that fails to heed the warnings will pay dearly when events unfold and they find it is to late to get the supplies they need. People buy many types of insurance just in case. They save for retirement just to make sure. Then they ignore economic warnings that make all those things useless. The government helps people when it is convenient for them. The government has also shown its willingness and ability to take from people when it suits them. Any government big enough to give you anything you want is also big enough to take everything you have. And, they will eventually.


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  1. The important part here is still while knowing how everything is manipulated to make sure you are on the upside. That you with your knowledge make money to be independent and say whatever you want to say while they take savings from the middle-class and make everyone poorer. I think this guy made a good point when he compared different markets according to CAPE and other indicators. On top of that, he pointed to the cycle of capital transfers between developed markets and emerging ones. Worth watching. Especially second half.

  2. Taxedn2poverty

    Outstanding article! And yet, probably few people will heed your advice. Thanks

  3. Sideliner 1950

    No one can say with certainty that your scenario is the one that would play out, but it certainly has merit and warrants consideration.

    We should keep in mind that the “Government Employees” you cite include members of our traditional military, as well as members of state and local law enforcement. A widespread notion (and it is nothing more than a notion) is that these armed forces, these fellow citizens — these HUMAN BEINGS — would never stoop to use deadly force against the rest of us, their fellow citizens, their friends and neighbors, on behalf of our common government. Well, maybe, but maybe not…

    As you point out, under the circumstances you present, the motivation for each law enforcement official to follow orders would be compelling: follow your “government’s” orders to round up (or possibly kill) your fellow citizens and take their stuff on behalf of the government, and you will be fed…but fail to follow those orders, and you and your families will join your fellow citizens and be rounded up (or worse) along with them.

    So the line will have been drawn, and for them it will come down to choosing sides, to “picking their poison”. Morally speaking, following those orders might be too tough a choice for some law enforcement or military individuals to voice, to embrace, ultimately to act on.

    But practically speaking…well, we “civilian citizens” probably should not count on that noble “notion of compassion” to save our sorry asses.

    On another note, I have no doubt that plans for the replacement “payment system and banking system” you suggest already exist and are known to many; and I’d sure like to know what they are, too. Anyone?…Anyone?…Bueller?

    Thanks for this excellent, thought provoking article.

  4. Nearly all American’s are literally “Sleep Walking into the Abyss” God Help Us.

  5. Hah now I know where to get food and supplies from when shtf, I”ll steal it from the thieves! If they think they can steal from us,we will just have to return the favor ! Turn about is fair play! In dire circumstances a lot worse can happen, so people who want to do the bidding for the leftists/ federales should think long and hard who they piss off , some leftist giving orders or a desperate dad with hungry mouths to feed, who might make a feast out of a person /bully with a badge stealing what little he has! And if your money is worthless then your badges and your diktats aren’t much better! So all they have is the threat of violence! And some of us might return the favor !

  6. Beano McReano

    Government doesn’t create real manufacturing jobs. They are a self-serving industry. No manufacturing or producing of goods EVER.

    They are only paper pushers and directors of your money, resources and collect a fee call taxes of which you seem ever grateful to pay the middle man.

    BTW, they created the phony need via self-proclamation.

  7. Hey Mr. Chatham, you could conserve some credibility by reducing your typos. In particular, you keep saying “insure” instead of “ensure” and also using “it’s” as a possessive instead of “its”.

    Insuring is hedging against calamity by betting on it. Ensuring is taking steps to influence the outcome.

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