The Coming Days of Planet X

By: Tom Chatham

Many people have no doubt heard of the mythical planet X and the destruction it will unleash on Earth as it passes by. There have been many doomsayers and naysayer’s to date so either you believe in it or you don’t. For those that believe in it a recent interview of Bob Fletcher by Dave Hodges will give you some things to ponder in the coming days.

According to Fletcher, all of the martial law preparations to date are in expectation of the arrival of planet X. All of the governments around the world know of the coming of this heavenly body and are making their own plans to deal with it. The massive number of bunkers around the world that have been prepared in the past few years are expected to be occupied by their owners in the very near future.

Fletcher expects martial law to be declared just prior to the ability of people on Earth to see this body as it approaches. This will insure the elite will be able to bug out to their shelters without hindrance by the lowly masses who will not be told of the approaching mass. The state of martial law could be provoked by the anticipation of WWIII, a plague or as Fletcher suspects as a series of terrorist strikes in multiple places in a short span of time. Basically, we will see a serious problem occur that will keep people occupied as time runs out for them. The declaration of martial law will be the confirmation that Planet X is about to make its close approach.

The information he has from astronomers is that this body will be visible on Earth in the month of December regardless of the year it arrives. By March the worst effects will be felt as it passes. Earth will pass through the tail twice as we revolve around the sun chasing it. We will be in the tail for one hour each time and will be subject to all of the tail debris that follows it. This means we could be hit by multiple space debris to include mountain size asteroids. If one of this size hits the ocean they expect a tsunami about 100 feet tall hitting the corresponding coasts. The meteor hits will create fires worldwide.

As the body moves past the earth they suspect we will be pulled over about 26 degrees. The gravity from this body which appears to be about 5 times the size of Earth will cause tidal forces that pull water over some sections of land. This will be reminiscent of the biblical flood of Noah.

The people studying this event suspect the electromagnetic forces associated with this passing will fry everything electrical on the planet. These forces will be so severe that Faraday cages may not help. This means that those that survive will emerge in a world devoid of all functional electrical gadgets and the ability to power them.

The time from the first passing through the tail to the second passing will be 155 days, and according to Fletcher it will be pure hell on Earth during that time. But, we will see effects on Earth before this destruction happens. They suspect the weather problems we are now facing are just some of the first effects we will experience in the coming days. Earthquakes and volcanism are other effects that seem to be present and escalating at this time as well.

According to Fletcher this is why bunkers are being prepared and stocks of storage food are being bought up as fast as possible. It is also the reason why seed banks are being built by the elites, so they can reseed the planet after it is all over.

If you have not guessed by now, the little people will not be told of the coming destruction and will have no place in these bunkers when the time comes. Fletcher says that even some congressmen and senators that expect to be saved will not get the call when the time comes. When the effects start in earnest it will be an every man for himself situation and few will probably survive it.

According to what is expected it would be wise to be away from the coast and high in the mountains when this hits. Some type of underground shelter will probably help but without knowing specific patterns of destruction it is hard to say if individual shelters will survive the event. If this happens it will be an event of biblical proportions to say the least.

Keeping these things in mind over the coming days will help you to understand any moves by the government. Bob Fletcher also has a DVD for sale on his site with much more detail than in his recent interview and you can find that at In the event these things do come to pass and you expect to survive them you might want to read an older article 50 tools and technologies to rebuild civilization(June 2012).

If this planet is for real and causes this kind of destruction it will be a global reset of epic proportions. If this happens I can only hope that those that survive and rebuild will do it better the next time and avoid the problems we always seem to manufacture to destroy ourselves.


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  1. God’s judgment has arrived in many forms, this is just one more. Our nation needs to turn its heart back to God.

  2. Nibiru, Santa Claus, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, Honest man, Good hearted woman, Military intelligence, small kidney stone, minor stoke, non-life threatening heart attack, checks in the mail, honest politician, carnal Christian, pretrib rapture: IS THERE ANYTHING, ANYWHERE PEOPLE WILL NOT BELIEVE? ANYTHING!

  3. Say what ?

    “The information he has from astronomers is that this body will be visible on Earth in the month of December regardless of the year it arrives.”

    Somebody can predict the month, but not the year ? Does that make ANY sense ?

    And if it’s coming this fall, and the elites have bunkers ready, why the heck bother with martial law…why not just move on to the bunker and let chaos reign ? What do they care what is happening on the other side of the bunker door ?

    And if the world is basically destroyed outside the bunker, what chance do the bunkeree’s have later ? I’ve always said that people that simply stick a bunch away are just prolonging the point at which THEY starve….that without a viable plan to produce food down the road, it almost doesn’t matter how many years of provisions you have stuck away.

    Sorry….got to mark this one up under “Doom Porn”.

    If you guys really want to worry, you might start with global warming.

    The polar ice sheets really ARE melting, and if the frozen methane in the Arctic is released by a few more degrees of sea water warming, that might be an ELE…..extinction level event. At the very least, sea water is likely to rise 30-50′, meaning about 3 billion folks living on the world’s coast lines are going to be looking for a new home.

    • I’m pretty much with you on that Charlie, I have some astronomy training and if you can determine a trajectory you can determine the position pretty accurately as well as any arrival date.

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