Is It Better To Leave America?

By: Tom Chatham

On this holiday weekend it is a good time to reflect on why we like living in America or why we might want to leave. There are many pros and cons for either decision but personally I would rather stay in America no matter what happens in the future. Why would I want to stay in a place that may turn into a third world hell hole if our current direction does not change?

That decision is all in the way I view the world at large. Basically, I know we have sufficient resources and know-how to make America a good place to live. I know this mainly because we have already done so in the past. The fact that things are taking a turn for the worst does not mean the primary factors enabling a good quality of life have changed. It only means we are doing something differently than we did in the past to change the results we now have.

Many people in the world come to America to have a better life. It is just human nature to want to go where things seem better and circumstances offer you a better quality of life. One of the problems I have with unrestricted immigration is that many of the people coming here want to take the easy way to a better life.

Most of the countries in the world have sufficient resources and people to develop their economies and have a good quality of life but they do not. For various reasons they remain in poverty stricken conditions. If someone says to you, here is a pile of building materials to build yourself a very nice home, all you have to do is build it, many people would just turn and walk away because that seems like more work than they want to do to get a nice home. That’s how I view many people that immigrate to other countries to have a better life.

Oh, so your country is poverty stricken because of corrupt politicians or a murderous dictator? So, get rid of him and start building a better country. A rag tag group of farmers and merchants got together and faced off against the most powerful army in the world, and won. That’s what we celebrate every July 4th. People have the power to change their future if they really want to. They just have to want it bad enough and that is why many people in the world move to other countries. They want a better life but they don’t want it bad enough to fight for it. They just want to move into a nice home and get a good job somewhere where the battles have already been fought and won.

The collapse of modern western society has come about because of deviant propaganda leading to a decline of the moral standards necessary to build a successful society. You can argue all you want but no society can be successful and free without good moral standards to control the destructive urges of society.

California is a good example of how things can go awry when people with stupid ideas and loose morals are left to run free. Nowhere in America is the liberal mindset more prevalent than the golden state. These intellectuals have enacted some of the most Marxist, idiotic and harmful laws and regulations known, to the point that the state is collapsing in on itself. Things have finally gotten so bad that these same liberals, that have created the society they craved so much, are moving to places like Colorado and Texas to escape the laws they wanted so bad. Now these same people are working to do the same thing to their new homes that they did in California. These people, by their very mindset, are destructive of prosperity and freedom and most of them probably don’t even realize it.

This is also true with many of the people coming to the U.S. for a better life. They come here looking for good homes and good jobs and at the same time they want to transform this nation into the vary kind of place they fled from. They want it to be just like back home, only prosperous. They do not understand they cannot have it both ways.

It would be easy to move to a better place but how long would it remain so until it becomes the same kind of place you left? That is why I prefer to stay where I am and just prepare to dig in and do the hard job of rebuilding the kind of society that I was born in so many years ago. If I go down fighting at least I can die with a clear conscience. The world is broken down into two groups. The builders and the carpetbaggers. Which one are you?


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  1. I generally agree with most of what you are saying, however, it is not as simple to take a country back from a corrupt government or dictator as it is to say it.
    Also, our lives are short and finite. I’m not sure I’m willing to spend it fighting or arguing with everyone around me trying to change minds and traditions. I don’t really buy into “patriotism”. Where it is best for my family, that is where I want to be. That is why my ancestors left Ireland and Wales in the first place.
    I am Canadian, in case you’re worried I’m your neighbour.

    • It actually is easy to remove a dictator. It happens all the time around the world. The problem is that the people stop short of needed reforms and allow another dictator to rise.There is also a difference between moving to a country that’s in the building process and being a part of the building and moving to one that is established.My family came to America in the early 1700s so I understand what you are saying.In the end each person has to do what they feel is right for them.

  2. Is it better to leave America: NO, I’m a builder and I’m staying. thanks for the article

  3. Richard King

    I may be too late for America. I fear that God has given us the warning signs to change our direction back to him or be destroyed. If we are Babylon as I suspect our destruction is at hand. That is why I would consider leaving , but on the other hand I hope for the Rapture before that happens. Unfortunately I’m not totally convinced when that will occur. Our evil leadership has infiltrated our country with the uninformed people you have described in combination with the liberal populace that has turned America into Sodom & Gomorrah. So I wouldn’t blame anyone with a family for moving. I will stay and try to be a light in the darkness, and fight will my local militia.

  4. Bug in, bug out? Same old story, just at a grander scale. No. Stay where you are and ride out the storm. Move to a safer neighbourhood if you really feel unsafe where you are now. But leave the country? The grass is not greener on the other side.

  5. America is dead/trashed into the dustbin of history. First, we have a judicial and exec. branch running a fascist dictatorship and no rep. gov. as congress, state reps are benign/useless puppets, gov allowing unrestricted immigration to include criminal elements. Our infrastructure is a disaster, welfare rolls overwhelmed and we can’t help our veterans. Trashed education system, national debt is in the trillions along with 240 trill. unfunded liabilities, 1.5 quadrillion in credit swap derivaties. Open borders and apathetic majority of people that refuse to even discuss problems. Controlled media by corporations. Informed folks need to get house in order realizing it won’t be fixed at this late date, and get with like minded friends/family for protection/bartering. With modern warfare, patriots will have to go into hiding with little/zero hope for victory, except in their dreams.

  6. Where would anyone go that you wouldn’t be the “outsider” ? IF tough times hit the US, the world won’t be far behind, and being an Ex-pat will put a target on your back. No, as crappy as things may get here, it’s still your best option (unless you live in a major metropolitan area)

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