An American Civil War Means Food Riots and Starvation

By: Tom Chatham

One of the consequences of an American civil war would be a worldwide food shortage for many years. The disruption of the agricultural sector of the American economy during a nationwide war would virtually eliminate the tons of food exported to other nations from the U.S. A large percentage of these exports are grain that keeps many third world nations stable and peaceful.

Any national chaos would disable the system of seed production that allows farmers to plant the millions of acres in the U.S. It would also disable the production and distribution of fuels and fertilizers that farmers depend on to plant, grow and harvest.

The only way the food production system would continue operating is if the government or a corporate entity seized control of the large tracts of farmland in the Midwest and continued to operate them. Given the executive orders now on the books this is always a possibility. It is also likely that if that happened, food would be used as a weapon against those areas of the country in rebellion against government rule.

Some in the U.S. would possibly continue to eek out an existence on locally grown products but the vast majority of the country and the countries that depend on the surplus grain would either have to find another source or starve. Growing any food in the U.S. under those conditions would be very difficult and very dangerous. That is the main reason individuals must have ample supplies laid in for chaos that lasts for several years.

Even if a person does not have the financial means to store several years worth of regular meals, they can store some of the basics that will allow them to get by along with any fresh produce they are able to scavenge off the land. That may sound like a very extreme case but we are likely headed for unprecedented times and nothing should be taken for granted.

In his book, Nuclear War Survival Skills, Cresson Kearny provides a list of basic foods that will get a person through the difficult times. He provides the following basic survival ration for multi-year storage.

Amount Per day

Whole kernel hard wheat – 16oz.
Beans – 5oz.
Non-fat milk powder – 2oz.
Vegetable oil – 1oz.
Sugar – 2oz.
Salt (iodized) – 1/3oz.
Multi vitamin pills – 1 per day

This ration will provide you with about 2600 calories a day and is nutritionally balanced. The two disadvantages of this ration are that it requires cooking and most people are not accustomed to such a diet. He also provides an emergency ration for infants.

Amount Per Day

Instant non-fat dry milk – 1 cup + 2 tablespoons ( 2 3/4 oz.)
Vegetable cooking oil – 3 tablespoons (1 oz.)
Sugar – 2 tablespoons (0.7 0z.)
Standard daily multi vitamin – 1/3 pill
Safe water – 4 cups

The items listed can be bought in bulk and are relatively cheap at this time so there is no excuse not having even these few items in storage. The need to rely on a basic ration with little variety may result in taste fatigue over time but the ability to eat daily and supply your body with sufficient calories to deal with the crisis will enable you to get through it.

The list of emergencies that could impose starvation on the population is long. It is the responsibility of every parent to take care of their family under any circumstances and nothing is as important in a long crisis as eating. When the next world changing crisis appears, will you be ready for it?


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  1. timothy price

    Course you cannot expect any individual to remain healthy on that diet. Soon you would have gluten intolerance, leading to many other inflammatory diseases. Best to buy seed for things like carrots, kale, broccoli, collards, cabbage (fermenting foods), jerusalem artichokes, beans, onions, leeks, garlic, cucumbers, squashes, potatoes, parsley, lettuces…. and lots of seeds for sprouting. Can live a very healthy and long life on these.


    Agree with Timothy, gotto have fruits, veggies, another idea is to stock up on wheat grass to mix with water and drink, there is no gluten either. Can be bought in pills also barley grass and other greens. I also have red algae capsules. The green or blue algae, chlorella for some reason cause digestive upset for me. Many have wheat allergies so rice or millet would be easier to cook. nuts can be stored. Many folks won’t eat beans and they take long to cook, Bush’s canned baked beans can be eaten out of can cold. Stevia sweetner paks, tea, coffee also and spices, herbs. Don’t forget to stock up on the heathiest protein food around: canned sardines others are anchovies and herring, canned wild salmon. vit and minerals also. Raw vinegar is a must. Since most of us have never seen hard times born from the 40’s on, living in bad conditions would be hopeless to many. Many on long term meds llike diabetics and heart patients will wish they were dead and probably will be with in a short time during civil unrest, etc. pets would have to be turned loose to hunt for food.

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