Putting Military Movements Into Perspective

By: Tom Chatham

The Jade Helm exercises about to take place inside the U.S. have many people worried and for good reason. The current administration has made no secret that it is at war with freedom loving Americans. The movement of military forces could be a result of possible posturing by the government for a future event.

Having said that, it is necessary to take military movements into perspective. From June to August every year is the primary timeframe that most National Guard units do their 2 weeks of annual training in the nation. Some of these units travel to different states and even across the country to get to their training areas. This is a normal thing.

For the past two decades, the National Guard has had over 60% of the army’s combat arms. These are the trigger pullers that are needed for front line action. The majority of the combat arms soldiers have been in the National Guard since the army drawdown after the first gulf war. This is why the National Guard has deployed so much in the past decade. The army cannot fight a war without them.

If the army wanted to move large amounts of equipment around the country without causing much notice the best time would be during the summer months when guard units are moving their equipment. This would allow the army to blend in with the guard movements. Under normal circumstances this would work well but the knowledge of the Jade Helm drills has put most people on alert.

There have been many pictures from people observing military convoys around the country but some of these may be the normal guard movements and most people cannot tell the difference. One way to tell what is actually happening with the movements is to identify what units the equipment belongs to.

Military vehicles do not have license plates like civilian vehicles. Instead they have a series of numbers and letters on the bumpers to identify what unit the equipment belongs to. By looking at these numbers and letters you will know what type of unit it is. This is something people need to start doing when they see these convoys to put things into perspective. While it is possible for units to remove or change the identification on the bumpers, that is unusual and reason for suspicion.

If you see a number such as B19 that is likely the units number to identify the vehicles within the unit. A number such as 3/111ADA would indicate what unit it is. These numbers would be on opposite sides of the bumper. Together these numbers would indicate B Battery vehicle 19, 3rd battalion 111th Air Defense Artillery.

While it’s a good idea to monitor military movements these days it must be done with some knowledge of what you are looking at. This will help to keep the disinformation and unnecessary fear to a minimum. As one of my relatives once said, knowing beats the hell out of thinking.


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  1. Dave from San Antonio

    Jade Helm, per se, is a federal exercise and not a National Guard exercise. I agree about keeping it in “perspective”, but I also believe we, as citizens, need to be very alert about what is going on and not get complacent about it or start viewing it as “normal”.

    • Dove, exactly right, nailed it. With all that’s going on and the fear of collapse or out right failer of the US Gov or/and our fiscal system, this exercise at this time is cause for real concern. Never in our history has a SpecOp Ex detailed so much land (Florida to California) and required so much equipment. If we are not going to comment to any overseas action by large scale units of troops, then why do we need such an exercise in urban environments? Some say it’s practice for an eventual take down of areas and to execute martial law.

  2. agent provocateur

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