How Will The Government Control The Enforcers?

By: Tom Chatham

The talk of FEMA camps and martial law has been almost nonstop for the past few years. The actions by the government have led us to the current predicament where the surreal has become the new norm. It would have been unthinkable 20 years ago to imagine we would actually be talking about the subversion and downfall of the United States with little outcry from the population in general.

Many articles have made the case that at least some of the military and police would follow orders to put the population into submission by force if necessary. This would include the forced detention and possible execution of many antigovernment protestors.

If even a small percentage of the enforcers revolted against the government orders it would provide a very large armed component that would add to the armed civilian population and would provide a serious impediment to government operations even if external forces were brought in.

In a serious event it has been noted that many enforcers would simply abandon their posts and go home to protect their families. This is an ever present problem for the government pundits giving the orders. They will want to maintain control over the enforcers at all times and must have sufficient controls in place to do so in a chaotic situation.

One way to maintain that control is to move the family members of those enforcers to “safe” locations where they can be protected while the enforcers do their job. These locations could be FEMA camps or secure military bases that could prevent persons from leaving once inside. This would not only provide safe harbor for those family members but would act as a control mechanism as well.

Once the government has control of those family members, they would have sufficient leverage to force compliance and obedience of the enforcers in the face of immoral and illegal orders from the leadership. This is only one possibility but it would explain why some of the FEMA camps have playground equipment.

This possibility does not preclude the eventual use of these facilities as extermination centers at some later date. In Nazi Germany the concentration camps started out as reeducation camps for dissidents before evolving into death camps.

How many police and military would disobey orders if they knew their families might be killed or imprisoned for their noncompliance? I suspect many of those enforcers would do what they were told until they were able to get their families back.

I have no information showing this might happen, I only ask myself what I would do to compel compliance of some sadistic plan to destroy this country and its people if I were in charge.

If this scenario is a possibility it would be visible at some point. The enforcers would need to give the location and names of their family members to their leadership for possible evacuation in the event of social chaos during some future event. If police and military personnel are compelled to provide this type of information at some point it may be the only signal that this type of event is about to take place. This may be the only warning these people have to remove their families from government control if events come to pass.

It may be that they are told to bring their families in for safety only after chaos has broken out. If this ever happens they need to think about the possible consequences of these actions before they comply. The government has proven itself untrustworthy in the past and that is not likely to change any time soon.

The government has shown itself to be all consumed with its own survival under any circumstance even to the detriment of the citizens it is tasked to protect. When faced with chaos in society it is safe to assume that it will do what it deems necessary to control the situation and produce their desired result. Those that can exert the most force will have the option to follow their own agenda regardless of laws or demands. Might does not equal right but it does determine who is in charge.

To maintain overwhelming force to control the population the government must control the enforcers. This will likely require using force against the enforcers when necessary to force their compliance until they are no longer needed. This is the double edged sword the enforcers must deal with when the time comes. If they allow their families to become a part of this scheme they will lose the ability to follow their own conscience when the time comes to resist.

Given the past acts of this government it is not a stretch of the imagination to think they would resort to an option like this to achieve their goals. This is just one of the potential dangers that citizens should monitor in the months to come, especially if you are an enforcer.


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  1. We can only hope they try this. Can’t think of anything more effective in convincing the ‘enforcers’ of how wrong their side is, and moving them out of the ‘enforcing’ camp. But I think
    by the time it comes to loading their families on a truck to a camp, things will have already gotten to the point nobody is going to fuel or drive the trucks.

    Not that it really matters either way. There simply aren’t enough of them to do much real enforcing.

    For example, in my county, population 130k, there are a total of 350 sheriff dept employees, and 120 city cops in the two municipalities. Less than 500….and quite a few of them are admin, jailers, etc, that wouldn’t know the business end of a firearm. Example: We have a female friend that dresses the part, carries a gun and does paperwork all day. She is 64 years old, has a bad shoulder and couldn’t ‘enforce’ anything. But, say there are 300 ‘front line troops’ to control 130,000 people spread over 326 square miles. About one cop per 430 persons, and one per square mile.

    The only reason things are ‘civil’ now is because the population behaves in a civil way because that is what is expected. Take away those expectations, or incentives (like things WORK….food supply, water supply, fuel supply, stupid cell phones even), and those 300 enforcers would be lucky to make it to a rock to hide under.

    National guard ? Let society REALLY break down, and there won’t be enough show up for muster to justify turning the lights on at the Armory.

    “They” may plan on enforcing this or that…..but I’m telling you……once things turn sour, the enforcers will be no where to be found, except the occasional small force.

  2. Sobering and appropriate reflexion…

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