Surviving In A Collapsing Economy

By: Tom Chatham

The bulk of humanity living in the western world are used to a life of comfort and leisure. This has been made possible by the production of cheap goods and a debt based economy. When this system fails it will cause much discomfort and even death for some that are not able to adapt to the changing times.

The ways of the modern western world are to work and save during the early working years in order to retire during the less productive older years. The act of retirement is a relatively new phenomenon for the working class. Until the 20th century, the only people able to cease working and enjoy their elder years were the rich among us. This changed with mass production and massive debt creation.

In the 1930’s the poor in America were thrown a lifeline in the form of social security. This program was meant to prevent some of the hardship for those struggling to survive. This program was never meant to replace savings and provide for a comfortable retirement all by itself. Over the years the political gerrymandering of politicians seeking reelection have sold the people on the notion that social security is an all encompassing retirement plan they can expect until they die.

The expectation of this program is one of the Achilles heels of the American culture. Very few save for retirement and many can not afford to with the ever increasing prices they must pay for necessary items. Many have no hope for the future except for this underfunded and soon to be extinct Frankenstein monster. When the government can no longer provide this and other programs to people barely surviving today as it is, hardship that is unknown to most will fall upon them like a pile of bricks.

When this happens these people will have no where to turn to ensure they have the items to survive daily life. This is the socialist bomb that is about to explode and very few want to acknowledge it and prepare for the inevitable problems that will occur.

When this house of cards collapses it will require every person to have a plan to maintain some semblance of a standard of living. This will require individuals to have one of two options available to them. They will either need to have sufficient funds to care for themselves or have the ability to earn a living and produce the things they need for themselves in the aftermath of this event.

Having sufficient funds to live on will necessitate having a medium of exchange that will survive the destruction of paper wealth. This will mean wealth in the form of precious metals or other similar options that will retain their buying power over the long term.

Those that work for others and depend on a paycheck to buy the things they need will suffer when that job no longer exists and they can not find another. This is a situation that is prevalent today with upwards of 94 million people in America. These people are non-persons according to the government as none of them are considered unemployed. Ignoring this problem will not change things when the number reaches the tipping point where these people have no option but to prey on those that still have the ability to provide for their families. This is where the golden hoard becomes mobile and begins to move across the land reaping a deadly harvest.

The site shows the population of America dropping from 316 million in 2015 to approximately 69 million in 2025. This has been characterized as a mass exodus from the U.S. to other nations as the working and living environment becomes untenable in America and people relocate to more hospitable locations. This is one possible scenario that we may see in the future if Americans fail to plan for disruptions to the economy and have no way to take care of themselves.

In a nation like America with all of the natural resources that we have available to us, it need not come to that. The one thing that we lack today is the motivation to do something positive about our looming situation. The current inhabitants of America no longer have the moral fiber that was common in the 1930’s when we last went through something like this. That will have to change or some other factor will have to be utilized to stabilize the population in the future. A mass exodus out of the country is just such a factor.

For those that have the moral fiber to make a stand and provide for their family it will be a trying time and a dangerous one for many years. Those that have the will to work through the problems will need to have either funds or resources to get them through. Simply having several months of food and supplies will not be enough. It will take a plan that spans two or three decades that you can enact to provide the things you and your family will need.

Something this encompassing will require many resources and the know-how to use them. The amount of resources can be a stopping point for many due to lack of funds to acquire them now but that is all the more reason to make plans and work towards a goal that you can accomplish. Many of the resources you may need can likely be made from scratch that can provide you with the things you need and even something to sell. It is not that hard to build a spinning wheel and floor loom to make cloth from raw cotton or wool. It just takes time and patience. The old ways are not fast or efficient by today’s standards but they allow you to produce something from the raw materials you can obtain. This is just one example of how you need to think in the days ahead.

You need to utilize the time, funds and skills you can obtain now to construct a plan to deal with the future and overcome the problems. If you need to house your family it is now common to get a loan and be in debt for 30 years. In the future it may be necessary to provide that home with what you have on hand to build it. That may entail using a few hand tools that you have and the available natural resources around you. A home made from sod, cobblestone, adobe or logs can be utilized to provide the shelter you need. It may not be pretty or what you are used to but our forefathers utilized this type of construction as a stepping stone to better things.

When the economy as we know it fails, the only thing you can do is to return to an earlier point in time that depended on a simpler more functional system and utilize the available resources. When mechanized farming fails it may be necessary to return to less mechanized methods and cheaper alternatives to grow the food and fibers we need for survival. The thought of having to go backwards to get to the future is not pretty and will likely be difficult but sometimes that is the only way to move forward.

Surviving during a collapsing economy where systems we depend on cease to function requires individual actions to reduce the hardship that will ultimately overwhelm society and cause societal breakdown on most levels. Skills to lessen the hardships are critical to stabilization and recovery. These skills are the only way to utilize available resources to provide the necessities of society. The first things individuals strive to produce are food, shelter and clothing. These are the very basic things people need to survive over time. Later, other things such as security, medicine, communication and transportation become necessary to form a more cohesive community.

The skills to grow and store food, purify water, build shelter, make clothing, produce heat and light, produce energy to power machines, produce medicines and administer healthcare, harvest and move raw materials and communicate over long distances are skills necessary today and will continue to be vital in times of economic distress.

The skills and resources to provide these things are the foundation of a functional society. The lack of these things results in chaos and anarchy that prevents the construction of sustainable systems that a functional society needs to grow. The special skills needed to utilize available resources depends on the location of the person and the natural resources available for development. Because of this, different locations may develop along somewhat different lines but the destination is the same.

The need to know or learn these skills is necessary now while the social situation is stable enough to enable persons to plan and prepare for the hardships we will ultimately face as the economy fails due to fraud and mismanagement. Those with a lack of skills and resources will be a detracting factor on society as hardships increase and constitute an ever present danger for those with the resources to survive the times. These are the things that everyone must prepare for now while the system is still intact. There are no guarantees for tomorrow.


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  1. You have a great article, but it is not realistic. No disrespect intended, but when the crash comes: It’s over: Period. There will be no coming back, ever. The people of in this country today simply don’t have it in them, neither in their brain, nor in there intestinal fortitude to stay the course in disaster and come out the other side intact. We are and on the “teat” society and when the nipple disappears then about 99% of the population will disappear with it. Thanks and God bless

  2. Stark warning and sobering thoughts, but unfortunaly I believe your assessement is correct…

  3. “The site shows the population of America dropping from 316 million in 2015 to approximately 69 million in 2025.”

    Thats a big MAYBE. If it happens, it certainly will not be by mass exodus, because there is no place that will accept 247 million people. Most countries have strict immigration limits (unlike us), and wouldn’t put up with it.

    I heard a speaker talk the other day about the first “Earth Day” back in 1970. He listed 6 predictions made by those supposed have been in-the-know back then, that is, highly educated folks that should have been able to predict somewhat accurately………all 6 of them pretty much predicted mass starvation and TEOTWAWKI scenarios, only varying between 5 and 30 years of 1970. Well, guess what ? None of it happened. Not even close to what they predicted.

    So take all such prediction of the End Of The World with a huge grain of salt.

    Now COULD it happen ? Sure…without a doubt. Cut off the electric grid, and I’d be surprised to see 69 million still alive after a year. But when it comes to economics, the wizards behind the curtains can keep things irrational (and going) a LOT longer than you might think. It’s in their best interest to do so. They like fresh pizza too.

    Social Security:

    Yep…it’s doomed. Not possible for it to have ever worked, even in the original format.

    Google Ida Mae Fuller. First person to ever collect a check. She paid in something like $25, retired in the late 30’s, and over the course of her retired life, collected something like $25,000. For years, she was Social Security’s poster child of how great a deal this was….yeah….right….

    Simple common sense will tell you there is no investment in the world you can stick 25 bucks in, and get that kind of return. So, clearly, what she got is what most SS checks consist of after a few years….OPM….other people’s money. And as the Baby Boomers retire, there is a huge dip in the working folks that simply can’t support them. Not possible.

    So people on SS (and that included wife and I ) need to have a plan B. We’ve been working for the last couple decades (before retirement) on getting ourselves set up to be as self sufficient as possible…we’re the water company (gravity fed spring), the sewer company (private septic), the power company (solar), the heating company (wood), the grocery store (garden/livestock/year round hoop house/etc), the butcher shop (process all our own), and so on….because the day is likely to come that IF you depend on somebody else to go to work so you can live, you ain’t gonna live.

    • The fact that Deagel would even put something like this on their site indicates that someone somewhere thinks or expects something catastrophic to happen in the U.S. in the next 10 years. That in itself is sobering. I believe that any such exodus would be preceded by a massive depopulation event before most could actually get out of here but all possibilities must be examined just to be thorough.

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