The “Green Tip” Has Not Been Banned, Yet

By: Tom Chatham

What happens when an unstoppable government agency meets an immovable public opinion? In this case the unstoppable agency is forced to change course. At least for now.

According to the Washington Times, the BATFE has apologized for a “publishing error” that led everyone to believe the M855 ammo, that so many people use, was already banned. There is still a comment period until March 16 on its proposal to ban the ammo.

According to an agency statement, “ ATF has not rescinded any armor piercing ammunition exemption, and the fact they are not listed in the 2014 online edition of the regulations was an error which has no legal impact. ATF apologizes for any confusion caused by this publishing error”.

The ATF’s statement specified that the exemptions for 5.56mm SS109 and M855 ammo, and for the U.S. .30-06 M2AP bullet “remain in effect”.

This is just another case of the Obama administration putting the cart before the horse. Just like the 100,000 illegals that were given documents before the official amnesty period was to begin, they have tried to slip past the gatekeepers by ignoring or rewriting laws that they cannot pass in Congress.

If the outrage had not been as universal as it was, it is likely ATF would have left the revised regulations as they were, without the exemptions for the popular ammo and the die would have been cast. This is not the end. They will be back with another scheme to deny the public guns and ammo.

This was no publishing error as described because the Obama administration was touting the benefits and need for this for weeks. If it was merely a publishing error, how did they know about it? Government corruption is beginning to wear thin on a populace that has had enough of big government incursions into individual rights.

If they cannot get this ban, they will try for something else very soon, that much is guaranteed. As I have stated before, when it comes to guns and ammo, the two critical items are primers and powder. Everything else can be made from scratch or reused multiple times. It’s these two items you really need to watch in the future. When they go after these items, you know they are getting serious and desperate. Just something to keep in mind in the days ahead.


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  1. I think commercial interests are in bed with racial polemicists. The so called stock market, and so called defense industry, just love the multi-cultural destroyers. Their aims are the same: to eradicate ethnicity and economic sovereignty.

    Some whites are getting nervous. Do they know their race is 8 percent of the world population? Do they see that immigration laws are one-way: into white countries, and not white into colored? Do they see the climate engineering and the abortion propaganda that is tailored to middle class white women? Some do.

    The cities in America are horrors of miscegenation and displacement. Whites are being bred out, taxed out, displaced and disoriented. They vote for the next clown who the media tells them is riding a white horse. Obama got the white vote because whites were looking for someone to fend off the corporate-bankster war machine. What they got in Obama was an acceleration of the disease. Make no mistake: Obama was put in to make the moves that a white president would not get away with. Obama is a half jew, half negro bisexual with a “transgender” wife. He is the perfect creature to implement the accelerated destruction of white America.

    The good news is the Republikhan Party is going down fast. What is a “Conservative”? The media has massaged the image of Conservative down to a guy who thinks everyone should work hard and invest. Well, the colored hordes don’t come here to work hard and be Conservatives; they come to work just enough to be comfortable. They ain’t buyin’ the “Conservative” ethos. The Rotarian principles are boring and people sense that the Tax Man will strip all one’s hard work. The Tax Man does.

    So no wonder more and more white people are watching these survivor, zombie shows. Prepping and survivor themes are about to go mainstream. Watch Wal Mart get into the provisioning act, importing crap kits from China.

    For clarity I read Dr. Goebbels. The National Socialists knew EXACTLY what is happening and EXACTLY what the Jew intends. There is no way out of this except with an fist and iron glove. No way. The deterioration of the old America will continue; nay, accelerate. Whichever piece of trash is shoehorned into the White House in the next election, you can bet he/she/it will carry on the policies we all fear. Nothing will change.

    Fight or die, white man.


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