Banning Bullets Is Just The Begining

By: Tom Chatham

Those that claim TPTB want to disarm Americans so they can take control are right to some degree. What many have not yet realized is that there are other items beyond guns and bullets that the government would have to ban to prevent individuals from acting out against the dictatorship many see taking form.

One of the things Dave Hodges lists as necessary for martial law is the elimination of guns, ammo and certain chemicals. It’s the certain chemicals that the average person thinks little about but can reap more havoc on occupation forces than bullets. In Iraq it was the IEDs and EFPs that caused the most fear.

Most people do not realize that many of the chemicals that they use on a daily basis have multiple uses. It is these everyday chemicals that the government will likely try to ban or restrict just prior to taking full control of the country.

Ammonium nitrate is used in ice packs and for fertilizer. Aluminum powder is used for radiator stop leak. Nitromethane is a fuel additive used for drag racing and model planes among other things. When these three items are mixed in the proper way they form a plastic compound similar to C4.

Rust is a common element found just about anywhere unprotected metal exists. When that rust is combined with aluminum powder and ignited, it produces a flame that can melt steel. It is commonly known as thermite.

Sulfur is used for many different things like gardening. Charcoal is used for things like water filtration and salt petre is used for things like food preservation. When these three items are combined they produce black powder.

This is just a short list of everyday chemicals that can be used by individuals fighting a rogue government. That is why these items will likely be taken off the market or restricted at some point to prevent those with the know-how from utilizing every means possible to fight for their freedom.

It is not a coincidence that environmentalism will likely be used to remove these things from society’s reach. Just like lead, a primary component of homemade bullets is under fire for damage to the environment and forces are trying to remove it from general use in things like bullets, wheel weights and batteries and is the main reason the last lead mine in the U.S. was closed down last year. This is the reason liberals are so close to the environmental groups. It is a means to an end.

Perhaps after reading this things will make more sense in the future when you see seemingly unrelated things happening. When you see legislation banning certain chemicals or products in the future as dangerous you will likely know what the real reason is. This is just one more reason to stock certain items for future use whatever your intended use is for them but you should be careful what you store and where you store it. It is now common practice for police when they search your property to look for certain chemicals that they can use to accuse you of being a bomb maker.

So, to some extent, the government is already beginning to tighten down the screws on the public. The long slow march to tyranny has begun and the worst is yet to come. Be prepared and be smart.


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  1. I don’t think the elites are going to make it. America is too big and complex; it is full of criminals and renegades and bikers and local minded folk who like being local and want to stay that way. Sierra One, your advice is good. It is worthy to hold. But the government and its controllers have a tiger by the tail and the government will fail. Massive non-compliance and on top of that we take your advice; what is the guv gonna do?

    In my opinion the elites’ chief weapon, to their mind, is race mixing. This is the reason for massive mestizo invasion and pushing the MLK/Selma/unarmed black man memes. It’s all stale and stupid and whites are fed up.

    Whites are the enemy; whites are whom the elites fear. And whites still dominate the military and security services, always will. The suburban minded whites who watch this Law n’ Order, military stuff on TV think the Big Negro from DC is running the show. Bullshit. It’s fantasy and perception management from Jew Hollywood.

    I say prepare to resist and have a plan to resist and the government and the Jew bankers and war industries that run it will fail. They’re going down and they know it.



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