The Patriot Fighter Support Package

By: Tom Chatham

Something very bad will soon come to pass in this country. When the system collapses and support systems necessary for normal living no longer function adequately, we will devolve into a society with few codes of conduct and an every man for himself attitude. A breakdown of the social system will almost assuredly cause the government to react in a violent fashion toward the civil population in an effort to maintain control and simply survive itself.

When the government engages in open warfare against the population it will likely trigger the activation of patriots across the nation waging unrestricted war on the government and its control apparatus nationwide. This will be a conflagration that consumes men and resources at a vicious pace. Those that are preparing for that fateful day will be limited by their financial resources to prepare for combat with an entity that has vastly superior resources at its disposal. The average person cannot hope to stock all of the supplies necessary for a prolonged fight, so some sort of resupply system needs to be in place before resources are constrained or cut off completely.

In any warfare, the fighters depend on a supply network to keep them in the fight. This network requires many individuals for every trigger puller in the field. When the individual fighters resources are exhausted they will depend on these supplies coming from some other source sympathetic to the cause. The lack of this support will mean that individual fighters will be occupied with finding resources rather than conducting combat operations.

There will likely be many in the area of conflict that wish for patriot victory but lack the ability to fight along side them. These people ,can participate in the cause by becoming a supply source for those on the front lines. This would entail storing extra supplies relevant to the fighters needs in addition to storing supplies for their own use. For a few hundred dollars in extra supplies, the supporters could insure continued fighting ability for many weeks or months. Several supporters for every fighter would mean several years of resupply for the cause.

There are many types of support that individuals can provide for future operations but here are a few logistics you might want to consider.


Wheat 1bu.
Beans 1bu.
Corn 1bu.
Oats 1 bu.
Rice 36 lbs.
Coconut oil 32 oz.
Milk powder 30 qt.
Brown sugar 4 lbs.
Instant coffee 8 oz.
Hard candy 200pcs.
Teabags 100
Seasalt 2 lbs.
Pepper 4 oz.
Ground cinnamon 4oz.
Multi-vitamins 360 ea.


Aspirin 24ea.
Ibuprophen 24 ea.
Triple antibiotic ointment
Bourbon 16 oz.


Ammo 500 rds.
Cleaning eq. ( oil, solvent, pipe cleaners, Q tips, rags, bore snake)
Repair parts


Soap 12 bars
Toothpaste 6 oz. tube
Toilet paper 4 rolls
Disposable razors 12 ea.
Foot powder 4 oz.


Wool long underwear
Thermal socks 2pr.
Wool gloves
Wool cap
Wool Blanket
Camo pants/shirt


AA batteries 8ea.
D batteries 8 ea.
Chem lites 24 ea.
550 cord 100’
Duct tape 1 roll
Disposable lighter
Laundry powder 2 lbs.

Anyone storing supplies will need to analyze the needs specific to your area of the country. Variables such as location, food production capability, weapons type and environmental conditions will determine to a large degree what will be stored by locals.

While it may not be possible to store everything that an individual will need, having the basics available to build on will make local foraging for supplies, to flesh out needs, much easier. The storing of bulk grains will solve much of the problems with food supplies and storage. A bushel of grain will go a long way when processed for consumption.

Even if you are not sure at this time if these supplies will be needed it will provide you with extra for your own use or for trade in the event others you wish to help are in desperate need. Everything on the list above is basic and will find use in most locations in any event.

The thought of something requiring this type of preparation is inconceivable to many but the fact remains we now find ourselves in a situation that may require just such forethought to insure a chance of events unfolding in favor of those that support the republic we now inhabit. Chance favors the prepared mind. When the time comes that you may need these things, it may already be too late to get them. Plan ahead now.


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  1. some patriots are looking at systempunkt instead of tangling with zio mercenaries. and wither the empire after alaric burned and sacked rome? no capital, no empire.


  2. Most people I know have little space to stockpile items or the resources to buy.. Patriots that know about this realize there has to be logistics and support for the fighters, plus bartering items for general uses. Many of them are living pay check to paycheck, or SS and pensions, and barely can afford enough to store for family. Many will give up when they see slim hope of victory. And many I know don’t want to be alive if and when this happens and the country collapses. We are retirees and have “enjoyed it all” good jobs, dining, sports, travel, etc. Younger people would be best off not raising a family, as America’s future is zero. I have studied world gov since the ’70’s and we chose to be child free. I realize how far down this country has fallen.

  3. Have to agree that the future you suggest is highly possible, though not certain. Other scenarios are possible, including foreign invasion. Some things to consider if this scenario develops:

    A record of almost everything we buy is stored in multiple computer systems. If these systems still work in the future, even if you are friendly with your local authorities, they may be ordered to assess potential opponents based on their capabilities rather than known intentions, and your preps may put you on the list of the capable. They might have to make you an “offer you can’t refuse” (ie. those with “capabilities” must be recruited or suppressed) and /or: Your “defensible house” (I’ve never seen a house that is actually defensible, given modern weapons) might make a great section HQ or local OP/LP Your preps could flag your location as a tactical resupply point.

    As laura m. pointed out, many who are aware of the possibilities are getting a bit long in the tooth to fight on either side of this potential conflict and have zero desire/ability to do so or support those who will. Nevertheless those who want and can afford prep insurance, for themselves (or otherwise) might want to be very careful in how and where they buy.

    • Its always a good idea to pay in cash and stay under the radar. If it ever got this bad you could expect house to house searches even if they did not suspect most of those people of anything. The authorities would be looking for anything they could find that they could take or use against the homeowner. That is one reason extra supplies should be stored away from the main house and well hidden.

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