The Only Four Things You Should Trust In The Months Ahead

By: Tom Chatham

It seems like there is less and less that people can hold any trust in these days. The government lies about everything, more so than usual, the FED lies, the market is a lie, the economic numbers are a lie and we cannot even get protection from outside threats because of open boarders and political correctness.

When one looks around for something they can hold to provide security and comfort in times of imminent peril and chaos there are very few things the average person can count on with any certainty. In the coming days of propaganda and political spin there are but four things you should trust with any certainty.

Having hope and spiritual guidance during difficult times transcends the physical needs of humanity. While he may not always give you what you want or expect, he is always present and listening and is prepared to give you what you need.

A mans best friend is his dog, but apart from that the best friend a man can have in times of great unknowns and chaos is his rifle and a good supply of ammo.

When the monetary system is about to fail and nobody wants to admit the truth, the best thing a person can hold to protect their wealth is gold. It has a 5,000 year record of working as a medium of exchange when everything else fails.

In times of uncertainty, the ability to eat is a basic need that few realize until it is too late. A full pantry is one of the most comforting things a family can have to ward off fear and hunger. It does not matter what the emergency is. When you are unable to buy what you need, it is good to know you already have what you need.

America is on the pathway to financial chaos and betrayal on a scale many cannot imagine and the sooner you accept the implications of this the sooner you can begin to protect your family from the dark days ahead. What lies ahead does not have to be the end of the world but it will feel like it if you are unprepared to deal with the situation that develops.

It is foolish to go boating without a life vest. It is foolish to go on a long trip without a spare tire in your car. It is foolish to think you will never become a victim of crime if you travel in dangerous places with no protection.

Yet most people will leave the most basic needs of their family to chance by trusting in a system that is run by criminals that will take everything you have and tell you to give them more. They trust in a system that must run flawlessly to provide them with the things they need everyday. They trust that life will go on as it has their whole life without any problems. Everything works until it doesn’t.

When that day comes it is too late to think of the things you should have done. It is too late to do anything but trust that someone will be there to provide the things you need. Either that someone will not be there when you need them or they will extract a great price for the services they provide. You cannot expect to care for your family properly when you are at the mercy of others.

Only when you hold those things that can provide the security and comfort that you need will you have the flexibility to do what you need to do when normal conditions cease to exist. It is easy to get by in normal times but when things suddenly change for the worst, you need to remain in control of your future. No one will care more about your future than you do so do not leave it to chance or the machinations of others.


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  1. Excellent read. I agonize though on what to do about my two small dogs after teotwawki. What must be done is unavoidable, but it still bothers the heck out of me. Every decision we have ever made, including paying the ‘bailbond’ on two small house dogs from the local pet shelter, was made upon the thot that society would continue on as usual. It’s not, and now among many other things to contend with, we have two small loveable dogs that could never fend for themselves after teotwawki and we can’t feed them either if we have to bug out, as we most assuredly will. Why all this nonsense talking about dogs. Well, you listed ourselves as one of the four things we can trust. That is true, if, and only if, we are capable of making the correct decisions to secure our future. People, including me, make horrible decisions. Last month we spent over $500.00 on our two dogs for annual checkups, rattlesnake shots, heartworm pills, and grooming, and yeah it’s totally stupid. That money would have been a heck of a lot better spent on ammo and ‘secure future’ items. Sometimes, God help me, I simply can’t trust myself,…this response was not a slight to your article for it was excellent. Point is, God we can always trust, ourselves, well we need some work in that area…at least I do…thanks.

    • As far as dogs go, they are great portable alarm systems and that should not be overlooked when making decisions about them. A few large bags of dog food can go a long way and should not be a problem unless you are on foot. In short, your pets need to be part of your overall plan and don’t be afraid to think outside the box. I find a written plan helps in keeping me in line when I might otherwise make some impulsive decisions so you might want to think about that also. Have a great day.

  2. The Air Force “Aircrew Survival” pocket handbook carried by Pilots had a Spiritual Checklist at the end, because it was crucial to survival.

  3. Totally agree with Sierra. Treat dog food just like your food, stored properly it will last. Just like your food, rotate with fresh as needed.
    Having just retired from LE after over 30 years, I have prepared for my “alerters”, two small and one very large. The little ones will alert first then their 90+ sister will come in to fracas.
    Would not think about anything else except for the Team’s survival and yes, they are part of the Team.

  4. Ty I agree totally

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