Is Silver Indicating The End Game Is Near?

By: Tom Chatham

Gold and silver have suffered a beating this past week. Silver has broken below support levels and at this time the bottom is uncertain. One thing that is certain is that the manipulation taking place behind the scenes is providing a prime buying opportunity. While investors are having another bad day, stackers are enjoying every minute.

It is common belief that the destruction of the currency by unfettered printing should cause a rise in PM’s but the manipulation taking place has made pricing PM’s a guessing game for the past ten years. Only the final destruction of the fiat empire will usher in the unrelenting rise of gold and silver to their natural free market levels. This takedown may be the final gasp of the currency manipulators before the printers lose control and gravity takes over.

John Embry recently stated that silver is one of the few lifeboats that will be available to people when this Ponzi scheme comes apart. He also stated that from the Austrian perspective there remains only two possible outcomes and the most likely one is that they will print as much money as necessary and that will lead to hyperinflation at some point.

Last year the DHS insider told Doug Hagmann that a prelude to the end game would be a massive takedown in the price of metals. With the price of silver breaking below the $18 resistance level, it is possible we are seeing that move now.

Jim Rickards, who has been providing financial threat and asymmetric warfare advice to the nations intelligence services, is now expecting a great depression that will last 25 years. He expects the losses of the next market collapse to be in excess of 100 trillion dollars. He also believes it will begin within the next six months. He has also stated that the government has already implemented what they call the day after plan for this collapse which involves evacuation of government leaders to areas called site A, site B and site R.

John Williams of Shadow Government Statistics is still calling for hyperinflation in the U.S. and he believes it will begin by the end of 2014 or early 2015.

Jonathan Cahn, author of The Harbinger, believes that based on biblical text and dates that another devastating market crash may happen by September 2015, with a high likelihood around Sept. 13, 2015.

In any event, people will have to judge the current world events and warnings of others and make their own decisions as to what will come and prepare accordingly.

The current cost of silver in fiat dollars is well below production cost and cannot last for any significant amount of time because physical shortages will develop at some point. That makes it a very good vehicle to store any excess funds you have for the future.

When you think about how to save for the future you must consider the actual value of assets and commodities and how they will be affected by a major disturbance in the normal state of commerce.

The value of something is relative. It depends on the one who has the item and the one who wants it. To complete a transaction, the two must come to some mutually agreed upon terms. These terms define the current value of the item.

Even if the world wakes up on the wrong side of the bed one morning and money as we know it no longer has any value due to the circumstances, at some point you will still need some way to save for the future.

One of the reasons we need a medium of exchange that will hold its value over time is so that you can save your excess production now so that it can be used later if you cannot produce enough later in life to live day to day. That is the whole point of saving for retirement. To pay for things you need when you can no longer physically produce enough.

There are many that will say it is a waste of time to save or plan for commerce in the future if everything collapses but it is a necessary action of humanity and will be necessary no matter how bad a collapse is. Those that do plan for some type of commerce in the future may decide that skills will be their savings to draw on in the future rather than physical assets such as precious metals. The reasoning behind saving at least some PM’s is the fact that they have a 5,000 year track record that transcends the past mistakes made by humans.

In the future if you are fortunate enough to still be productive after some world changing event and someone needs something you have, you will either have to give it to them for free or take something in exchange for it. If you take something in exchange for it, what would you prefer that something to be?


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  1. So many folks into prepping will say “You can’t eat silver (or gold)….I’d rather have beans, bullets and bandaids….things I can use or trade when TSHTF”.

    What they don’t seem to get is the MOST LIKELY “SHTF” is going to be a long, slow, economic slide…..not a nuclear war, or Yellowstone blowing up, or a 10 mile wide asteroid wiping us out.
    In fact, you can make a real good argument that we’ve been in just such a slide for about 20-30 years now….. since 1971 when Nixon cut the last tie to gold for dollars. Too bad this site hasn’t provisions for images, or I’d post a great chart on how the price of oil, in terms of dollars has gone skyward since the 70’s, but in terms of gold, has remained nearly flat.

    So, while I’m all for ‘beans, bullets and bandaids’ (and have plenty) stored first, once you get a reasonable amount of that put away, all your long term money ought to be in silver and gold….physically held by you in a hole somewhere. Because the FED intends to inflate the paper dollar away to nothing. It’s already baked into the plan. The only question is whether it will stretch out for another decade, or whether you’ll wake up one morning to 10 buck gas, and the next morning to 50 buck gas, and the next morning to no gas.

    • I always try to emphasize that you should put your EXCESS money into PM’s after taking care of the basics. I think Rickards is right in that this may be a multi decade event that will be painful but I think it will start off within the next year with something quick and devastating for the majority.

  2. There is not one word of biblical truth that America will enter a long slow death spiral decline. It will be destroyed in one hour just as the bible says. Silver was worthless in Solomon’s day {it was swept in the street as having no value} and it will be worthless in a far different spectrum during shft. Either way worthless is worthless.

  3. If it is going to be worthless make sure you don’t have any.

  4. Agreed with comments on setting aside physical PMs only after securing essentials. I hope that we can return to some kind of functional ‘marketplace’ after the Change. There’s a neat little book/read out there … ‘The Alpha Strategy.” It’s a quick [90 pp] read, and discusses the role of real tangible goods and which to obtain and easily store before any SHTF.

    Primary assets will be arable land, timber, mineral deposits, available water, livestocks, an educable and capable citizenry. Tertiary assets – paper of all kinds – are headed for their true valuation. Real capitalism will re-emerge [ I hope ] where skills will convert timber to chairs, arable land and water into crops, mineral deposits into forged metals ….. creating Secondary Assets and surpluses for real markets

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