Playing Russian Roulette With Open Borders

By: Tom Chatham

Much is now being made of the recent immigrant influx that carries many different problems. It will put even more pressure on the social net that many now depend on due to a declining economy. The addition of tens of thousands of new people that need government services will no doubt cause a decrease in services to those already getting it.

About 48 million Americans now need food stamps just to have enough to eat. Additional mouths to feed will no doubt put more strain on the food supply that is now rising in price due to money printing, drought, crop failures and livestock diseases that have decimated herds and led to multi-decade lows in supply.

The rapidly changing demographics are having local effects. In Fairfax County, Va. The kindergarten classes now have a 40% enrollment of children that need English assistance. This has lead to children with lower test scores as they attempt to overcome the handicap of coming from another culture. The teachers report many of these children must be taught things that were previously taken as a given such as understanding pronunciations of similar words and even how to zip up a jacket because they never owned one before.

The most serious effects of this new unchecked immigration is now causing medical professionals to raise alarms due to the medical condition of these children. Many of them are coming to the U.S. from very poor and unsanitary conditions that have been a breeding ground for diseases that have been all but eradicated in the U.S. for many years. Because these diseases are rare here many in the population are at risk of contracting these diseases causing additional strain on our rapidly becoming dysfunctional healthcare system.

Some of the diseases either identified or suspected in these immigrants are scabies, swine flu, herpes, drug resistant TB, chicken pox, MRSA, Chikungunya, Dengue Fever and Ebola. Some of these diseases have a 90% mortality rate. Some of the immigrants coming across the border have been identified as coming from West Africa where an Ebola outbreak is now present in seven countries. Border Patrol agents are now being infected with some of these diseases and now require treatment.

Most alarming is the fact that these immigrants are being processed only in a basic way and are being put on public transportation within 72 hours of arrival and being sent to destinations across America putting anyone that comes in contact with them at risk. This unchecked immigration has the potential of causing outbreaks across the country of several different diseases at once. This would truly be a worst case scenario especially in the case of diseases that have no cures.

A scenario discussed several years ago involved an avian flu outbreak. One individual traveling by air has the ability to pass disease to others who then pass it on affecting thousands in a mater of days.

In a pandemic, transportation systems will eventually be shut down to prevent spreading the disease further but this will likely come too late to do much good. As people become sick and stop going to work the distribution system nationwide will slow and eventually stop as truckers are unable to deliver loads. Public gatherings would be canceled and many people that are not affected will go into self imposed quarantine to stay healthy.

Stores would close due to sickness and lack of products that are no longer being transported. This would cause problems among the population especially with regard to food. Since many people do not store more than a few days worth of food, they would become desperate adding to the problems in society. Even those that need to go to work would soon find it difficult to get there because many gas stations would likely close or run out of fuel. In a worst case scenario society would come to a complete halt.

The problem with any type of pandemic is that unlike a hurricane, it will not come and go quickly. It will likely be with us for one to two years before it dies out. In the meantime, there will likely be cases of the disease in various places at any given time. Even if you are stocked up sufficiently, how long would you be able to avoid contact with others in society? How long would you be able to stay home from work? How would you continue to pay bills? These are questions you need to ask now while you make preparations.

Another stress point is the fact that burial for the surge of dead would be difficult to deal with. The just in time delivery system also applies to caskets and grave markers. During the 1918 pandemic there were waiting lists for funerals because there were not enough caskets.

With globalization, a pandemic anywhere will be everywhere very quickly. This would shut down global trade just like it would shut down national trade. It would likely usher in a global depression.

In discussing the problems that would have to be dealt with one of the things that came up was the fact that nobody knew how we would get the economy restarted once it shut down.

Those that are fortunate enough to avoid the disease will still be susceptible to it and even if a cure is created, it could be years before it has run its course through the population. Because of this it is prudent for individuals to be prepared to shelter in place for days or weeks and that means you must have the necessary supplies already on hand before something like this hits. The warning sirens have sounded, so the next move is up to you.


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  1. Our government SUCKS
    They no longer are of benefit to those who actually produce to pay for it all.
    Who is John Galt

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