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When Revolution Comes, What Is Your Logistics Plan?

By: Tom Chatham

On the modern battlefield the American army is a mighty force but not all soldiers participate in the fighting in a similar fashion. For every combat arms person there are eight or more support personnel behind the lines making sure the trigger pullers on the front line have the materials they need to fight. Without this supply function the battle would come to a halt in a very short time. Amateurs talk of strategy while generals talk of logistics. Logistics mean fighting capability. Without the materials of war victory is difficult if not impossible to achieve.

When the south went to war in 1861 they were at a decided disadvantage. They had little in the way of raw materials or production capability. This led to final defeat in 1865. When the final shot was fired the south was slowly starving to death from lack of war materials and lack of food. Those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it. Let this failed attempt at freedom be a lesson to future soldiers. It takes more than brave men with guns to win a war.

When the revolution comes again, it will require many types of people to win it. The trigger pullers are imperative but they will need support from many quarters to continue the fight. It will require machinists to make repair parts, repair weapons and build weapon systems. It will require seamstresses to make and repair clothing. It will require people willing to risk their lives to gather intelligence. It will require people that can produce food in a clandestine manner to feed the fighters. It will require medical professionals and herbalists that can make medicine from locally available plants. It will require veterans that can teach the art of war to a new generation. It will require an unwavering belief in the hand of providence to see the people through the days of desperation that will follow.

Everyone will have a different role to play in the days to come. It is important not to disparage those that do not step forward to be trigger pullers. They may have another function to perform that is just as important. A well rounded logistics base is the key to sustaining the fight over the many weeks and months it will take for final victory. While preparing the militia for the coming battles, it will be important to prepare the local logistics as well to insure a fighting capability.

The Federals know the importance of logistics and are working tirelessly to destroy any abilities by the population to produce the necessary materials in the future. The EPA, FDA and USDA are in a war to destroy small farms that will provide a production platform for food and raw materials to aid the people. They are working to destroy the small businesses that can provide production capability for many finished products. They are destroying the seeds that can be used as a perpetual supply of food and fibers. They are destroying the ability to move freely along the highways and through communities with proposed checkpoint booths. They are destroying the ability of men to bear arms and employ resistance. They are destroying the ability of individuals to be self sufficient and resist government orders. They are destroying the ability of people to work and be productive so they can properly care for their families. They are destroying the ability to get healthcare without government intervention or knowledge. They are destroying the Christian beliefs to give the population a feeling of hopelessness.

What can the average person do to facilitate a logistics base for future operations? Can you buy an extra hundred pounds of beans , rice and oats to provide a basic food supply to someone else. Can you buy extra ammo. reloading supplies or spare parts that will be needed? Can you store extra medical supplies and antibiotics for future use by fighters? Can you fix or maintain radio equipment? Can you store heritage seeds in bulk to ensure the ability to produce crops or raise breeding stock to produce meat in the future? Can you store materials to repair clothing and shoes? Can you put a hidden cellar on your property to store bulk supplies until needed? Can you store scrap metal and lead wheel weights for future use as war materials?

The average person can do something meaningful to support future operations. It does not have to be much but every little thing adds to the overall ability to conduct future operations. It might be the ability to build producer gas systems to provide power to vehicles and generators. It may be knowledge to recycle oil to be reused in machines or the ability to produce things such as thermite, blackpowder or C4 from scratch.

When the police state hammer comes down it will be too late to start thinking about logistics. If the foundation for resupply has not already been laid it will be an uphill battle all the way and forces may never be able to achieve full fighting abilities. The future of America will be determined before the first round is fired. We can either determine that future now or sit back and let the chips fall where they may. One way is easy and the other will be very hard. The time is now to separate the sunshine patriots from the true believers.


Personal Responsibility is A Revolutionary Act

By: Tom Chatham

Personal responsibility in society is diminishing to a point where society is becoming dysfunctional. The healthcare debate is just the latest symptom of this growing insanity.

There is a reason some people are business owners and others spend their lifetime working for them. Owning a business is all about taking responsibility. Most workers do not want any responsibility and avoid it by having a job where they are told what to do in every aspect. They want to show up for work every day and get their paycheck at the end of the week and not have to make any decisions in between.

This lack of responsibility is a result of the propagandized school system. Students are taught to do as they are told and never question anything, especially those in charge. Taking responsibility is all about making decisions. In order to make decisions you first must analyze the problem then devise solutions. In many cases the person must be willing to make some mistakes as part of this process to get the desired result.

The people are being conditioned to fear making mistakes. It is part of the collective mindset that the group must make all decisions. This instills the notion that whatever the group decides is correct and any failure must be due to some other reasons. It is the reason progressives never admit to being wrong about anything.

This decision making and risk taking process is literally being bred out of the general population making them more docile. The fact that government figures want to tell individuals how to raise their children, what insurance to buy, what to eat and even how large a soda they can have is clear evidence of this agenda.

Those in control want docile followers that are averse to taking personal responsibility much less questioning authority. A person willing to take responsibility is a risk taker. Risk takers are willing to go against established rules and change the conditions they live in. Revolutionaries are the ultimate risk takers exercising personal responsibility in the face of government control.

That is why the establishment fears those who take responsibility. These people by their very nature subvert the control of the state and reduce the control officials have over the population.

The slowly evolving mantra is subtle and straight forward. Don’t you worry about it, let us worry about it and we will tell you what to do. The dumbing down of schools is the means to enable this. The lack of knowledge prevents people from analyzing complicated problems and devising solutions. This keeps the general population dumb and under control.

This is why the government does not want you to take responsibility for your own healthcare, food supply, security or economic future. This is the reason for hostility toward small business owners, gun owners and self sufficient types.

To the current government, those who take personal responsibility are a threat to continued government control and must be eliminated by any means possible.