It Is Time to Make a Decision America

By: Tom Chatham

Everyone who has been paying attention the past few decades knows the change that has taken place in this country. The systems we depend on to further our society have been infiltrated and altered to take us down another path. This path we are now on is the road to hell. There is no other way to put it.

The levers of control in society have been captured by an insidious group of control freaks that thrive on death and destruction and absolute control and obedience. No honest and intelligent person would have anything to do with this type of agenda. That is to say no true Christian would do these things. The society we now live in has come down to two basic groups, the libertarian Christian community and the leeches that have succumbed to evil in every form. I know the truth hurts but there it is.

It was bad enough when these leeches ignored the protections in the Constitution and ignored the constitution completely when they felt the need but now they have really stepped over the line. Text books in use in Texas have actually rewritten the constitution to suit the evil doers all in the hopes of preventing future generations from knowing what rights they no longer have according to the leadership. Here are just two examples from that book.

1st Amendment – Congress may make no laws that infringe a citizens right to freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Congress may not favor one religion over another (separation of church and state).

2nd Amendment – The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

When the founding document of the country is rewritten without notice or permission and is actively being taught in schools it is time for drastic action. This is the one red flag that should alert people that their country is not long to survive. At this point we have three choices.

– Go along to get along and not worry about it.
– Remove the evil influence from society as a whole.
– Separate the nation into a free country and a totalitarian country.

Two of the three things will undoubtedly result in civil war in order to come about. Barring an act of God, that is what may very well happen. As this nation has turned its’ back on God, it has been allowed to decay as our punishment for forgetting who we are and who we owe allegiance to. If enough people return to their Christian roots and pray for deliverance, the nation or at least part of it may survive. A major battle is brewing and it will require physical as well as spiritual strength to win it.

Unless we turn from the evil that has infected us and reject it for what it is we will all go down together. There are dark days ahead for this nation and most are not prepared for what is to come. Physical preparations alone will not be enough. This battle will be won in the temples before any soldiers set foot on the battlefield.

The United States is now financially, morally and ethically bankrupt. The only way to change the future at this point is to reclaim our moral high ground and rebuild the Christian heritage that has been instrumental in the building of this nation. Our national wealth has been squandered along with the ethical judgment we once relied on to guide us to prosperity. Both of these things are a result of the degradation in our moral compass resulting in greed, laziness and perversion. Until each person resolves to turn from this evil empire we have created, things will only get worse.


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  1. Well said. I wanted to encourage you as well. I check every day for a new article from you because I really value your opinions. Thanks so much for everything.

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