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The Coming Great American Foreclosure

By: Tom Chatham

Prior to 1913 the U.S. treasury issued treasury notes as currency that was backed by gold. The Gold and Silver certificates could be converted into silver and gold on demand. This kept the government on a financial leash to prevent over spending. The treasury printed its own money so they did not have to borrow it. They could print as much money as they had gold to back it.

In 1913 a non-elected body called the Federal Reserve, which is owned by some of the largest banks in the world, became the issuer of U.S. currency. This establishment went on to replace all of the sound money in the U.S. with what is today a totally fiat currency. In 1971 we were taken off of the gold standard thus allowing the FED to print as much money as they wished with absolutely no backing other than the good faith of the U.S. Government.

When the government wants to borrow money they print treasury bonds which are sold by selected traders. The bonds are sold as an interest bearing investment. The more credit worthy the issuer is, the lower the interest rate will be. This is an indication of how safe the bond is.

Just like an IOU, the bonds are the same as cash. The perception of cash value is based on the perceived ability of the issuer to repay the IOU. If it is suspected that the IOU may not be honored, it may be sold at a discount to unload it onto someone else before the issuer defaults on repayment and it becomes worthless.

When the demand for bonds is not sufficient to absorb all of the new bonds, the FED must buy them to prevent a failed auction. A failed auction would bring the credit worthiness of the U.S. into question. This would cause the interest rates to go up to reflect the increased risk.

When the U.S. issues bonds as repayment for the loan, the holders of these bonds have the ability to call the loan if they want. This is done by demanding payment at maturity of the bond rather than rolling it over into more bonds.

As the U.S. increases its’ deficit spending, its’ credit worthiness will come into question. This will cause those holding U.S. bonds to dump them for something more secure. When no one else will buy them anymore, the FED must purchase them to keep the dollar stable. We are seeing this happen now. Eventually the FED will own all of the outstanding bonds if the crisis goes on long enough. When the FED has to buy bonds it must print new money to buy them. This is called monetizing the debt. This is very inflationary.

Keep in mind that the FED is owned by other banks. What the FED owns, they actually own.

Since the U.S. government no longer prints its’ own money, it must go to the FED to get more currency if government revenues are insufficient. If the FED should one day say it will no longer issue currency to the government until the bonds it is holding are satisfied, what would the U.S. government be able to pay them with? If you borrow money from a bank and cannot repay it, they ultimately come for your assets to satisfy the loan. That is a lesson the Greeks are now learning.

The U.S. government has some very nice assets in the form of pristine real estate, much of it with a great deal of mineral wealth beneath it. If they cannot pay the banks, the bankers may demand assets in return. If you don’t think the banks would do something like that, you obviously have not been paying attention to world events lately. It may not even be the FED bankers. It could be anyone with the funds to buy up all of the worthless bonds. Someone like the IMF perhaps.

This is a larger version of what happened during the great depression. People that owned land but had no money would get a line of credit at a store to buy food. The store would continue to extend credit until it reached a certain level then they would suddenly demand payment. The people were unable to pay their bill so the store owner would demand their land as payment. This was the intention of the store owner all along. I know because this is how some of the largest farms in my county came into existence at that time.

The people never agreed to use their land as collateral for the credit, but after the debt was created, they had no other recourse. This is the position the U.S. will likely be placed in to deprive Americans of the land the rightfully own. Those in power that get a piece of the pie will willingly support this option. Americans will lose the land their forefathers fought for, all for a pile of worthless paper printed out of thin air that ultimately destroyed their standard of living.

This may not be the future of this country but at this point in time it seems likely. Unless the public understands how this could happen and resolve to fight it if it ever does come to pass, we could lose it all overnight. One thing is for certain. Whoever comes to foreclose on America will not be willing to give up easily.


A Time for All Things, A Place for All People

By: Tom Chatham

Those that understand the mounting chaos around us know that something must be done, but what? Everyone knows they need to do something and want to do something, but what exactly is that something comprised of? Many people are now searching for that answer by talking to others and surfing the net hoping to find that elusive piece of information.

In the dark days ahead, everyone will have a role to play. It may be understood at this time or it may still be elusive but when the time comes for action everyone will respond in their own way. Everyone has certain skills or knowledge or resources that will be called on at some point in the future to save what we hold so dear.

To understand what role you will play and what you must do, each person will have to look inward and determine what their role will be. It may be through prayer, meditation or whatever you do to inspire creative thought when you have problems to solve, but it is an answer we each must find ourselves.

When the time comes, you may need to utilize the soldier skills you know so well, or you may need to share the special knowledge you are privy to, or you may need to support those that are actively engaged in resistance with intelligence or supplies. Only you know what you have to offer to affect future events. It is for each person to discover what their role will be and then you will know what to do.

For this reason, you will not find the answer out there that tells you in a clear voice what to do. Those that are now preparing are doing so in their own special ways and that is how it is meant to be. Everyone will have something to offer when the time comes. Some people are doing their part today by demonstrating, some are writing and coordinating with others and some are stocking up and acquiring skills that will be needed.

For those that are waiting for someone to tell them where to go or what actions to take now to make a difference, just give it some time and reflect on what I’ve said and then determine the course of action that is right for you at this time. There is a time and a place for everything. The lack of public outcry at this time may be for good reason. We cannot second guess events, only prepare to react to them when the time is right. The time for action may come at different times for different people and by different means.

All we can do is place our trust in providence and take what comes the best that we can. For those that do not believe in God, that is a personal choice, but keep this in mind. You can ignore God, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring God. That is a lesson this nation is about to learn in a very hard way.

Everyone should prepare now as they feel necessary and by the means they are comfortable with. Every person, every resource and every bit of knowledge is all part of the whole puzzle and we all must play our part to insure all of the pieces fall into their proper place. If we fail to do our part, it may be a disaster we won’t live to regret. The diversity of our preparations will be our strength. The indomitable spirit that we carry will get us where we need to go. Our trust in providence will be our shield.

A Civil Defense Corps for the 21st Century

By: Tom Chatham

Large scale disasters happen all over the world on a regular basis. In the U.S., agencies such as FEMA are tasked with providing relief for stricken communities when disaster strikes. This is a blessing and a curse. It is good to have a centralized agency that has the resources at hand to immediately react to disasters to help, but the larger the mandate is, the less effective the relief will be.

During the days of the cold war, local civil defense teams were the norm to help communities to stabilize and recover after a catastrophic disaster such as nuclear war. This placed the resources and manpower to help the community at the disaster location and provided an immediate response to any disaster. Resources and manpower would not have to be shipped to the location from somewhere else before recovery operations could begin.

This almost entirely eliminated the 72 hour period when people would be on their own before they could expect help. A civil defense unit provides the means for a community to help itself. With resources and manpower utilized at the community level, it also provided more personalized help for individuals than the current system which is geared to help people in mass.

The current system is not able to respond properly to catastrophic situations as has been proven in the past decade. It is a bloated bureaucracy that siphons money and resources away from more productive systems. In the event of a disaster of national scale, it would be almost powerless to help the average citizen. In that event, FEMA would almost exclusively render aid to government agencies and personnel. Because of this, it is not realistic for the average citizen to expect government help after a regional or national event.

This is the primary reason a community civil defense unit will be needed in the future if and when things go terribly wrong on a national scale. This type of unit should be made up of volunteers with a diverse set of skills. Every unit should be set up to handle 200 to 500 individuals for at least two weeks. Supplies should be acquired at the local level by donations and direct purchase by members. A standardized SOP should be written and utilized by CD units.

Why would you want to utilize a CD unit rather than small groups of preppers? Even a well stocked prepper community can find itself in distress. The destruction from Katrina, Sandy and at Joplin shows that large sections of housing can be flooded or completely wiped away along with everything inside. In this event, a prepper would be lucky to survive much less with all of their supplies in tact. When this happens, it is good to have a well stocked CD unit, situated in a sheltered area away from the immediate destruction. A well planned unit can determine what dangers they may face and utilize a safe area for storage of supplies. With all of the recent flooding in Colorado, a CD unit with storage on high ground would have been very helpful to victims during and immediately following the flooding there.

A community based CD unit will need certain capabilities.
– Potable water supplies
– Food stores and cooking capabilities
– Temporary housing and work space
– Sanitation and hygiene facilities
– Communications (ham operators)
– Medical services
– Transportation
– Search and rescue capabilities
– Security capabilities
– Clothing supplies

The four primary capabilities needed are food, water, shelter and medical support. These are the primary things the population will need short term to start recovery within the community. Food can be donated by local individuals to help provide an emergency supply of food. Bulk foods that are inexpensive and store well like beans, rice, cornmeal, oatmeal and powdered milk can provide a basic meal to those in need. Basic cooking supplies and wood stoves offer an inexpensive source for cooking. Shelter can be as simple as a hoophouse used for plants or large tents. Portable garage enclosures now sold can provide a good shelter at reasonable expense. Basic medical supplies can be stocked fairly cheap to allow the most basic care until victims can be transported to better medical facilities. Community involvement is vital to provide the resources and donations needed to make this type of system work.

Starting small and building up assets is a multi year project but can reap huge benefits over time. One of the biggest problems now is the governments’ opposition to individual self help where government wants total control. This opposition will likely decrease with time as the government looses the ability to respond to emergencies. A local CD unit should make every effort to keep government at all levels out of the planning and response phases due to the fact that government creep will eventually seek to take control of the operations for political and control reasons. That does not mean the CD unit cannot coordinate emergency operations with local officials.

This type of citizen led unit fits well with the institution of a local citizen militia. The CD unit can provide support to the militia when security issues warrant and the militia can provide manpower to the CD unit during disaster response. This would be similar to breaking military units into support elements and combat elements.

With the economy collapsing little by little, the government will slowly lose the ability to respond to disasters around the country. As that happens, the civilian population will need a backup plan to care for themselves. It is a certainty that disasters will continue and government will become less effective as time goes on. In the future, help will come from within the communities more so that from outside so now is a time to plan for that eventuality.

It Is Time to Make a Decision America

By: Tom Chatham

Everyone who has been paying attention the past few decades knows the change that has taken place in this country. The systems we depend on to further our society have been infiltrated and altered to take us down another path. This path we are now on is the road to hell. There is no other way to put it.

The levers of control in society have been captured by an insidious group of control freaks that thrive on death and destruction and absolute control and obedience. No honest and intelligent person would have anything to do with this type of agenda. That is to say no true Christian would do these things. The society we now live in has come down to two basic groups, the libertarian Christian community and the leeches that have succumbed to evil in every form. I know the truth hurts but there it is.

It was bad enough when these leeches ignored the protections in the Constitution and ignored the constitution completely when they felt the need but now they have really stepped over the line. Text books in use in Texas have actually rewritten the constitution to suit the evil doers all in the hopes of preventing future generations from knowing what rights they no longer have according to the leadership. Here are just two examples from that book.

1st Amendment – Congress may make no laws that infringe a citizens right to freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly and petition. Congress may not favor one religion over another (separation of church and state).

2nd Amendment – The people have a right to keep and bear arms in a state militia.

When the founding document of the country is rewritten without notice or permission and is actively being taught in schools it is time for drastic action. This is the one red flag that should alert people that their country is not long to survive. At this point we have three choices.

– Go along to get along and not worry about it.
– Remove the evil influence from society as a whole.
– Separate the nation into a free country and a totalitarian country.

Two of the three things will undoubtedly result in civil war in order to come about. Barring an act of God, that is what may very well happen. As this nation has turned its’ back on God, it has been allowed to decay as our punishment for forgetting who we are and who we owe allegiance to. If enough people return to their Christian roots and pray for deliverance, the nation or at least part of it may survive. A major battle is brewing and it will require physical as well as spiritual strength to win it.

Unless we turn from the evil that has infected us and reject it for what it is we will all go down together. There are dark days ahead for this nation and most are not prepared for what is to come. Physical preparations alone will not be enough. This battle will be won in the temples before any soldiers set foot on the battlefield.

The United States is now financially, morally and ethically bankrupt. The only way to change the future at this point is to reclaim our moral high ground and rebuild the Christian heritage that has been instrumental in the building of this nation. Our national wealth has been squandered along with the ethical judgment we once relied on to guide us to prosperity. Both of these things are a result of the degradation in our moral compass resulting in greed, laziness and perversion. Until each person resolves to turn from this evil empire we have created, things will only get worse.

Six Choices for Long Term Food

By: Tom Chatham

It is a foregone conclusion that at some point in the future, you will need to have stored food to keep you fed until you can grow or buy more. It may be a natural disaster, a grid down situation or food disruptions due to energy shortages, strikes or destruction of crops due to rain or drought. When access to food stops, it will be up to each family to make do until the situation changes.

With the abundance of food available today it is easy to put together a comprehensive food plan consisting of a variety of foods. Many are constructing food plans that range from weeks to years depending on their financial capabilities. For the financially challenged, a long term food supply with a variety of foods may be too much to handle. A plan that spans several months may be possible but what about longer term situations?

What would you do if you suddenly realized a situation was developing that would require you to feed yourself for seven years and you had to make those preparations on you current salary? That may sound extreme but, it could happen in the world we now find ourselves in. What if that seven year supply were necessary because you would not be able to grow or procure more supplies during that time.

Most preppers have a long range plan that includes growing more food but what if the situation prevents you from doing that? It might be environmental conditions, local scavengers or military operations in your area that prevent you from utilizing the land. In that event you are totally dependant on the supplies you have stored away.

With limited funds what would I store? I would limit it to six items that I can stock in depth that are relatively cheap now and store well.

White rice
Dried beans
Corn/ cornmeal

While these do not allow for a wide variety of meals they will provide you with the elements you need to function and prevent starvation. These provide a base to build around if additional funds become available. In a long duration event a few staples could mean the difference between life and death.

It is always preferable to have a well rounded food plan but when limited finances and long duration are taken into account, you must do the most you can with what you have.

Why would you want to stock for seven years? That may sound extreme but consider the Fukushima disaster that is still playing out. If it continues and gets worse, there may come a day when it is unsafe to grow plants in the exposed soil. If a major war breaks out there are several situations that may preclude you from growing plants in the open. A seven year supply may not take you beyond the emergency but it will give you seven years to plan for alternative food sources. It may take you that long to develop new systems such as aquaculture or indoor growing systems.

We are living in historical times and the worst may yet come about. The world has seen seven years of famine before and it may very well again.

A long range plan to get you through the worst of the situation is your goal. A simple plan is far superior to no plan and everyone needs a plan due to the unstable nature of the world we now live in. The basic supplies to keep you fed for seven years can be kept in a large closet or a corner of the basement.

The listed supplies, stored in 5 gallon buckets, are easy to store, move and to hide if necessary. There may come a day when hostile forces make every attempt to deprive you of food sources. In that event you may find yourself in a guerilla war where every day is a struggle just to survive. If your food source is secure, it will enable you to focus on other endeavors that may be necessary.

The future becomes more unstable every day now and any edge that you can provide yourself for future uncertainties will increase the likelihood that you will be able to navigate it successfully. Everyone would like to have a fully stocked bunker with weapons and supplies to last for decades but that is not a possibility for most people. You must work within your capabilities now to prepare for the uncertain times ahead. If the worst should happen, what 6 staples will you stock to insure your survival?

Ten Seeds To Add To Your Seed Bank

By: Tom Chatham

There are many different types of seeds that a self sufficient person might want to have but there are some beneficial plants that many do not immediately think of. Your soil and growing season will dictate what will work for you but it does not hurt to try oddities from time to time to establish a new norm in your area. Increased variety of plants will almost certainly increase your capabilities when the time comes to put your plants to work for you.

Used as a natural soap, the roots and leaves are soaked or heated in water to extract saponins which produce a lather. A non-irritating skin cleanser, shampoo and soap for delicate fabrics.

The flowers are used to make chamomile tea. Chamomile has long been used as a carminative, an anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer remedy. It is also anti-spasmodic and anti-microbial.

Hemp is an excellent fiber for rope, clothing and other materials. Hemp seeds also provide many nutritional and medicinal properties. Currently hemp cannot be grown in the U.S. but it can be imported as well as the seeds.

Aloe Vera-
Transparent gel from the pulp of the meaty leaves of the plant have been used for thousands of years to treat wounds, skin infections, burns and numerous other dermatological conditions. Dried latex from the inner lining of the leaf has been traditionally used as an oral laxative.

Sugar beet-
It is a good source for making sugar or sweetener and can be used as animal feed. It is also a very nutritious food for people.

Provide an excellent source of protein where they can be grown. Great as a snack food and can be used to produce peanut oil for cooking.

Good for producing homemade clothing, rope, lamp wicks or medical supplies. Cotton seeds can be used to produce cottonseed oil for cooking. Cottonseed contains high levels of vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant. Because it is unsaturated, cottonseed oil is cholesterol free. Some animals are fed cottonseed meal as a high protein supplement.

Not a healthy substance but it can provide a valuable barter item in difficult economic times. It can be used to produce nicotine based pesticides.

It can be grown to produce good quality fibers for clothing. Flax seeds can be eaten and have some medicinal properties. Preliminary studies show flaxseed may help fight everything from heart disease and diabetes to breast cancer. Flax oil or linseed oil, while edible, is used for a variety of industrial purposes such as pigment binder and drying agent for paints, lacquers and inks, sometimes used as wood finish and is combined with cork to make linoleum. After cold pressing, husks are often used as feed for chickens and other livestock providing fiber and protein.

Castor bean-
This item can be poisonous to people and animals if ingested. When pressed the toxic properties remain in the solids. The primary use is in making high quality oil and lubricants used in racing engines and jet engines.

With just a few odd plants around the homestead, you can increase your capabilities greatly. Some of the many products we now take for granted can become difficult or impossible to find in a serious disaster of long duration. The ability to replace these items with a sustainable homemade product can make life more endurable. The more capabilities that you have, the less fear and stress you will suffer from during catastrophic situations.

Ocean Armageddon In Full Force

By: Tom Chatham

As much as we worry about weather conditions and how they affect the annual grain harvest, a silent war is in effect against another primary food source. Our oceans are under assault by the very technology and industries we depend on for energy. As we focus on the daily news propaganda and divert our eyes elsewhere, our planets life giving ability is being destroyed beyond our ability to repair it. The crisis at the Fukushima nuclear plant is still unfolding.

Every day we find out more that we have not been told. It is now estimated that the nuclear plant is spewing 300 or more tons of radioactively contaminated water into the ocean every day. At this point the facility is to a large degree out of the control of its human operators. They can now only mitigate, not prevent. As the radioactive contaminants continue unabated into the ocean, the damage being done to sealife is still being accessed but will no doubt be devastating for centuries to come. The contamination will rise through the food chain until nothing is unaffected.

There are some distressing things happening in the pacific these days.

– Pacific herring in Canada bleeding from eyeballs, faces, fins and tails.
– Sockeye salmon at dire historic low on Canada Pacific coast.
– Contaminated Alaskan halibut.
– EPA and FDA only testing imported fish not wild caught.
– Researchers from the Japan Agency for Marine Earth Science and Technology reported in early 2012 that they detected radioactive cesium from Fukushima reactor 1 in plankton collected from all 10 points in the Pacific that they checked.
– Highest levels of Fukushima contamination in plankton already east of Hawaii.

As if the Fukushima tragedy was not bad enough for the Pacific another danger lurks out there. University of Michigan researchers and University of Hawaii colleagues have confirmed that mercury found in Pacific fish near Hawaii likely traveled thousands of miles through the air before being deposited in the ocean by rainfall. The pacific fisheries are downwind of rapidly industrializing countries such as China and India that are increasingly reliant on coal burning power plants, a major source of mercury pollution.

Another tragedy is playing out in the Gulf of Mexico. The aftermath of the BP oil spill is still being felt and will continue. Corexit dispersant is toxic in itself but when mixed with crude oil that contains chemicals such as Ethylbenzene, m,p-Xlene and Hexane, a toxic cocktail is formed that becomes hazardous to everything it touches. The combination of crude oil and corexit dispersant dumped into the Gulf will continue to cause illness and death for many years to come.

To make matters worse, permanent biological contamination may now exist in the gulf where synthetic genes are crossing species barriers due to the contaminants present and the end result is yet to be determined. Anyone who lives near the gulf or eats from its’ contaminated waters will pay a heavy price as evidenced by the illnesses now plaguing gulf coast residents. Deformities have been discovered in seafood in the gulf and studies reveal that the FDA seriously underestimated cancer risks from contaminants that can accumulate in seafood.

Few people realize how dependent humans are on the oceans for our survival.

Fisheries and aquaculture produce 140 million tons of aquatic plants and animals consumed by humans annually. Cod, Hake and Haddock commonly sold as fish fillets and fish sticks and are also used to make artificial crabmeat and shrimp. The cod fishery of the U.S., once the largest in the world, collapsed in the 1990’s because of over fishing.

U.S. seafood consumption is about 15 lbs per year per person.

The Japanese rely heavily on seafood for animal protein and consume about 5 times U.S. consumption.

Alaska accounts for 50% of U.S. seafood production.

Over 90% of the worlds living biomass is located in the oceans.

Marine sources provide about 20% of the animal protein eaten by humans and another 5% is provided indirectly via livestock fed with fish.

In Asia, about 1 billion people rely on fish as their primary source of protein.

Estimates suggest seafood production will be insufficient to meet demand in the next century.

The fishing enterprise employs 200 million people worldwide.

Humans rely on this planet for life and if our ecosystems are not guarded carefully it will spell the end of humans on this planet. Many people don’t want to think about that and go about their daily routine as if everything will always be just fine. We are now capable of causing damage to those systems that is beyond our ability to repair. If it continues we will pay the price for our complacency. At this point we cannot repair much of the damage already done but we may be able to mitigate it enough to ensure life goes on. In the end it is up to each of us to do our part to protect the resources we require to survive.