Acts of War

By: Tom Chatham

When one nation attacks another with bombs and missiles and eventually ground troops, it is an act of war. It does not matter if you dislike the leader of the attacked nation. It does not matter if you dislike their politics or human rights violations. It does not matter if you feel you have a moral obligation to do something. When you attack them, it is an act of war.

Does anyone remember Pearl Harbor? Does anyone remember Poland in 1939? How about France, China or Hungary? How about Manchuria, Singapore or Burma? Does anyone remember 9/11?

Most nations of the world are aligned with others as part of a defensive strategy. That is what NATO is all about. If you attack one NATO country, it is essentially an act of war against all of them. If Syria has a military alliance with Iran, Russia or China then an attack on Syria is an attack on them all.

As such, the aggressor becomes a legitimate military target to those attacked. That means if the U.S. attacks Syria for any reason, they have a right to retaliate against us. This is part of the war making process that I do not think most Americans understand. Just because we have been able to bomb some smaller nations in the past without serious threat of retaliation, it does not mean it is entirely off the table.

If the U.S. starts a bombing campaign in Syria and they retaliate in some way, the first response by Americans will be, how dare they, but that is how war works. Sovereign nations have the right to defend themselves. That is true whether you agree with their leadership or not.

The United States government has been supplying Syrian rebels with hardware. They support the rebels and have admitted as much several times. Some of these rebels are the same Al Qaeda fighters the U.S. is currently in a worldwide war with. The same fighters that have killed and maimed thousands of American soldiers since 2001 are receiving material support from the U.S. government. Can you say treason?

The U.S. government is aiding and abetting terrorists and enemy combatants in a time of war. This same government is now preparing to take actions that will put American citizens in harms way. If the U.S. government attacks Syria, it is not just an attack on Syria but an attack on the rule of law. If the U.S. attacks Syria, it is inviting an attack on the U.S. and I believe this time it will happen. And just to be clear, it will be an attack by foreign services on U.S. assets which we need to distinguish from a false flag attack by our own government which will likely happen as well to build up a war fervor in Americans against our next target.

The Actions of the U.S. government over the past several years have shown they have no regard for American lives or the rule of law. This can be blamed on Democrats and Republicans alike. If the U.S. attacks Syria it is an attack on everything Americans believe in and is nothing short of an act of war against Americans themselves. The U.S. government says the use of chemical weapons is not acceptable. I guess times change because it was acceptable when we used Agent Orange in Vietnam eventually killing some of our own troops and it was acceptable when we supplied Saddam Hussein with chemical weapons to use during the Iran-Iraq war.

The U.S. government is about to write a check that this nation cannot cash. For those that think no one can hurt us, I submit that all China and Russia have to do is dump U.S. treasuries en mass and cause us to lose reserve currency status which will destroy our economy and hurt us like no bomb ever could. We are approaching the banker’s end game and it is nothing less than an act of war that will cause massive casualties unlike anything since WWII. Prepare yourself for that. At this point it is a mathematical certainty.


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  1. You’ve nailed it, Tom….the govt is getting ready to light a fuse to a whole bunch of powder kegs. They are either incredibly stupid and incompetent….. OR…… they know exactly what they are doing and don’t care. Either way, the folks of this country are going to pay the price.

    The whole middle East is could well go down in flames when we start dropping Tomahawks on Syria. They ( and probably Iran and Hezbolla in Lebanon ) are going to turn everything they have loose on Israel….who will probably go nuke on Syria ( and maybe Iran ). The Russian will get a chance to field test those neat Sunburn anti-ship missiles, and we’ll loose several (maybe more) ships to them. The Iranians will mine or sink ships in the Straits of Hormuz. Oil will go to 200-300 bucks/barrel, destroying what is left of our economy. The Chinese will start dumping our bonds, and will joined by anyone else holding them.

    Yeah…..the Noble prize winner has painted himself into a corner….either attack, or be considered a fool whose word means nothing.

    SO…..if anyone reading this isn’t already prepped, you best get with the program in what little time you may have left. In a month, you might well find every store shelf empty and every gas station out of gas, or it priced beyond anything you can pay.

    • Brandon at Alt-Market wrote a good piece this week and said if Syria goes hot, energy will be the first thing that disappears. I agree with that. I suggest everyone get a good supply of motor oil and get their wood gasifier ready, or at the very least get the plans for one because once energy prices go ballistic it won’t come down any time soon. Even though an AP reporter released a story saying the rebels received the chemical weapons from Saudi Arabia and accidentally set them off on themselves, our government will start a war one way or another. Expect it.

  2. Yeah…..hardly a time to let mere facts get in the way….can’t let a good crisis go to waste.

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