Agenda 21 and the Philosophy of Nudge

By: Tom Chatham

It is likely you have heard of Agenda 21. It is the UN plan to restore the planet to a more livable and sustainable place. The problem with their plan is that it was written by elites, for elites and does nothing for the average human except insure more misery. Agenda 21 is population control wrapped in the cloak of sustainable development.

The elites have gotten rich by exploiting the planets resources and now they want to clean up the mess they created by moving everyone into mega cities that are more controllable for the elite and keep the newly unspoiled rural areas for their own private backyard.

It is difficult to force anyone in a rural area to do anything they don’t want to do. With the number of weapons in this country it would be messy at best to force people to move into cities at gun point. The best alternative is to “nudge” them as Cass Sunstein would say. If someone were going to nudge people into moving into cities what might they do?

Destroy jobs in rural areas

Slowly employ gun control so they could deal with any holdouts

Use agencies such as the EPA to make it expensive and difficult for people to use their own property

Use regulations to take water rights away from people

Make regulations that prevent people from using their property to earn income

Make electricity more expensive in rural areas

Make fuel more expensive in rural areas

Make owning and driving private vehicles very expensive

Prevent people from being self sufficient on their own property

Increase property taxes to force people to leave

Make medical care unavailable or very expensive in rural areas

Provide lower government entitlement payments to rural individuals

Eliminate Rural Free Delivery from the post office

Declare eminent domain little by little until whole regions are empty

When hit by a number of these items it would be difficult to stay in a rural area for any length of time if you are dependent on an outside source of income. The loss of income and inability to support your family would eventually force you to move to a more economically friendly environment. This is the very reason many youths have fled the country and taken jobs in large cities over the years. While jobs may be limited in the city, it is even more so in the country. The destruction of the nations’ manufacturing, seafood industry and the bankruptcy of the nations farmers to the benefit of multinational agribusiness have played their roles in the loss of rural jobs and flight to cities.

The end result will be people living in tiny 500 sq. ft. apartments and micro apartments under 200 sq. ft. with limited water and electricity allotments and expensive GMO foods that they have no option but to buy if they want to eat. Once in these cities people will be forced to take any job available to survive and the captured nature of the populace will enable multinational corporations to force lower wages and substandard working conditions on the people. That is the future under Agenda 21.

Those that become self sufficient and fight the good fight may not win in the end but even so it is a battle that needs to be fought and won if possible. The future of humanity will reflect what we do today and future generations will either hail us or curse us depending on how well we do our job.


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  1. Population control is coming….either by plan, or by the 4 horsemen. No way in hell is the current world population sustainable, much less the predicted increase over the next 20-50 years.

    And if I were one of ‘the elite’, it would certainly be high on my list of priorities to ensure my lineage avoided the horsemen version of events. We all do what is in our best interest for our own family ( which is why communism fails as a political system…I’ll do way more for me and mine than you and yours….. ), the ‘elite’ simply plan to carry it to a level we can’t.

    Does that mean I’m giving up my rural land and way of life to move into a city box ?

    Nope. They’re either going to have to kill off knot heads like me, or wait for us to die out. I don’t plan to help their agenda along…..but I do understand it. That’s WHY I bought as much land as I could stretch and afford at the time… avoid close neighbors. Hell, if I could have bought the whole valley, or the whole county, or the whole State, I would have…..and run everybody out. 100ac was about my financial limits. So, yeah, I get it.

    • If the world economy crashes I think that will have a big effect on population. I also think the food situation worldwide combined with a collapse will end up being a massive depopulation event. It looks like we are about to hit a tipping point in several areas at once and when that happens life will definitely get interesting.

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