All Aboard The Silver Express

By: Tom Chatham

The continued takedown in silver has been incredible considering the lack of physical supplies. The paper market still has considerable influence on the physical price but that will change soon. With the losses mounting on the stock market, the paper price of metals is following suit but the lack of physical metals will force the price to decouple at some point and that will start the next great bull move of PM’s.

Those wishing to ride this train need to decide now if the price is reasonable. Prices may drop more still reaching $16 to $18 dollars but those that try to hit the very bottom may miss the train entirely. When this train leaves the station it will likely gain speed fast and make climbing aboard even harder.

People such as Eric Sprott feel silver could double its current price or even set new records by the end of the year or early next year. Those that ride along even for a short trip will be able to significantly increase their purchasing power. This can enable you to trade this purchasing power for other hard assets you may need more in the short term or for those on for the long haul, it could help preserve your wealth and even increase it substantially. The low prices we now see will not last long due to supply and demand fundamentals and the turmoil in the markets worldwide. This is one ride you don’t want to miss.


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  1. You can’t buy it at “spot” now……most dealers are 3-5 bucks over to actually BUY some.

    • Yes the last time the spot price dropped a lot the premiums went way up because the dealers could not get enough physical at the spot price because of massive demand. The price has been stable long enough for them to restock and as a result the physical prices have been dropping along with the spot prices. The physical prices will follow the spot price until massive buying or lack of physical causes premiums to go up again. Until that happens its a good time to buy.

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