Is America Destined to Fight the Next Crusade?

By: Tom Chatham

There were seven crusades fought between 1095 and 1291 between the Christian west and the Muslim east. In 1071 the defeat at the Battle of Manzikert opened Asia Minor to the control of the Turks. The Byzantine Empire was on the verge of collapse with it’s treasury bankrupt, it’s army poorly deployed and it’s Emperor ineffective.

There has always been a rivalry between these two religions and it is not over yet. Both seek to dominate the world and it appears the next major war may be the next crusade in practice if not in name. But this time instead of trying to recapture the holy land it will be for the very survival of Christians everywhere.

It has been noted that every American war since the 1990’s have apparently been in the attempt to reestablish the former Ottoman Empire and reestablish Islamic rule over these areas under one government or Caliphate. When one looks at a map of all of the recent uprisings and wars it does lend credence to this theory. The question remains, why would America want to rebuild this empire with approving undertones from Germany?

At the same time we have a government that is riddled with Muslim Brotherhood operatives at high levels. These operatives are currently guiding government policy and have access to our nations most classified information. In an April interview, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Tx) suggested that members of the Muslim Brotherhood have infiltrated the Obama administration and are influencing the U.S. to ignore “Radical Islam’s” war against us. He also suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood may be directly influencing decisions by President Obama.

It is evident to anyone who is observant that there seems to be a war against Christians taking place in this country. For a nation that was founded on Christian beliefs, this is a bit unnerving and makes one wonder why Americans would want to destroy our Christian heritage.

According to one source, a senior UN official has stated that America would be a Muslim nation before the end of President Obamas’ term. This ties in with the Presidents assertion in his first term that America is no longer a Christian nation even though most Americans affiliate themselves with the Christian faith. It has also been suggested that the current immigration bill is the first step to pave the way for a future bill giving amnesty to millions of Muslims that may immigrate here in the next few years.

In school districts nationwide the practice of Islam in public schools is being promoted while the practice of Christianity is being suppressed and villanized by organizations such as CAIR. Muslim populations across the nation are seeking to Islamize entire cities and institute Shariah law while the government seeks to remove Christian beliefs from every sector that the government has under its control.

In a former post I suggested that the Muslim Brotherhood was attempting to convert the U.S. into a Muslim nation and was using the liberals in this country as an avenue to achieve that end. I also said I believe the Muslims will rid themselves of the liberals when they are done with them.

With all of the recent scandals emerging from the current administration the liberal press seems to be turning on them. Are the liberals in this country waking up to the potential threat or is this just two factions of the elite at war with one another? It is a foregone conclusion that the liberal press would not dare turn on this administration unless they had been given marching orders from some entity higher than the President.

The Muslim influence in our government is setting the stage for a mass campaign against loyal and patriotic Americans and is currently engaged in a massive surveillance campaign to identify all of the Americans that could possibly stop this domestic threat to our nation by subversive forces. When war comes to this nation it may very well be an Islamic plot to seize control here. If you think a Muslim nation with one or two nuclear bombs is dangerous, what would happen if they had control of the thousands that we have?

The hostilities that are being created between the government and the American people may manifest themselves as the next crusade against Islam. This time though, the Christians will not have a home to go to if they lose. It is likely they will be killed outright before the war is over. Muslims have not hidden their desires to eliminate Christians from the Earth. The recent Christian mass slayings in the Mid-East give a clear picture of what awaits here if this is the future we find ourselves in. If this is our future it will be bloody and without mercy and Americans had better prepare themselves for that.


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