The Truth

By: Tom Chatham

What is it that we should consider the greatest virtue of men? Is it courage, honor, brilliance, strength or perhaps loyalty? These are all important but there is another that the lack of can imperil men and destroy empires faster than anything. It is the truth. The truth must be the most important virtue because when a man lies he murders some part of the world.

The truth illuminates and empowers while lies breed darkness and despair. Lies infect and breed cankerous wounds that can never be healed. They infect all they touch with a rot that leaves a stench you can never wash off.

Americans often joke and laugh about the lies politicians tell. It never occurs to most that they are laughing at the means to their own destruction. Every time a politician lies to the people they murder someone by one means or another. It takes the shape of corrupt laws or regulations or unjust orders.

A free people cannot remain free and prosperous when they are subjected to a continuous bombardment of lies that they rely on as the truth and depend on to ensure their continued existence. As the lies grow so grows the pile of bodies that act as a reminder of what we should hold dear and sacred.

What are we to expect when a growing majority of the population hold untruths and immorality as a virtue and elect those that exemplify those characteristics that represent the majority. The truth will set you free but lies will put you in bondage eventually. Lies are the bitter narcotic that we chomp at to ease the burden of doing the right thing which is often more difficult.

The end of a nation is not brought on by the fall of its currency or the demise of its manufacturing but the untruths it lives by. When a nation tries to fool itself with falsehoods as a means to correct its problems it can never recover.

Only when a nation looks at itself in the mirror and admits the truth to itself can it begin to recover some of what it has lost. Until that occurs no amount of lies will prevent the darkness it brings upon itself. No amount of lies can fix a problem permanently.

When a politician lies it is always evident because they are left with the death and destruction that cannot be hidden from view. As long as the people are content to step over the bodies in an effort to continue their daily routine it will never end. As the politicians lie to us we lie to ourselves to justify the mirage we want to believe.

When a man lies he murders some part of the world and it does not matter if that lie is to himself or another, the damage is the same. Until the truth is once again the most sought after virtue, men will continue to stumble in the darkness and the bodies will continue to accumulate. Every new lie is a new body we must climb over in our struggle to reach the light. The lies breed darkness and the trouble with the darkness is, you can never see the cliff ahead until it is too late.


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  1. This certainly sounds noble, but it’s unworkable in practice. Everyone lies. We can’t survive or stay sane without lying to ourselves and those we love. All we get to choose is why, when to do it. We tell our kids “everything will be okay”. We don’t know that. It’s a lie. We promise to love and honor our spouses until death in marriage ceremonies, knowing even at the time we say it that the promise inevitably, unavoidably will be violated to a greater or lesser degree depending on circumstances. The two things that distinguish humans most from other animals is our ability to manufacture artificial constructs of reality (some call it art, some willful untruth), and our unstoppable, unavoidable NEED to make stuff up.

    • All lies are a matter of degree. There is a big difference in telling a lie to get out of helping your buddy work on his car this weekend and a lie that will cost someone a lot of their hard earned money, their property or their life. The problem we have now is that most people see no difference in the degree of the lie. They see all lies as small and acceptable. Lies are built on lack of integrity and the fact that most people lie doesn’t necessarily mean it has to be that way for a society to survive. That’s just another lie we tell ourselves to feel better.

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