Eight Ways to Rebel Against The Corp

By: Tom Chatham

The behemoth we have created that we call the government has become so bloated and controlling that the individual freedom we take for granted is now in great jeopardy. The Corp acquires and maintains control by making you dependant on the services they provide. The destruction of your ability to be independent is the driving force behind the machinations we see. With no way to provide your own basic needs, you will be beholden to them and subject to their control in every way. Any deviation from their wishes will result in a curtailment of your resources and freedom. With no recourse, the majority will succumb to this tyranny and become puppets in this world of illusion. It does not have to happen to them or you. There are some simple things individuals can do to prevent this type of manipulation and free themselves.

Stop going to movies

The movie industry not only provides entertainment to the masses but it also serves as a means to impose the creators values on the rest of society. The latest fads and social norms are set by these people and it usually leads to a degradation of the moral standards of society. The media imposes these deviant behaviors on people and teaches people that anyone that does not follow the herd mentality is not normal or is even racist. The people that make millions from this source believe they are somehow superior to the rest of society and they somehow have the right to tell everyone else how to live. By eliminating their source of revenue you will send them a signal and reduce the impact they have on your life.

Home school your kids

The educational system in America has devolved from a first rate educational system to a social engineering program designed to produce stupid individuals that obey the controllers. The social and moral standards that have helped to build this nation have been subverted and will ultimately produce a generation of sociopaths that will insure the failure of all functional systems in this country. The act of home schooling will help parents to instill those standards in their youth that will insure a stronger future for society. It will also insure the children learn unvarnished facts that will enable them to function in society and be successful.

Stop going to large sporting events

The sports mania that is prevalent in society acts as a distraction to the dysfunctional system that is being put in place by the Corp. It acts to mesmerize the population leaving them prone to the will of the controllers. Is it really worth being treated like a criminal just to get into a stadium to see a team play? Sports are a great way to stay in shape and bond with others that have the same interests as you do but it is becoming a mania with many. How often do fights break out between fans of opposing teams? How often do riots break out after a big game? This is all programming to act as a distraction to the problems we face in society and it will only get worse with time unless people just say no.

Stop flying

Flying used to be a big event. People had special luggage they carried and special clothes they wore but it has now become just another hassle in life that must be endured. It is also a way for the Corp to control people. You must submit to searches to prove you are not a criminal and if you fly outside the country you must have a passport and to carry too much money is to have it stolen from you by the authorities. You must pay extra for certain luggage and act as the controllers want or you will be taken off the plane for any little infraction. Flying is not as necessary as most people think and until they stop flying the controllers will not stop with all of the intrusions you must submit to for the privilege. If you want to take a vacation, try something closer to home. It will be less hassle and likely much cheaper.

Produce your own food

The need for food makes life a give and take proposition. What are you willing to give up to get what you need? If you grow most of your own food you not only save a lot of money that you won’t have to earn but it frees you from the dependency you must have on others. This dependency has a cost and the cost is sometimes very high if there is some type of disruption in society. When you grow your own food you give up some of your free time and energy, both of which are completely in your control. When you have to buy everything you must give up some of your freedom to work for others for money which is controlled by others. Money can be devalued, taxed or taken from you in many ways reducing the amount of food you will ultimately be able to buy. Food can be reduced, restricted or adulterated in some way making you subject to the producers will and inflicting harmful health effects on you. Control of your food supply means control of your health and your freedom.

Produce your own energy

Energy is a necessary function in the technological world we live in. It is difficult to do anything during the day that does not require some type of energy. The lack of it can make life difficult or even deadly in some cases. This places your well being in the hands of others that may not have your best interest in mind. Control of energy means control of the population in many cases. The act of being energy independent reduces the hardship that can be forced upon you by others seeking your compliance with their will. Independent energy production also shields you from disruptions in society at large such as delivery interruptions and fuel price spikes.

Operate outside the banking system

The currency system we use is a means of control and a way to fleece the population. Those in control of the currency make the rules and can change them anytime they want. Those that are dependant on the currency have no choice but to comply and submit to the whims of the controllers. When you operate outside of the banking system you free yourself from many of the controls they place on you. Silver and gold are the mechanisms that allow a person to circumvent this control and gives the individual more power over their own life. The use of barter in conjunction with gold and silver takes power away from the controllers and reduces their impact on everyday living.

Reduce expenses, reduce income, reduce taxes

The conventional way of life we have all been raised with leads us to the inevitable need to make lots of money to support that lifestyle. This requires us to work more and harder to pay for the things we feel we must have to be normal. The more we work for pay, the more the government takes for its’ social programs and social programming of society. By reducing the things we feel we need or supplying them in other ways, we will free ourselves from the excess production we inevitably have to give up. By doing simple things to decrease your spending you will decrease the amount of work you need to get paid for reducing the amount government will take. This taxation in many ways does more to harm us than it helps us. When you reduce your spending you ultimately simplify your life as a whole.

These are just some of the ways you can use to strike back at the corrupt system that has materialized and take back some of your freedom and rights. The less you depend on the system and the less you provide to it to function, the more freedom you will ultimately have. The individual right of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has gradually been degraded by the controllers in society that want absolute power. By creating a buffer between you and them you will have more opportunity to build a better life. The less you rely on them for basic needs, the larger that buffer will be. Your job is to make that buffer as wide as you can.


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  1. Stop going to movies.

    Actually, I think movie theater attendance is way down over the last few decades. Price alone is one issue with wife/I…..you’ll shoot 20 bucks (or more) between the tickets and a couple of popcorns/drinks. For that you can rent a whole bunch of videos, eat your own snacks, and hit the pause button for a bathroom break when you want. AND you don’t have some kid whose parents were too cheap to spring for a sitter, or the idiot who simply can’t be without their cellphone interrupting your veiwing.

    Home school your kids.

    While parents DEDICATED to schooling their children can no doubt do a better job than public schools, the key word there is DEDICATED.

    I have a neighbor that home schools, and their idea of home school is to park the kids in front of a computer and let them complete some lessons with a test at the end, and call it “good enough”. To me, these kids are being shortchanged as much as if they were in a class of 40 in a public school. While people are able to overcome educational deficiencies ( as Simon and Garfunkle once sang “When I look back on all the crap I learned in high school, it’s a wonder I can think at all…”), I don’t see the sense in needlessly handicapping a kid right out of the starting gate.

    Stop going to large sporting events.

    Yeah…..the circus part of bread and circus. Has always amazed me how people follow teams, players, NASCAR drivers and crap like that as if the world revolves around them.
    Want to play a sport for exercise or recreation, hey, if you have time, go for it. But to follow these overpaid teams and their rodeo clowns as if they are some kind of gods is beyond me.

    Stop flying.

    Haven’t since the new false security measures went into place years ago. Still amazes me that people will put up with being groped, fondled, and sent shoeless into a cattle chute all for the sake of maybe saving a bit of driving time. This is one area where voting with your wallet could end the stupidity imposed on us by the federal govt.

    Produce your own food.

    A biggie. Been doing it casually for 30 years, but in the last 10, we’ve gotten more intense about it, to the point we raise 75% or more of what we eat. This is going to be absolutely critical down the road, IMHO. Putting your life in the hands of other people for food, water, energy, and so on, I think will prove to be a fatal mistake for many.

    Produce your own energy.

    Right up there with food/water. We are grid tied, but 5 years ago, started building a backup solar power system mainly in case we lost power so our food storage in freezers (4 of them) wouldn’t go away with a grid down. After 4 expansions, we are well past the point of backup ability and just about produce all we use. We have always heated with wood, and the place we bought 30 years ago has more firewood than we will ever burn. Cooking and domestic hot water is by propane with 3-4 years worth of storage, and wood backup means for each should it come to that.

    Operate outside the banking system.

    Although our long term savings is in some metals, the day-to-day ability to escape the use of fiat is hard to pull off. Barter is clunky ( what exactly IS a dozen eggs worth ? ), and the feed store wants cash for laying mash.

    Reduce expenses, reduce income, reduce taxes.

    THIS is actually one of the ‘secrets’ to becoming very ‘comfortable’ if not wealthy. We’ve owned two houses in our lives, and built both….reducing the need to earn a lot to pay out in interest on long term mortgages by reducing the amount borrowed to bare materials…..and producing even a fair amount of the materials ( lumber from our own land using a Woodmizer sawmill ) on this last house.

    Take cutting your own firewood, for example. A cord of good hardwood has the heating value of 250 gallons of heating oil……say $750 in oil. But to HAVE 750 to spend on oil, you’d need to earn 1,000 to 1,200 bucks to net 750 after taxes/etc to buy the oil. This is a HUGE concept to grasp…..that the price of goods and services is ACTUALLY 25-40% more than it appears, since you buy them with AFTER TAX income. ( and then to rub salt in it, add in a 9.75% sales tax we have here )

    So the REAL value of that cord of wood is closer to that 1,000 figure. I can log out, cut and split a cord in about 6-8hrs time,not killing myself. That’s $125/hr. Most people don’t come close to earning that in their real job, much less something part time.

    And it never shows up on a profit/loss statement…..it’s simply as Ben Franklin said “A penny saved is twopence dear”…..and there was no income tax, social security tax, medicare tax, and so on, in his time. You don’t SEE the profit in your pocket, but it’s very definitely there.

    • Four freezers? Now you’re making me jealous. The wood is a great example of how we have to work just so we can overpay for the things we use. I guess the whole article could be summarized in one sentence. Stop enriching those that want to control us and learn to take care of yourself and your family.

  2. Small freezers, like 9cuft ea, chest models. What we find is when we kill a beef or couple pigs, we need everything running, but as time goes on, we empty one, then another and get down to one or two before it’s time to refill. That way we don’t have a lot of empty space and yet having to run a freezer for half or less full….simply unplug one. Plus, if you lose a compressor, the most you could lose ( if you don’t catch it’s out ) is 1/4 of your frozen storage.

    We do a lot of canning now, and should the grid go down, we’d probably cut back to one or two of the freezers, and can more of the meats we freeze now. Some things like corn and strawberries just flat taste better frozen, but basically, any freezer is a luxury.

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