Global Electronic Currency; The Perfect Control Mechanism

By: Tom Chatham

In the pursuit of a control grid, for our own good, the global elite will need a global currency. This new currency will likely be completely electronic in nature. It will make it easier for the controllers to create, cheaper allowing them to keep more of the profits and easier to get their hands on what you have anytime they want. With a totally electronic currency there will be nowhere to hide any of your earnings. It will also be much easier for those in control to enforce payments for government mandated services. It will also be much easier for them to implement and enforce new taxes, for your own good.


So you say you don’t need any stinking health insurance. That’s too bad. It’s now mandatory so your account will be debited every week for your health insurance premiums. No way to get around that.

Green energy tax

Since everything is now electronic they will know how much gas you are buying for your car. If you drive too much you’ll be assessed an extra green energy tax for polluting too much. They know how much your electric bill is so if you are using too much electricity you’ll be taxed on that too. But don’t worry, they’ll just automatically deduct it from your account. No messy paperwork to keep track of. Isn’t that thoughtful of them.

Income tax

Since everything you earn has to go through your electronic account, they will know exactly how much money you are earning. They can just deduct your taxes straight out of your account every week. And with a graduated income tax, they will just deduct more as you hit certain income levels. No more messy tax forms every year. Isn’t that nice of them.

Sin purchases

So you want to buy a gun or ammo. Sorry, you don’t have the required permit so the transaction is prohibited. So you want to buy a bottle of wine or that fifth of bourbon?
Sorry, you are drinking too much as indicated by your purchases so this sale is denied. And if you have a DUI, don’t even think about it. Cigarettes are only for the global elite who can afford them so that’s a prohibited item as well. So you want to buy that new luxury car or SUV? Sorry but you don’t have the necessary carbon permits like the well connected people so you’ll have to settle on one of these smaller, more efficient models.

Food purchases

Since every purchase is monitored, everything you buy at the grocery store is monitored. You scan your card before your goods are rung up and anything you shouldn’t have is flagged. Obesity a problem? Not any more. You will be barred from purchasing certain products. Not eating what the government says you should? You will have limits on the quantity of certain items you buy forcing you to buy what they want you to eat. Buying more canned goods than they estimate you are eating? That could get you a visit from the food police to insure you are not hoarding. And don’t get caught growing your own food without the proper permits, you don’t even want to know the penalty for that.

Retirement savings

Since you are too stupid to save money for your retirement they will just deduct a little every week from your account and “keep it safe” until you need it for retirement. And when the time comes for retirement if you have too much money saved up they will just redistribute some of it to the less fortunate, bless their hearts.

Wealth tax

If you live in one of those wealthy countries you’ll have to pay an extra tax for that as well to be redistributed to the poorer countries. That’s only fair, right? Since everything you buy is recorded the tax assessment for property taxes will be much easier as well. How convenient!

Yes, a new electronic currency would solve a lot of problems and free us of all of that messy paperwork we have to do. And since we are too dumb to make our own decisions, the government can help steer us in the right direction in everything we do. Doesn’t that sound like Utopia?


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  1. Yep…..everything you say about tracking and ease of tax collection would be quite true with a total electronic form of payment.

    But here’s why I think it won’t happen:

    Right now, a good portion of the world economy is ‘underground’, in that it isn’t reported or taxed for income on the FIRST transfer, from payor to payee. BUT what happens to that income ? Well, it doesn’t all get squirreled away in a mattress… gets spent on something, and at that point, it enters the above ground economy……generating sales taxes, business taxes, income taxes, property taxes, and so on. The reason folks earn in the underground economy varies from illegal stuff like drug dealing to ordinary people simply working for cash off the books. You take away that incentive, and a whole lot of that economy will simply dry up…..and the ripple effect into the above ground economy will also vanish. My guess is 20% or better of the GDP depends on that underground economy.

    In the case of drug dealing, that would be a HUGE ripple…..not just the drug profits, but much of the “justice” business of lawyers, courts, cops, prisons, and so on would disappear as well….heck, we’ve got a whole cottage industry built around the fact drugs are illegal….make ’em legal or simply make them too hard to buy, and that industry is history.

    SO, while I’ve no doubt they would LOVE to go total electronic, for all the reasons you listed, I also suspect they know the practical, and potentially devastating, effect of doing so….and thus, I don’t look for it to happen.

    • You make a good point Andy. I agree, as things work normally, it would be devastating to the economy. But if these idiots decide to go full bore and turn everyone into serfs, I don’t think they will care about a drop in GDP. They’ll have full control and still be getting the lions share of the money. Tyranny is never logical and most of these people already have all of the money they will ever need. The need to be in complete control is what these people want now. It’ll be interesting to see how all of this eventually plays out.

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