Is DHS Setting Up Local Law Enforcement For Failure?

By: Tom Chatham

The past several years the federal government has embarked on a strategy of militarizing the local law enforcement agencies around the country. They have provided the money and equipment to give these agencies the appearance of small military units that act in a manner far removed from the community service of days past. This has pushed many local departments away from the friendly approach they utilized in the past to serve the public interest.

I have seen it myself in the local department where I live. In a county with less than 20,000 people we now have a police force with almost 50 officers and the sheriff wants at least 100 more auxiliary police officers. What all of these police are for in this sparsely populated area has yet to be answered. The sheriff has also made it a point to hire deputies from outside the county to ensure there is no close connection between the police and the local community.

This is exactly what the federal government wants, to ensure the local police will not be in a position to side with locals if anything happens. It is in the governments’ best interest to drive a wedge between the communities and law enforcement. The government is apparently designing a confrontation between citizens and the government and they are using local agencies to assist.

A recent purchase of shooting targets by DHS met with outrage by the population when the pictures on them were discovered to be pregnant women, children and old people. It is now known that the designs were not from the target maker but in fact came from law enforcement. This is how you desensitize people to kill others. You reduce the enemy to nothing more than a paper target to prevent hesitation when the time comes to shoot them.

If there is a financial crisis that shuts down the banks for any period of time and prevents the use of plastic forms of money, there will almost certainly be chaos nationwide. There will eventually be riots and looting as people who are dependant on the state for basic necessities start taking what they need. The first line of defense in cases like this are the local law enforcement officers. They will have the task of maintaining order in a quickly deteriorating situation. Many of these confrontations will be violent and require deadly force.

What happens if chaos breaks out and the police have very little or no ammo to use in the preservation of order? Will officers be willing to go out into hostile crowds with little or no weapons to protect themselves? What will violent criminals and gangs do if they realize police have no ammo to shoot them with? Will officers show up to work in circumstances like this if they know they may get killed with little in the way of protecting themselves?

With the support of federal funds and equipment, and with ever more instruction from DHS, many local agencies have become distant and even hostile to the local populations. If something chaotic happens these locals will be less inclined to assist local police and hostile actions will become more likely. This will ultimately lead to the failure of local law enforcement to maintain order in a deteriorating situation. So what would this lead to?

DHS has ordered a great deal of ammo in recent months. Much more than is needed in normal operations. This has helped to dry up the ammo market preventing not only civilians from buying ammo but also police departments nationwide. Since many law enforcement agencies around the country use the same calibers, the massive DHS purchases have led to the shortages in the local agencies. If DHS were really working with local agencies to insure the peace they would be willing to make some of this government stockpile available to local agencies for normal operations.

If chaos breaks out and local agencies are left to their own demise they may run out of ammo early in the game. In some instances it is likely that criminal elements will provoke gun fights with police with the sole purpose of expending their limited supplies of ammo. After several weeks of a slowly developing crisis, many departments may indeed run out of ammo. This would cause an explosion of violence and criminal activity. It would eventually cause people to call on the intervention of federal forces to regain order when local agencies fail.

This is what some have stated the federal government wants to do. Allow chaos to spiral out of control until citizens scream for government control and the government will be waiting on the sidelines with the men and equipment to move in and take charge. After the failure of the local departments the federals will be seen as saviors and nothing they do initially will be questioned.

With the local agencies rendered impotent the federal government will have complete control. This could be one reason for the massive ammo purchases by DHS. If the ammo shortage in the law enforcement community continues and DHS makes no attempt to bolster local supplies then it will be a good indication of their intentions. At some critical time DHS may offer the local agencies full access to ammo but only if the agencies relinquish their authority and are absorbed into DHS. Local agencies that have subverted their local community support will find it difficult to maintain order since the bonds between law enforcement and community have been broken. All of the actions now being taken by law enforcement nationwide will ensure violence if a crisis arises and the probable failure of local agencies. The people should be prepared for that eventuality.


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