The Double Edged Sword of Control

By: Tom Chatham

With the advent and continuing growth of the police state it might seem reasonable to many that “they” know who potential resisters are and are prepared to round up any dissenters and put them some place safe when it’s appropriate but we also know who they are. It is impossible to implement a control grid without letting the “little people” know who’s in charge. Have you noticed over the years that police increasingly now wear masks when conducting raids and resemble the terrorists we see on TV.

It’s as if they want to hide who they are so no one will know who it is that is taking away your rights. For those that are fooled by the masks here’s a clue, they still wear a uniform. That is one thing they cannot hide. That is also one thing that makes it so dangerous for the dwindling few that are still honest law enforcement officers. When things start to go wrong, everyone with a uniform will be painted with the same brush. There will be nowhere to hide.

The same can be said for homeland security and all the rest. These agencies have distinctive uniforms so everyone will know at a glance that they are in charge. No longer is it necessary to look for a black hat to find the villain, just look at the uniform they wear and that will tell you what side they are on. This has apparently not occurred to the controllers or else they don’t think it matters. That may change.

Since Barrack Obama was first elected president the left wing extremists have come out of the woodwork like a cockroach convention letting out. They have made it known in a very vocal way who they are and what they really stand for. Do they think this has not been noticed or will be forgotten anytime soon? Everyone now knows who all of the extremist, American hating, constitution burning radicals are in this country. That makes it very easy to identify them when things start to breakdown.

Members of congress are now bold enough to say aloud that they are socialists and communists and do so with a sense of pride. They are so emboldened by the advances to their agenda over the last few years they make no attempt to hide it. Many Americans may have a short memory but the one’s who really care about this country will remember. These government officials have marked themselves and there will be a day of reckoning.

The feeling that the new agenda has succeeded and there is no stopping it has caused these people to overplay their hand. In strutting about they have exposed themselves and painted a potential target on their backs that will not go away. By showing themselves to be “in charge” they offer a public that is slowly growing dissatisfied with current conditions a visible place to direct their anger. The controllers will try to divert this anger toward the gun owners, patriots and Christians in this nation when the time comes but that may not work. Too many people now know what is happening and who is to blame and that cannot be changed.

While citizens may be the target of repression, the enforcers will also be exposing themselves and their families to reprisals that they cannot hide from. This is the main reason that ultimately, gun confiscation will be necessary to the controllers. They know they are in a bad position but have made it worse by showing who they are. All of the armored vehicles and bullet proof booths in the world are not going to be enough to keep these people safe when their repression reaches a boiling point.

Every new law and every new action by these government entities will be necessary to show who is in charge and each one of these actions will also foment a rising resistance that will cover this country with a dark cloud that will eventually turn into a rainstorm of biblical proportions. You cannot repress a population without showing yourself and thus leaving yourself open to reprisals. That is a lesson that the cockroach convention will have to learn the hard way. That is the double edged sword all dictators have to deal with.


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