The Government Loves Boiling Frogs

By: Tom Chatham

The modern day survival movement grew out of the cold war era of the 60s when nuclear war was seen as the ultimate nightmare scenario that humanity had to protect itself from. That evolved in the 70s when a host of other threats were realized. For over 40 years Americans have sought to protect themselves from nuclear war, asteroids, earth changes, solar flares, economic collapse, civil breakdown and a long list of other crises.

Those that prepared in the 70s were sure doom was only a short time away. Every year they continued to prepare and expected the event at any time. Forty years later we are edging ever closer to doom but it still has not happened yet. This is not to say the doomsayers were necessarily wrong, they just misjudged the timing and failed to realize that some of the things they imagined were controlled by human actions that are somewhat unpredictable.

One of the things survivalists have prepared for is an economic breakdown along with all of the connected systems. If a system breaks and living conditions take a sudden and catastrophic dive it becomes evident to even the ones in a media induced coma.

When a break from normality happens suddenly it can cause chaos and riots as people realize they have been sold an illusion. When a breakdown comes slowly over the years, people have time to adjust to this new reality and learn to accept it. This is the boiling frog syndrome where a sudden shock to your system will evoke a response but a slow, steady change will not be perceived as danger until it is too late.

The breakdown of our economic system is a mathematical certainty. Many realized it in the 70s but they failed to realize how long government machinations could stretch it out. The government has known for years the day would come when the system would break and has pursued a boiling frog strategy to prevent a violent reaction from the population.

We are nearing the end of this system but it is in the governments’ best interest to keep it going a bit longer. The closer they can get the population to poverty and misery while the system still appears to work, the less of a violent reaction there will be when it ceases. When people finally find themselves broke and miserable, the majority will accept it as the new normal because they will be acclimated to it.

If you were to look at life today and compare it to the same day in years past, you would probably see a great deal of difference and the negative impacts the changes have had on your life. If you had went from that days reality years ago to today’s reality in only a few days time it would have been brutally obvious something bad had happened to you and this would have spurred you into action. Those that have been awake and those now awakening see this.

Because the masses have been lulled into their new reality it is hoped they will readily accept it when the system breaks. That is why as close as we are to disaster, they will continue the slow decay of society a while longer because it is to their advantage to have the masses accept the new reality and avoid violence. By the time the masses realize what has happened it will be too late to get out of the boiling pot and that is the way the government wants it.


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