Is The Nation of Islam Planning For Chaos?

By: Tom Chatham

Louis Farrakhan recently gave a speech to the Nation of Islam and he mentioned some interesting things. He wants street gangs to help provide security for lands owned by the Nation of Islam. He believes these gangs have useful battle skills they can teach and wants them to be a part of his future plans. He also advises blacks to reduce excessive spending and pool money to buy land. That is good advice for anyone but the location of these purchases may also say a lot.

The NOI already owns 1,500 acres of farmland in Georgia and currently has a campaign to raise $10 million in donations by March 31 to buy hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in the Midwest with the intent of producing food. In the event that another economic shock hits in the near future, anyone with large amounts of cash will be well positioned to buy properties at fire sale prices.

The NOI Ministry of Agriculture has the goal of acquiring enough agricultural properties to provide the 40 million blacks in this country with clothing, shelter and at least one meal a day. They calculate they would need 51 million acres to accomplish this but 6.3 million would suffice if meat and dairy are limited. They believe 6.3 million acres would cost about 6 billion dollars and an additional 2 billion would be needed for machinery.

In a recent article, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, we mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood and the training camps they have in the U.S. The fact that Islamic extremists have infiltrated the American government and have cited their intention to turn this country into a Muslim nation helps to put the recent comments by Farrakhan into context.

It is a foregone conclusion that any serious collapse in the U.S. would cut off food supplies to major cities. Those that control the food would have a great deal of power. Any serious resistance to a government takeover would also come from the rural areas where most of the food is produced. It has been the practice of Islamic extremists in the past to destroy their enemies by infiltrating and destroying from within for maximum effect. The unrest in Europe and dilution of local populations and customs driven by Muslim immigrants gives credence to this idea.

Many hold the belief that a government takeover in the rural areas would be difficult and costly for the government. The government would need a plan to destroy and suppress any resistance in these areas to insure government control of farmland. The tried and true method for these individuals has always been to infiltrate and destroy and the Nation of Islam is setting itself up for just that sort of operation based on what Farrakhan has said.

If the Nation of Islam buys farmland in key areas and has street gangs providing the security for these farms, they will be in a good position to infiltrate and intimidate the local population. These individuals have no fear of gun fights and kill with no regrets. They are expendable and offer the perfect force to subvert any local actions to keep the peace. With a criminal element loose in an area during a civil breakdown, it would help facilitate the entrance of government forces to pacify the area.

The ability of locals to resist government forces while also fighting off criminal elements in their midst would make life very difficult and would escalate the violence an order of magnitude. The government wouldn’t even have to pay these individuals. They could just let them keep anything they pillage with full immunity from prosecution for all crimes including murder.

While the intent of the NOI may be honorable, the incorporation of street gangs, the purchase of large tracts of farmland and the machinations of the Muslim Brotherhood in this country present us with a situation where extreme caution is encouraged. There are forces at work that seek to undermine and destroy this nation and everything it stands for. These days it is easy to see conspiracies everywhere, but given that Chicago is the presidents’ political home base and is the home of the NOI, and given the history of this city for corruption and Marxist ideology, it is reasonable to be suspicious of these actions.

Are we to believe that violent street gangs that make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year selling drugs want to give that up to live a quiet country life? One of the favorite actions of the present government is to overwhelm the population with so many different threats at one time that most people are unable to respond to them all allowing some to succeed. It is a good way to slowly grind away at the edges until they get what they want.

As the economic situation deteriorates at an increasing speed, it is important to insure you have an economic plan in effect to care for your family during the uncertain times ahead and to keep an eye on the national situation as it unfolds. It’s always the little things in life that get you in the end. The NOI seems to be putting their self preservation plan into effect. It would be wise for others to follow suit.


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  1. ” They believe 6.3 million acres would cost about 6 billion dollars ”

    That’s 1000 bucks/ac. Good productive farmland brings more like 3-5 times that.

    • A large chunk of it may be BLS land. I’ve seen that go for a few hundred an acre. Then again, in a financial crisis you can usually pick up some good deals. What they based that figure on I haven’t a clue but they seem to have studied this in some detail. They have a plan that will unfold over the next several months.

  2. They can buy all the land they want but without a good solid background in growing crops and actually producing a useful finished product they will just be pissing in the wind, couple that with the fact that almost none of these folks are able to work together for too long, one bad year of drought and a poor harvest or weather that wipes it all out and there will be a whole lot of angry hungry, undiscoplined disorganized hoodlums for sniper targets, i dont care how brutal they are as gangs, they will be no match for people who have been hunters or military or shooting sports enthusiasts who are protecting their families. Though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death, i fear no evil.

    • They mention on their web sight that they want to work with the black farmers in this country so I imagine that’s where they plan to get their farming knowledge from. Even though the gangs don’t have the same skill sets as hunters and veterans, a hoodlum with a gun turned loose in a town can cause a lot of problems short term.

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