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You May Be A Dangerous, Paranoid Doomsday Prepper If…

By: Tom Chatham

Commentators are always quick to link guns and emergency stores to dangerous and paranoid actions that they consider to be tell tale signs someone is going to commit a crime. They always focus on these areas because it is a trait mostly seen in conservatives that know enough to question the governments’ ability to take care of every problem that emerges. In short, if you are not a Liberal that needs the government to make all of your decisions for you and care for you on a daily basis then there must be something wrong with you.

Any deviation from the norm of unpreparedness is a danger sign to these people that you are out of control and need to be stopped, detained and heavily medicated to assure compliance. Only when you are obedient to the state are you normal and safe. So what signs do you look for in a person or group that should make you suspicious?

The purchase of bullets by the thousands

If a person or group feels the need to purchase thousands of rounds of ammo in the belief they may need this to protect themselves and their family from some type of uncontrolled chaos in the future they are obviously troubled individuals. They need to be more sensible like the U.S. government that only buys 1.5 billion rounds of ammo, give or take a few million, that is only the bare minimum necessary for waging a 24 year war.

The purchasing of weapons by the dozen

If a person or group feels the need to have one firearm to protect themselves or their family due to lack of police protection, this is just irrational. And to have a dozen guns is bordering on paranoia. They need to be more like the U.S. government that only has 165.000 armed federal employees, give or take several thousand, and have several thousand automatic rifles on order as well as two million dollars worth of sniper rifles on order from Remington.

The storing of dehydrated and freeze dried foods for several months

If you perceive the potential need for stored food because of distribution problems or social chaos, having food stores for several months is just promoting the panic. You need to be more like the federal government and buy a billion dollars worth of freeze dried foods for “disaster relief operations”.

The building of underground bunkers for several people

The need for hiding underground in a bunker with several people is a clear sign that you are disturbed and very anti social and may be unbalanced. You need to have “shelters” like the U.S. government does that house at least a thousand people, and number no less then 150 nationwide to be considered normal.


Never order ammo in amounts less than one billion rounds

Never buy weapons in quantities of less than one thousand

Never buy less than one billion dollars worth of freeze dried food

Never build underground shelters that hold less than one thousand persons

Anyone who prepares with less than these amounts should be considered a dangerous and paranoid doomsday prepper by government standards. Any amounts over this are government sanctioned and considered appropriate measures for normal persons to take.


Is DHS Setting Up Local Law Enforcement For Failure?

By: Tom Chatham

The past several years the federal government has embarked on a strategy of militarizing the local law enforcement agencies around the country. They have provided the money and equipment to give these agencies the appearance of small military units that act in a manner far removed from the community service of days past. This has pushed many local departments away from the friendly approach they utilized in the past to serve the public interest.

I have seen it myself in the local department where I live. In a county with less than 20,000 people we now have a police force with almost 50 officers and the sheriff wants at least 100 more auxiliary police officers. What all of these police are for in this sparsely populated area has yet to be answered. The sheriff has also made it a point to hire deputies from outside the county to ensure there is no close connection between the police and the local community.

This is exactly what the federal government wants, to ensure the local police will not be in a position to side with locals if anything happens. It is in the governments’ best interest to drive a wedge between the communities and law enforcement. The government is apparently designing a confrontation between citizens and the government and they are using local agencies to assist.

A recent purchase of shooting targets by DHS met with outrage by the population when the pictures on them were discovered to be pregnant women, children and old people. It is now known that the designs were not from the target maker but in fact came from law enforcement. This is how you desensitize people to kill others. You reduce the enemy to nothing more than a paper target to prevent hesitation when the time comes to shoot them.

If there is a financial crisis that shuts down the banks for any period of time and prevents the use of plastic forms of money, there will almost certainly be chaos nationwide. There will eventually be riots and looting as people who are dependant on the state for basic necessities start taking what they need. The first line of defense in cases like this are the local law enforcement officers. They will have the task of maintaining order in a quickly deteriorating situation. Many of these confrontations will be violent and require deadly force.

What happens if chaos breaks out and the police have very little or no ammo to use in the preservation of order? Will officers be willing to go out into hostile crowds with little or no weapons to protect themselves? What will violent criminals and gangs do if they realize police have no ammo to shoot them with? Will officers show up to work in circumstances like this if they know they may get killed with little in the way of protecting themselves?

With the support of federal funds and equipment, and with ever more instruction from DHS, many local agencies have become distant and even hostile to the local populations. If something chaotic happens these locals will be less inclined to assist local police and hostile actions will become more likely. This will ultimately lead to the failure of local law enforcement to maintain order in a deteriorating situation. So what would this lead to?

DHS has ordered a great deal of ammo in recent months. Much more than is needed in normal operations. This has helped to dry up the ammo market preventing not only civilians from buying ammo but also police departments nationwide. Since many law enforcement agencies around the country use the same calibers, the massive DHS purchases have led to the shortages in the local agencies. If DHS were really working with local agencies to insure the peace they would be willing to make some of this government stockpile available to local agencies for normal operations.

If chaos breaks out and local agencies are left to their own demise they may run out of ammo early in the game. In some instances it is likely that criminal elements will provoke gun fights with police with the sole purpose of expending their limited supplies of ammo. After several weeks of a slowly developing crisis, many departments may indeed run out of ammo. This would cause an explosion of violence and criminal activity. It would eventually cause people to call on the intervention of federal forces to regain order when local agencies fail.

This is what some have stated the federal government wants to do. Allow chaos to spiral out of control until citizens scream for government control and the government will be waiting on the sidelines with the men and equipment to move in and take charge. After the failure of the local departments the federals will be seen as saviors and nothing they do initially will be questioned.

With the local agencies rendered impotent the federal government will have complete control. This could be one reason for the massive ammo purchases by DHS. If the ammo shortage in the law enforcement community continues and DHS makes no attempt to bolster local supplies then it will be a good indication of their intentions. At some critical time DHS may offer the local agencies full access to ammo but only if the agencies relinquish their authority and are absorbed into DHS. Local agencies that have subverted their local community support will find it difficult to maintain order since the bonds between law enforcement and community have been broken. All of the actions now being taken by law enforcement nationwide will ensure violence if a crisis arises and the probable failure of local agencies. The people should be prepared for that eventuality.

The Double Edged Sword of Control

By: Tom Chatham

With the advent and continuing growth of the police state it might seem reasonable to many that “they” know who potential resisters are and are prepared to round up any dissenters and put them some place safe when it’s appropriate but we also know who they are. It is impossible to implement a control grid without letting the “little people” know who’s in charge. Have you noticed over the years that police increasingly now wear masks when conducting raids and resemble the terrorists we see on TV.

It’s as if they want to hide who they are so no one will know who it is that is taking away your rights. For those that are fooled by the masks here’s a clue, they still wear a uniform. That is one thing they cannot hide. That is also one thing that makes it so dangerous for the dwindling few that are still honest law enforcement officers. When things start to go wrong, everyone with a uniform will be painted with the same brush. There will be nowhere to hide.

The same can be said for homeland security and all the rest. These agencies have distinctive uniforms so everyone will know at a glance that they are in charge. No longer is it necessary to look for a black hat to find the villain, just look at the uniform they wear and that will tell you what side they are on. This has apparently not occurred to the controllers or else they don’t think it matters. That may change.

Since Barrack Obama was first elected president the left wing extremists have come out of the woodwork like a cockroach convention letting out. They have made it known in a very vocal way who they are and what they really stand for. Do they think this has not been noticed or will be forgotten anytime soon? Everyone now knows who all of the extremist, American hating, constitution burning radicals are in this country. That makes it very easy to identify them when things start to breakdown.

Members of congress are now bold enough to say aloud that they are socialists and communists and do so with a sense of pride. They are so emboldened by the advances to their agenda over the last few years they make no attempt to hide it. Many Americans may have a short memory but the one’s who really care about this country will remember. These government officials have marked themselves and there will be a day of reckoning.

The feeling that the new agenda has succeeded and there is no stopping it has caused these people to overplay their hand. In strutting about they have exposed themselves and painted a potential target on their backs that will not go away. By showing themselves to be “in charge” they offer a public that is slowly growing dissatisfied with current conditions a visible place to direct their anger. The controllers will try to divert this anger toward the gun owners, patriots and Christians in this nation when the time comes but that may not work. Too many people now know what is happening and who is to blame and that cannot be changed.

While citizens may be the target of repression, the enforcers will also be exposing themselves and their families to reprisals that they cannot hide from. This is the main reason that ultimately, gun confiscation will be necessary to the controllers. They know they are in a bad position but have made it worse by showing who they are. All of the armored vehicles and bullet proof booths in the world are not going to be enough to keep these people safe when their repression reaches a boiling point.

Every new law and every new action by these government entities will be necessary to show who is in charge and each one of these actions will also foment a rising resistance that will cover this country with a dark cloud that will eventually turn into a rainstorm of biblical proportions. You cannot repress a population without showing yourself and thus leaving yourself open to reprisals. That is a lesson that the cockroach convention will have to learn the hard way. That is the double edged sword all dictators have to deal with.

The Government Loves Boiling Frogs

By: Tom Chatham

The modern day survival movement grew out of the cold war era of the 60s when nuclear war was seen as the ultimate nightmare scenario that humanity had to protect itself from. That evolved in the 70s when a host of other threats were realized. For over 40 years Americans have sought to protect themselves from nuclear war, asteroids, earth changes, solar flares, economic collapse, civil breakdown and a long list of other crises.

Those that prepared in the 70s were sure doom was only a short time away. Every year they continued to prepare and expected the event at any time. Forty years later we are edging ever closer to doom but it still has not happened yet. This is not to say the doomsayers were necessarily wrong, they just misjudged the timing and failed to realize that some of the things they imagined were controlled by human actions that are somewhat unpredictable.

One of the things survivalists have prepared for is an economic breakdown along with all of the connected systems. If a system breaks and living conditions take a sudden and catastrophic dive it becomes evident to even the ones in a media induced coma.

When a break from normality happens suddenly it can cause chaos and riots as people realize they have been sold an illusion. When a breakdown comes slowly over the years, people have time to adjust to this new reality and learn to accept it. This is the boiling frog syndrome where a sudden shock to your system will evoke a response but a slow, steady change will not be perceived as danger until it is too late.

The breakdown of our economic system is a mathematical certainty. Many realized it in the 70s but they failed to realize how long government machinations could stretch it out. The government has known for years the day would come when the system would break and has pursued a boiling frog strategy to prevent a violent reaction from the population.

We are nearing the end of this system but it is in the governments’ best interest to keep it going a bit longer. The closer they can get the population to poverty and misery while the system still appears to work, the less of a violent reaction there will be when it ceases. When people finally find themselves broke and miserable, the majority will accept it as the new normal because they will be acclimated to it.

If you were to look at life today and compare it to the same day in years past, you would probably see a great deal of difference and the negative impacts the changes have had on your life. If you had went from that days reality years ago to today’s reality in only a few days time it would have been brutally obvious something bad had happened to you and this would have spurred you into action. Those that have been awake and those now awakening see this.

Because the masses have been lulled into their new reality it is hoped they will readily accept it when the system breaks. That is why as close as we are to disaster, they will continue the slow decay of society a while longer because it is to their advantage to have the masses accept the new reality and avoid violence. By the time the masses realize what has happened it will be too late to get out of the boiling pot and that is the way the government wants it.

You Can’t Eat Gold

By: Tom Chatham

If you talk to a number of people preparing for bad times eventually you will hear this comment. While it is an accurate observation, it misses the point of a well rounded plan. If you have some wealth and your plan for catastrophic situations is to buy and hold gold and nothing more then essentially you have no plan. That is what this comment really means.

For a person that feels the need to prepare for situations that force you into a survival position you need to place your eggs in several baskets. You need to take care of absolute needs first to get through the situation you perceive. A person needs food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, security, heat and light as a minimum to get through difficult situations. You need to determine how long the situation may last and how extensive your preparations need to be to get you through it.

In a normal functioning world a person may be able to get by in a situation with just money. Someone displaced by a hurricane can relocate to an undamaged area and just buy what they need until things are repaired but what good is money if money as we know it collapses?

That is the problem with other than normal disasters where supplies are in short supply and those with them refuse to sell at any price. A proper plan addresses this type of breakdown and prepares you for it. So why do so many people say buy gold and silver if it may not buy what you need in a catastrophic disaster?

Gold and silver are a way to store your EXCESS wealth until the situation stabilizes and commerce resumes in some form. You should not be dependant on PM’s to acquire goods DURING the crisis except in emergencies where something out of the ordinary may be needed such as a tire for your car or medicine for an unexpected illness. The things you must have to satisfy day to day needs should already be in your hands when this type of situation emerges.

This does not mean you may not be able to buy goods at all. Producers such as small farmers, fishermen and producers of other goods that people need may still have a production capability and will still need to sell those products to earn a living. Those that have a medium of exchange they will accept will allow the purchase of these items to bolster the items you already have and extend your supplies.

The value of gold and silver become important when the situation stabilizes and you want to improve your living position. They allow you to preserve your wealth and take advantage of bargains when others are unable to buy and acquire property, equipment, businesses and income producing investments such as rental properties. They allow you to get your hard earned savings from back there to up here where they will be needed to insure a good retirement. Precious metals are your life raft when everything else sinks. They allow you to stay afloat along with your other floatation supplies and reach safety.

When someone asks you if they should buy PM’s to get them through difficult times you should ask them what their plan is for food, water, shelter, clothing, sanitation, security, heat and light. If they say gold then you are correct for stating, you can’t eat gold.

The List of Many Lists

By: Tom Chatham

Many individuals have published lists of the many things you may need or want during an emergency. The following are a few different lists you may want to ponder while making your plans for self sufficiency or disaster.

Emergency food supply providing about 2,600 calories per day

Item                                                                                             Ounces per day

Whole kernel hard wheat                                                                    16
Beans                                                                                                    5
Non-fat milk powder                                                                             2
Vegetable oil                                                                                        1
Sugar                                                                                                    2
Salt (iodized)                                                                                     1/3
Multi vitamin pills                                                                      1 per day

Emergency food supply for a baby

Item                                                                                            Ounces per day

Instant non-fat dry milk                                                                  2 ¾      1 cup + 2 Table spoons
Vegetable cooking oil                                                                      1            3 Table spoons
Sugar                                                                                               0.7         2 Table spoons
Standard daily multi vitamin                                                     1/3 pill

Disaster planning and emergency considerations

Psychological preparations

Know warnings and communication systems

Evacuation plan

Shelter – short term and long term

Ventilation, heating and cooling of shelter

Protection against fires and carbon monoxide



Specialized equipment – NBC, medical, tools, communications, weapons etc.


Shelter sanitation and preventive medicine

Clothing, improvised clothing and protective items

Energy sources


Survival seed supply

In a situation when you need to bug out and can only take what you can physically carry, you want to take a seed supply that will give you the most food for the space. A supply of seeds that will feed you year round and will fit in your pocket is ideal.










Oats, hulless

Cotton seeds – (clothing production) for permanent relocation

Soapwort seeds – (soap production) for permanent relocation

Sprouting potato – if room and weight permit

Subjects of study

Medical – first aid, CPR, wound management, medicinal herbs

Hand made tools for farming

Butchering and preserving wild game

Homemade filters – for water or air

Building structures using locally available materials

Tanning hides and making cloth

Making charcoal and coke from wood

Making cast iron from iron ore bearing rocks

Making green sand molds

Root cellar storage and dehydrating foods

Fire starting methods

Furniture making and joinery methods

Land navigation and time telling methods

Long term bail-out-bag

For required long term relocation on foot a dual purpose weapon such as an AR15 with .22LR adapter will allow more ammo capacity.

Water filter
Ziplock bags – various sizes
Hunting knife
Gerber tool
Small hatchet and/or folding saw
Magnesium fire starter w/flint
Fishing supplies
Salt, 2 lbs
Folding shovel
Pencil and small notebook
Playing cards
Cook set – SS or aluminum
Eating utensils
Sleeping bag
Weapon and acc.
Hand crank LED light/radio
Lightweight tarp
Para cord 100’
Medical supplies – iodine, triple antibiotic ointment, gauze, razor, tweezers, aspirin, bandaids, tape
Toilet paper
Dish rag
Rain suit/poncho
Mylar blankets
Hygiene kit
Multi vitamins
Sewing kit
Bed sheets – multi use item for clothing, filtering, bandages etc.
Duct tape
Magnifying glass
Dry bleach

Anyone that determines a bug out plan may be necessary must also acknowledge that there is the remote possibility you may be forced at some point to relocate on foot with only the items you can carry. A civil breakdown, natural disaster or war could force a permanent relocation to a safe area. In the event this happens you should at least have a list of items you have already designated to carry to enable a fast exit from the area. While many may not see the need there are situations when staying where you are will result in death. If you decide not to develop a walk out plan because you feel you are physically unable to do so, you should reconsider and develop a plan that will work for your situation when the time comes. Time is a critical element when evacuation is necessary and any delay can be deadly. If you had to start over again with only the things you could carry, what would they be? Now is the time to figure that out.

What is Your Economic Plan?

By: Tom Chatham

The people that have an understanding of the current financial situation have already begun their plans to stay solvent and provide for their families. They have stored food and seeds, bought some silver or gold coins and looked into alternative sources of power and energy for their homes. These are the logical starting points, but is it enough?

With the downturn in the economy many are doing the best they can to prepare but smaller paychecks, higher taxes and rising prices are making it difficult to stay ahead of the growing problems in the world. Even though you may have a limited amount of money, you need a long range plan to get through the potential troubles ahead.

The best way to navigate economic troubles is to be as free from the economic system as possible. This means you must be able to provide as many of your own goods and infrastructure as possible to limit the needed financial resources you have available. The act of building a self sufficient homestead is a large and often expensive task. It is beyond the ability of most to do it in a short period of time.

For those that see the need for self sufficiency but lack the financial resources, a long range plan must be devised to get you there. In devising a plan you must decide what resources are critical and which are the most readily attainable with the financial resources you have.

A raw piece of land that you can grow food on and build a structure from locally available materials is a critical piece of the plan but you may lack the financial resources at this time to buy what you need. You must look at your financial ability to buy this piece of land and determine how long it will take you to save up to get it. You want to buy it in full with no debt obligations which will make it more difficult.

After determining how long this will take, you must decide if the length of time will leave you vulnerable to economic shocks while saving this money and what the best use of your money short term would be. If it will take you several years to save up the needed money for purchase, some of your funds may be better spent short term on infrastructure to equip your homestead when you finally get it.

The purchase of gardening tools, grain mills, canning supplies, alternate energy systems, carpentry tools and production equipment may offer you more for your money now if prices are rising fast. The stocking of materials you will need later is one way to beat inflation. This must be done as part of a well thought out plan though to insure your goal of purchasing property is not undermined.

Many of these items are useful even if you do not have your own property yet so you will be able to get some use from them and even save some money as a result to put towards your land. If you grind wheat you buy in bulk and can as much as you can from a kitchen garden, it can do a great deal for your cash flow. A wood stove that you can use now and relocate later to your new property can be a good investment. Something as simple as collecting tree limbs from around your yard during the year and from your neighbors providing free fuel may allow you to use much less fuel or electricity during the winter allowing you to put that savings toward your property.

The purchase of production equipment will detract from your land fund but the ability to use that equipment now may allow you to save as much or even more to put into that fund. This will provide a compounding effect if planned well that can see you to your goals even sooner.

You may decide getting some livestock is advantageous. A few pullets and a rooster are easy enough to care for and once moved to your new property you have the capability to hatch more chicks and expand your flock with little expense. The same can be said for pigs. Buying a pair of piglets cheaply several months before you move will provide you with the ability to expand your hog numbers shortly after arriving at your new homestead providing a good source of extra cash. A livestock operation can be expanded very economically once the breeding animals are obtained.

This is the value of having a well thought out plan. It will help you determine what you can purchase now and what financial savings and impact it will have. A good plan is the key to economic security and your future happiness. While you accumulate your tools, you may want to study the economic situation and determine the best method to preserve your savings until you buy your property. If it will take you several years to save enough, during that time high inflation may rob you of a lot of your purchasing power.

You may decide it is best to store this money in gold or silver until it is needed for the purchase. As long as the government continues to print money it is a safe bet that paper assets will take a big hit over time. This may allow you the opportunity to leverage the value of your savings up allowing you to purchase sooner.

What should come first, the land or the tools? This is a question that you will need to answer. If you have the means to buy property now outright it might be the best idea to get it and work on the tools next. If you have property, you have the means to grow food and provide a minimal structure for shelter. In a worse case scenario, this might be the best insurance policy to have especially if you may lose your current home due to job loss or other economic shock. This is what your plan will help you to decide.

Nobody knows better than you what your needs are and what your capabilities are. A sound plan will help you through the difficult times we are facing. No two plans work equally well for everyone so your plan needs to be tailored for you and your circumstances to be most effective. It costs you very little to run some numbers and do some research now but the payoff can be well worth it. .

If you don’t know where to begin, start with this. Make a spreadsheet with all of your monthly purchases and bills. Do this for the whole year and include everything you know you will have to pay during the year such as mortgage, insurance and even clothing. Once you have this list you will see the payments that are somewhat set every month and those that vary. It is the variable items where you will save the money you need for your plan. You must look at these variable items and decide what is more important, entertainment and expensive foods now or financial peace of mind later. You must develop a plan to save as much of your disposable income as possible while still providing those things in a cheaper way such as growing and canning your own food or repairing your clothing instead of just buying something new.

The paradigm we all have built our lives on is coming to an end and those that refuse to plan for the inevitable changes will be devastated. The flexibility you have in future years will determine how well you will adjust and how much pain you will have to endure. Those that have no plan will suffer the most and will find it difficult to lead a normal life. If you have no plan it is not too late but time is very short. You must act now or live with the consequences.

Is The Nation of Islam Planning For Chaos?

By: Tom Chatham

Louis Farrakhan recently gave a speech to the Nation of Islam and he mentioned some interesting things. He wants street gangs to help provide security for lands owned by the Nation of Islam. He believes these gangs have useful battle skills they can teach and wants them to be a part of his future plans. He also advises blacks to reduce excessive spending and pool money to buy land. That is good advice for anyone but the location of these purchases may also say a lot.

The NOI already owns 1,500 acres of farmland in Georgia and currently has a campaign to raise $10 million in donations by March 31 to buy hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in the Midwest with the intent of producing food. In the event that another economic shock hits in the near future, anyone with large amounts of cash will be well positioned to buy properties at fire sale prices.

The NOI Ministry of Agriculture has the goal of acquiring enough agricultural properties to provide the 40 million blacks in this country with clothing, shelter and at least one meal a day. They calculate they would need 51 million acres to accomplish this but 6.3 million would suffice if meat and dairy are limited. They believe 6.3 million acres would cost about 6 billion dollars and an additional 2 billion would be needed for machinery.

In a recent article, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, we mentioned the Muslim Brotherhood and the training camps they have in the U.S. The fact that Islamic extremists have infiltrated the American government and have cited their intention to turn this country into a Muslim nation helps to put the recent comments by Farrakhan into context.

It is a foregone conclusion that any serious collapse in the U.S. would cut off food supplies to major cities. Those that control the food would have a great deal of power. Any serious resistance to a government takeover would also come from the rural areas where most of the food is produced. It has been the practice of Islamic extremists in the past to destroy their enemies by infiltrating and destroying from within for maximum effect. The unrest in Europe and dilution of local populations and customs driven by Muslim immigrants gives credence to this idea.

Many hold the belief that a government takeover in the rural areas would be difficult and costly for the government. The government would need a plan to destroy and suppress any resistance in these areas to insure government control of farmland. The tried and true method for these individuals has always been to infiltrate and destroy and the Nation of Islam is setting itself up for just that sort of operation based on what Farrakhan has said.

If the Nation of Islam buys farmland in key areas and has street gangs providing the security for these farms, they will be in a good position to infiltrate and intimidate the local population. These individuals have no fear of gun fights and kill with no regrets. They are expendable and offer the perfect force to subvert any local actions to keep the peace. With a criminal element loose in an area during a civil breakdown, it would help facilitate the entrance of government forces to pacify the area.

The ability of locals to resist government forces while also fighting off criminal elements in their midst would make life very difficult and would escalate the violence an order of magnitude. The government wouldn’t even have to pay these individuals. They could just let them keep anything they pillage with full immunity from prosecution for all crimes including murder.

While the intent of the NOI may be honorable, the incorporation of street gangs, the purchase of large tracts of farmland and the machinations of the Muslim Brotherhood in this country present us with a situation where extreme caution is encouraged. There are forces at work that seek to undermine and destroy this nation and everything it stands for. These days it is easy to see conspiracies everywhere, but given that Chicago is the presidents’ political home base and is the home of the NOI, and given the history of this city for corruption and Marxist ideology, it is reasonable to be suspicious of these actions.

Are we to believe that violent street gangs that make hundreds of thousands of dollars every year selling drugs want to give that up to live a quiet country life? One of the favorite actions of the present government is to overwhelm the population with so many different threats at one time that most people are unable to respond to them all allowing some to succeed. It is a good way to slowly grind away at the edges until they get what they want.

As the economic situation deteriorates at an increasing speed, it is important to insure you have an economic plan in effect to care for your family during the uncertain times ahead and to keep an eye on the national situation as it unfolds. It’s always the little things in life that get you in the end. The NOI seems to be putting their self preservation plan into effect. It would be wise for others to follow suit.

Martial Law: The Tool of Tyrants

By: Tom Chatham

Martial law is by definition- the temporary rule by military authorities over the civilians as in time of war. Over the years, the meaning of martial law has been obfuscated to mean something very different from its intended purpose. This obfuscation has come from the very tyrants that have used it to oppress and intimidate the civilian masses for their own self interest.

There are two versions of martial law you need to be concerned about.

The proper application of martial law is used when civilian leadership is absent or destroyed during times of conflict. The military command operating in the area declares martial law or military law. This means the military becomes the temporary authority to oversee civilian operations necessary to serve the population until a civilian government can be reconstituted to perform the function.

The military becomes the surrogate leadership and is obligated to enforce the civilian laws as the civilian government would. This military leadership is merely taking the temporary place of the elected officials until such time the community can replace them by proper elections utilizing the democratic principles they are accustomed to. This temporary leadership is applied to prevent the chaos that prevails when no leadership is present to enforce laws and provide infrastructure for the populace. It is meant to enforce the continued civilized behavior of the community to ensure that peace and normal operations continue for the benefit of the citizens. This is the true meaning of martial law and any deviation from this application should be considered illegal.

The second version is the one most people see or talk about and is not to be considered legitimate.

When a civilian entity declares martial law it is contrary to the very meaning of the phrase. If civilian leadership is present, military leadership is not needed as the civilian government has the authority to enforce the laws and administer to the populations needs. When a civilian entity declares martial law what they are really saying is, they want to dispense with the rule of law and rule by force. This fact is evident where any civilian entity has declared martial law in the past.

When these entities declare martial law they universally dispense with normal civilized behavior and legal proceedings and engage in a reign of terror to oppress the civilian population and deny them their unalienable rights. The idea that an entity can suspend legal laws approved by the population and act on the whims of their emotions and desires is the absence of legitimate law. This type of martial law is usually employed by individuals or groups that desire to overthrow the legitimate legal system for their own personal gain and will do anything they deem necessary to maintain control.

When a rational person asks themselves what the reason for martial law is, they will in all likelihood come to the conclusion expressed in the first case. When a government finds itself in a time of chaos, it has the ability to summon reinforcements to bolster the police force to maintain order. It has the ability to order curfews to clear the streets to enforce the peace and arrest those who break the current law. So, why would martial law be necessary in the presence of civilian leadership doing what it is legally elected to do?

The same rational person would arrive at the conclusion in the second case that martial law declared by civilian entities is nothing more than a power grab meant to take away the rights of a free people in the name of tyranny. Those that apply rational thought and critical thinking to this issue will see the logic in the argument.

To anyone who would argue otherwise, certain questions will make it very clear.

Why would it be necessary to suspend the constitution?

What does martial law really mean?

What circumstances necessitate the action of martial law?

What laws are applied when martial law is declared?

Where are these laws for martial law written down?

Who created these laws and how were they approved?

Who has the authority to declare martial law and where does this power come from?

There are cases when martial law may be needed when civilian leadership is absent but the employment of martial law by civilian agencies acting on emotions and desires is the law of brute force and is no law at all. The lack of an educated populace makes the second case possible due to a lack of understanding of the principles of freedom and unalienable rights meant to prevent a second case scenario.

An unarmed populace is helpless to stop the second scenario and prevent the brutality that comes with it. Unchecked brutality leads to theft and murder and eventually mass murder. These are the lessons of history we are often to forget until we are reminded in a very graphic and painful way.