Sheepdogs and Wolves

By: Tom Chatham

Anyone in this country that has been watching events unfold the last few years and has a realistic view of the world knows that a big fight is brewing in this country. It may not necessarily be a shooting war but it will be a battle of ideas and lifestyles.

When the people of a nation become so diverse that they no longer hold the same values in life, it is only a matter of time before a conflict arises. Diversity can work only as long as the idea of live and let live is practiced by everyone, but once a segment of that population attempts to force its ideas on everyone else, the peace and tranquility of the nation will be destroyed.

When conflict arises in a nation, it is not the whole nation that will fight the battle but only a small percentage of it. A small percentage will fight for the values as they were and a small percentage will fight for the values as they want them to be. The vast majority of the population may hold opinions that lean one way or the other but they will not engage in the battle themselves. These poor timid spirits will await the end of the battle and embrace whatever values prevail. These people are sometimes called sheep.

This is something that many do not grasp in this nation. Only a chosen few will take sides in this coming battle. Everyone will be affected but few will participate in the decision making.

The battle will be fought by the sheepdogs and the wolves. The sheep will go where they are told by whoever has the upper hand at the time. This is how it is and will be. If the sheepdogs are not victorious, the sheep will eventually be slaughtered as the wolves require. If the sheepdogs are victorious and kill or remove the wolves, the sheep will continue to be safe. This is how it is in nature.

Things can really be as simple as that because that’s how nature is. It can be harsh or pleasant but will always be simple in its’ true form and it isn’t always fair. A hurricane can knock down a great tree but if that tree has strong deep roots, it will survive and outlive the storm.

If the sheepdog has strong character and a noble heart it can defeat the savage wolf. That is what we must depend on as a nation in the future. It is only these few guardians and their character that will keep the nation safe and prosperous for future generations. The alternative could be oblivion.

Those in society that want radical change will do anything they can to sway public opinion to their side and will attack anyone that disagrees with them. They will dispose of systems that are tried and successful for ideas that are ill conceived and known to fail. They will slowly chip away at the stone foundations of society until nothing remains then claim it was destroyed by rot because of poor materials and workmanship. They will seek to build this new society upon the sand rather than stone as the former nation was. The sheep will be lulled away from the green pastures with sweet whispers of greener fields over the hill.

It is up to the sheepdogs to keep the sheep in their pasture and safe because the sheep know not what they do. When the wolves come around, it will be up to these sheepdogs to carry the fight and win the day. Sheep do not fight wolves so do not expect them to in the future. At some point you must decide whether you are a sheep, a wolf or a sheepdog. Once you know what you are, you will know what your job is and what others will expect of you. It is time for all sheepdogs to go to work. Are you ready?


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