Gun Control: The Red Herring

By: Tom Chatham

Ever since the Sandy Hook shootings, all you have heard from the left is gun control. They know this is a subject that will ignite the ire of the gun owning public and stir up a lot of bad feelings between the left and right in this country. That’s the point. While the left desperately wants to disarm the public, this latest show of disarmament is just that, another act in this long playing show. While any advances in gun control will be met with glee from the left, they know any meaningful disarmament would be a declaration of war.

They know that a massive push for more gun control will be the sole thing on many peoples’ minds. The people that know the current status of the U.S. and the financial calamity we are about to face will be too occupied with defending their guns to worry about anything else for a while. What is it that Rahm Emanuel likes to say, never let a good crisis go to waste. When they show you something with their right hand always keep an eye on their left one.

The power brokers in D.C. know that financial Armageddon is just around the corner and need to focus the nations’ attention elsewhere. As is the historical precedent, they will need to divert attention with a major war somewhere. Who is to say that war will not be in the U.S.? That would definitely divert everyone’s attention when the time comes.

It would be a two for one for the government. They could divert attention away from the financial crisis right up to the very end, then when everything falls apart go for the guns to keep pressure off of themselves for the crisis that they created and even have people look to them for help while blaming the deteriorating conditions on defiant gun owners.

While keeping an eye on the gun issue it is important to also keep an eye on four other issues that will have monumental effects on the public in the coming years. These issues will allow the government to gain full control of the population and tyranny will rule.

Dollar Status –

The derivatives bubble and the reserve currency status of the Dollar is a pressing issue that has the ability to change the world overnight. The worldwide value of derivatives is estimated at about 600 Trillion. If there is a meltdown it will take down major banks and possibly governments worldwide. Almost as disastrous is the reserve currency status of the Dollar. If the U.S. looses reserve currency status, the U.S. economy will implode almost overnight as everything that we must import will become much more expensive and we will no longer be able to just print money to buy the things we need. It will almost certainly cause hyperinflation in the U.S. destroying the currency and peoples’ savings. The FED is already buying most of the U.S. debt and several countries are moving away from the use of the Dollar in international commerce. If oil ceases to be sold in Dollars and oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia refuse to accept Dollars for oil then you will know the end of the Dollar is near.


The major stores of wealth remaining in the U.S. are in pension plans and retirement accounts. When the public is not looking they will try to grab these funds to continue funding the government and lock them into government securities that they control. These securities will either be wiped out in real value through inflation or if any value does remain the government will have control over who gets it and how much. Redistribution will be much easier once they have control of these funds and you will be at their mercy. I can imagine that anyone being labeled a terrorist by the government will have these funds seized by the government for their use.

Private Property –

The financial crisis will come as a surprise to many and these people will have no means to retain their property when the financial networks freeze up. Many will lose the money they had in the banks and with no means to continue paying their mortgage or ability to pay taxes, these properties will become an asset of the government either through the loan guarantees from federal agencies or from tax seizure by local governments. Those that have other payment options such as gold and silver to maintain payments will fare better than most others. Government ownership of most of the homes in the U.S. will give them the power over who gets shelter and what kind. They will also want control of the farmland which brings us to the fourth item.

Food –

The droughts of the past year have caused the global stocks of grain to become very low. If the drought conditions affect the grain harvests in 2013, the world will find itself in a precarious situation. The current low water levels in the Mississippi River are a good indication that ground moisture is very low in the center of the country. Unless we get sufficient rain in the next few months the winter wheat crop could be damaged. Food is power and if things get out of control the government will want to hold that power. If people are distracted from a potential food crisis by other things, they will not be stocking up on any food and will be caught with few supplies when a food shortage appears. This will allow the government the opportunity to control the food supplies and dictate where they are used and how much people will get.

It is not a coincidence that many of the gun owners in this country are also people who recognize the coming problems and have stocked up on food, gold and silver and own property to grow food, making them independent from the whims of the government. These are the very people that have tried in vain to alert the unsuspecting public with little success. It is to the governments’ advantage to keep these people distracted with other things while the country slips further into the abyss. Gun owners are the governments’ sworn enemies and the feds will seek to destroy them when the time comes.

At the end of the day the government will come after the guns but not before they have used guns as a distraction from the other problems that are not being addressed. These people are criminal but they are not stupid. The more chaos they can create at one time the better it will be for them. Who will care about the government coming after Billy bob’s guns when they are struggling just to feed their families and find shelter. Everything will be orchestrated for maximum effect and advantage. When the government starts to push gun control hard with the right hand, keep an eye on the left hand and watch out.


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  1. I cant offer argument on any of the issues you raise, but when I read the many articles I see like this, it always infers that no one left in this country has a backbone! I cant believe they are just going waltz in and suppress an entire populace just as pretty as you please.

    • Make no mistake about it, if the feds start outright confiscation, one hell of a shooting war will start in this country. The problem is that as of right now many in this country refuse to believe there is a looming financial crisis on the horizon and still have blind faith in the government. Many of these people will try to cling to that belief and do as they are told when things fall apart. When things do fall apart, those that failed to prepare for it will have few options than to submit to the government due to lack of resources and this is what the government is counting on. This is a point preppers have been trying to get across to people for years. Many of those with guns that know which way the wind is blowing are prepared for this eventuality and will never give up the fight. The government will be able to subjugate a large percentage of the population rather quickly but the rest are the one’s they truly worry about. This will be no easy matter for the government and in the end I don’t think they will succeed.

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