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Post Crisis Store Supplies and Services

By: Tom Chatham

During a catastrophe, many of the things we take for granted may not be available for an extended period of time. In a situation such as a currency collapse, the normal supply chain can be affected for weeks or months until some type of stabilization occurs. Those that are entirely dependent on the normal operations of the complex system we have can find themselves in want of daily necessities and suffering terribly because of it. No matter how much people are told to prepare for disasters, the majority will always subject themselves to the normalcy bias and ignore the problem assuming “someone” will fix it if anything happens.

For those that understand the problems we face and understand the complexities of the supply chain, the ability to stock extra items for later sale can provide a source of income to help you acquire the things you need but do not have. The ability to open a small store to sell the things that will be difficult to find in the aftermath of a catastrophe is a sound business venture that should be seriously considered. In the following list of possible items that you might want to stock, it becomes evident that food items are left off.

During a series of shortages the first thing people will need is water, food and energy. These things will be needed during the crisis and this is a dangerous time to be selling critical items. Those that have no form of exchange that you are willing to accept will become desperate and likely violent. Trade during this time should be carried out through intermediaries to prevent individuals from targeting you for their needs. Any food or energy items you have to part with can be disposed of at this time if you have a proper plan in effect and extra supplies for this purpose.

This article deals with sales of supplies from a store either stationary or mobile, that people may want or need after the situation has stabilized and they have other needs to fill. Many of the suggestions are durable items that may not be in production for a while but will play a role in hygiene, health, shelter repair, household needs or recreation. Most of these items are still available relatively cheap for the time being and take up very little space but may command a premium price later. They can be stored for long periods of time with little degradation in function. These are only some of the possible items you may want to store. A careful analysis of your location and possible needs will help you develop a good list of sale items that will be in high demand when the situation stabilizes.

Also keep in mind that having a few oddball, slow moving items that no one else carries may bring customers to you first providing the opportunity to sell other items that everyone else has.

Supplies –

Disposable lighters
Lighter fluid and flints
Gauze bandages
Hydrogen peroxide
Rubbing alcohol
Medicated powder
Writing pads
Plastic combs
Tooth brushes
Disposable razors
Toilet paper
Feminine hygiene products
Lamp wicks and mantles
Playing cards
Light bulbs
Pocket knives
Sand paper
Shoe laces
Sewing kits
Jersey gloves
Misc. hardware – nails, screws, staples
Plastic sheathing
Tubes of caulking
Tubes of roofing tar
Wheel bearing grease
Rubber repair kits
Duct tape
Super glue
Wood glue
J-B weld
Fishing supplies
Canning lids

Beyond having a few items to sell you may want to plan on a post crisis service business you can run to generate income. A business that requires a small amount of equipment and limited space should be your goal. This will allow you to shelter your equipment and protect it during the worst of the crisis and allow you to move it if necessary.

Services –

Milling flour and cornmeal – Grain mill required

Smoking meats and producing sausage – Smoker, sausage stuffer, sausage ingredients and fuel source required

Baking bread, pies and cakes – Specialty pans and spices required

Clothing repair service – Sewing machine, patches and sewing supplies required

Auto repair – Mechanic tools required

Welding – Welder and supplies required

Barber shop – Chair and barber tools required

Diner – Cooking equipment, food source, dining ware, tables and chairs required

Ammo reloading and gun repair – Reloading dies, press, bullet mold, powder, primers, lead pot, case tumbler, gun smith tools and repair parts required

Furniture construction and repair – Carpentry tools (furniture specific) required

Saw sharpening service – Files and vise required

Blacksmith and tool production – Blacksmith tools and forge required

A decision to develop one or more of these business ideas will require a thorough analysis of the business idea and a listing of all individual items you may want to have on hand. You should ask some basic questions to identify the best business to start.

What services will local individuals need the most?

What services am I capable of performing with the proper tools?

What equipment can I afford to buy and store until needed?

What will I accept for payment and how much will my services be?

Where will I set up my business?

What expendable supplies will I need to replace on a regular basis and where will I get them?

Regardless of the crisis that occurs you will want to have a plan to generate income when things stabilize. Those that are already prepared to start a business will have an advantage over those who have not planned for recovery and lack the equipment to begin. The ability to generate income is the ability to control your future. Chance favors the prepared mind.


Quid Pro Quo

By: Tom Chatham

I’ve said before that I believe gun control is just a red herring and we may now be seeing what one of the reasons may be. The president has recently announced a return to the immigration debate and says it is a top priority. Many illegal immigrants that have supported the Democrats in the past are getting tired of being lied to and want action. Never let a good crisis go to waste.

The shootings in Sandy Hook last month gave the Democrats the momentum they needed to push for more gun control. While some states may make big pushes, the country at large will not allow it.

The Democrats know that any hard push for gun control will be their demise come the next election and are not ready to risk it. Bill Clinton even warned then in a recent meeting not to look down their noses at the gun owners in this country because it would be political suicide.

As with everything in Washington, it’s all about compromise. You give me your vote for this and I’ll give you my vote for that. This is beginning to look like another setup that will enrage most Americans once it is all known but will be too late to repeal.

This is how it could all go down. The Democrats want more gun control but there is too much resistance to it to go anywhere. Without support from moderate Republicans and Democrats, nothing can pass so a compromise will be reached. In exchange for a vote for gun legislation such as comprehensive gun registration or background checks the Democrats will tone down their calls for gun bans and in return Republicans will vote for Immigration Reform that will include a path to citizenship. This will be a double victory for the Democrats.

Democrats will get an important piece of immigration legislation that they want and Republicans will go along for the ride hoping it will resonate with immigrants and get some of their votes in the next go round. The problem for Republicans is that the Democrats, who have been promising this for a while, will reap the lions share of the credit and the votes. The Republicans will see some minor gun legislation as holding their line in the sand but gun owners will still be enraged and for good reason. This will keep gun control in the forefront as people like Chuck Schumer continue to call for more controls. If the UN passes the gun legislation coming up again in March it could put the necessary pressure on Republicans to make the deal. This will coincide with the debt limit debates around the same time and that too may play a role in the deal making.

They may pass legislation to tax guns and ammo out of peoples reach, implement new insurance that gun owners must have, institute new mental health exams as a prerequisite for firearms ownership or a combination of these actions. Those taking any type of prescription medication or with preexisting medical conditions may be denied gun possession until “certified” as safe and anyone labeled as a potential terrorist will be stripped of gun rights as a safety measure. A measure to deny gun ownership for unpaid taxes or other unpaid violations may also materialize by revoking the license you may be required to get to own guns just as you need one to drive a car. All they will then have to do is revoke your license for some dubious reason and when you do not surrender your guns as required they will simply stop you on the street one day and arrest you. These are just some of the nefarious laws they may use to separate some of the population from their guns.

This will continue until later this year another mass shooting occurs and the next big push for gun control will commence. If they have some type of gun registration they will know where to go for the guns when the time comes. A second shooting may give them the ability to pass more legislation concerning ammo or to actually come after the guns so be ready for that. They know they cannot take the guns in one sweep so they will continue to chip away at it until they have exactly what they want. The Republicans will play the moronic dupes throughout this whole show and continue to wonder why conservatives are mad at them. Gun owners will continue to be squeezed into a box until something gives. When it finally does give, it could be very messy. Conservatives cannot count on Republicans to do anything other than continue to cede ground to the Democrats for the foreseeable future. All I can say is, bend over, here it comes again.

The Short List of Critical Supplies

By: Tom Chatham

In these days of uncertainty it is only prudent to have sufficient stores to carry you over until the crisis has past. It is necessary to have the things you need on a daily basis just in case your supplies are cut off for any number of reasons. Your location and capabilities will dictate what supplies are most important to you so a complete analysis of the potential crisis is needed.

The critical supply list is not meant to replace a well rounded list of food, water, clothing or other supplies but rather to highlight items that are hard to produce locally and will be difficult to find in a catastrophic situation. These items will become necessary in many circumstances where long term survival becomes necessary and you must provide most of your own needs. Some of these items will be more critical to some people than others depending on the situation you find yourself in and the plans you have.

The short list is a group of items that would be difficult or impossible to produce locally, have important health benefits or provide cutting or construction ability. While a shortage of other individual items can be worked around in many ways, these items are difficult to replace or work around when needed.

The Bakers Dozen

Motor Oil, Lubricants and Filters –

While motor fuels can be produced locally from various sources, lubricants and filters are much more difficult to produce and are vital to engine operations.

Primers, Caps, Flints and Powder –

Many of the items required for firearms are capable of being homemade or reused from original supplies. Primers, percussion caps, flints and powder supplies are the critical links that are difficult to produce locally and must be stored in depth for continued availability during critical times of need.

Vegetable and Grain Seeds –

Seeds are the basis of a sustainable food system and are critical to long term food production.

Sea Salt –

Salt is necessary for the human body to function properly. The lack of it in your diet can be lethal. Salt is also a good preservative and sea salt contains up to 60 other minerals that are beneficial to the human body. Unless you live near a source of salt, it can be difficult to procure if supply lines are cut for any reason.

Quality knife –

Nothing can replace a good knife when one is needed. It can be used in the kitchen for preparing meals, dressing out a fresh piece of meat, for cutting materials or for defense.

Ax and Saw –

Tools that can be used to procure firewood, construct furniture and devices or build shelter are critical when all other systems fail or are lost.

Duct tape –

This is a truly multi purpose item. It has very good holding power, is very strong and very durable.

Aspirin –

This is an item that can be used for reducing the effects of a heart attack, relieving pain and reducing swelling.

Iodine –

This is a multi purpose item that can be used for preventing infections, purifying water and reducing some of the harmful effects of radiation by application to the abdomen. When applied to the skin, the body will absorb what it needs.

Emergency dental kit –

When medical services are cut off for extended periods, a minor problem like a lost filling can be catastrophic to a persons’ survival. The ability to seal an open dental cavity can be the difference between a fully functional person and an incapacitated person in great pain.

Sewing kit –

If clothing supplies are cut off for any reason for a prolonged period, it will be necessary to maintain clothing until replacements can be found. Sewing supplies can also serve as a makeshift wound repair kit.

Fishing supplies –

Fishing is possible in most areas of the country from rivers, lakes and ponds. This will provide a person with a secondary source of food in critical times. Fishing line is very strong and can be used for tying and securing materials when rope is not available. It can also be used to construct snares and traps for small animals.

Reusable canning lids –

While canning equipment and jars can be reused for many years, the weak link in canning foods for long term storage is the jar lids. Most lids now used are single use items and would require an extensive supply to last many years. Reusable canning lids when cared for can last for decades and provide an additional means to store meats and vegetables for long periods.

Depending on the location and circumstances you find yourself in you may determine there are other critical items that you should have for long term survivability. That is why it is important to assess your situation and determine what long term supplies you need but cannot produce locally and insure you have a sufficient supply before they are cut off. Critical supplies will demonstrate a low cost but high payoff and multiuse capability when a proper analysis is done.

Don’t Shoot the Bastards, Yet

By: Tom Chatham

There is a time for everything under the sun. The key is knowing when to do something and when to wait patiently. Right now is the time to bide your time and stay under the radar until you really need to act. Those in power are hoping some overreact and do something stupid so that they can capitalize on it. Now is the time to prepare and build up your supplies until the day they are needed.

Some have stated that burying a weapon does nothing to protect your gun rights. I would disagree to some extent. If you leave it buried when you should be using it then they are correct but it might be the best thing to do until that day comes. There are those who say they will fight to keep their weapons if someone comes for them but consider this. What if they come to your home while you are at work or at the grocery store? This is plausible especially if the enforcers wish to prevent a confrontation that may get some of them killed. This would prevent you from protecting your weapons and leave you little recourse if they get your arms.

There are some that say all of the rhetoric from the left is merely to agitate the right and invoke a response that would justify their actions to come for you. I would agree with that. There may come a time when the deed needs to be done but that time has not yet come. It was my belief that the government would come out with some type of regulations in the near future that will infuriate the gun owners but will do little more than make guns and ammo more expensive and slightly harder to get but will stop short of outright bans and confiscation right now. This is basically what just happened. This will be to keep guns in the public view as gun owners fight for their rights and will help obscure other agendas at work in the background.

As things stand now, unless there is a sudden catastrophic situation like a currency collapse and rioting, they probably will not push for outright confiscation for another 12 to 24 months, but I don’t see it going much beyond that before they try something. The UN is about to take up the gun control issue again by March so pay attention to this as it will have a great bearing on what the politicians in D.C. are compelled to try in this country. When the day comes you need to know you will still have a gun to use so every effort should be made now to preserve any backup weapons and ammo you have.

People are not in the mood right now for any armed confrontations. The populace at large has access to the things they need and they are still relatively content so the feds may not want to muddy the waters until it suits their needs. These people are resistant to any change right now that would cause any loss of the free stuff they get and to disrupt that supply by going after the government would shift the blame for any disruptions onto gun owners and those that know what is really happening in America. Only when these people start to feel pain from loss of supplies due to government actions will the mood change and be suitable for engaging the government.

When things start to get chaotic is when you should be leery. They want to use gun owners as the scapegoat for some of the problems that we have so don’t help them by doing something stupid right now. They will use the tactic of divide and conquer to separate as many of the gun owners as they can to prevent any type of organized resistance from forming. If things should go hot suddenly, the best tactic might be the employment of 3 man fire teams rather than large organized units of resistance. But that is a discussion for another day.

When the time for armed resistance and confrontation comes you will know it. Until then continue to prepare. If any type of fighting breaks out between the feds and citizens it will be a long campaign and logistics will play a large role in victory. When the feds start to clamp down on purchases of any type of supplies that can be used against them then you know time is growing short. As I have stated before, guns can be made from scratch so the thing that the government needs to limit to gain the upper hand is the ammo. With the amount of reloading equipment already owned in this country the things to watch are the primers and powder. Those are the weak links in the chain. As long as people have a sufficient supply of reloading ingredients, the government will be powerless to stop any resistance from the public. These are the things to stock up and keep a close watch on in the coming weeks.

Also be alert for any new hoarding laws that may be enacted to prevent the population from storing supplies that will limit government control by rationing goods. When the government decides to clamp down on everyone, food, water, travel, long distance communications and power will be used to maintain control of the situation. This will come in the later stages of any breakdown but they will try to limit the supplies people have ahead of any government moves. A careful analysis of the potential problems we could face should be explored by each person and backup plans made for different contingencies. Try to stay ahead of any shortages by using this analysis to plan your shopping. It’s all up hill from here so prepare yourself for a long hard struggle.

Five Cheap Root Cellars You Can Build

By: Tom Chatham

There are many people that have the ability to grow some vegetables during the summer. Many of these are eaten at the dinner table while at their peak of freshness and taste. Those that are thoughtful enough to plan for extra production and have a place to store it can enjoy their bounty for many weeks after the harvest providing good food and a secure food source for their family. Most people will either store their excess in the freezer or can it. Both of these ways are good but require either a constant supply of electricity or the time and resources to can.

This is fine when everything is going fine but the day may come when these resources are not available or are intermittent and undependable. The ability to store fresh produce throughout the winter utilizing a root cellar is an old and efficient practice. Unfortunately, with the convenience of super markets providing fresh vegetables year round and home freezers, very few people use or are even aware of this method of storage today. This is one method that is useful especially when power and canning resources are unavailable for storage and food becomes a difficult commodity to procure. By storing your excess in the ground you can extend your harvest to get you through the winter until the spring planting begins.

There are many ways you can go about building a root cellar but we will only cover five inexpensive methods here. When times get economically difficult it is good to have a backup storage plan that doesn’t cost a lot.

There are some things that will be similar among all types of cellars so for brevity we will discuss them before actually talking about the types of cellars you can build. A small plastic pipe should be installed to run from within 6 inches of the inner bottom to where it will project just above the ground covering. A second pipe should be situated on the opposite side of the enclosure and run from about 6 inches of the inner top to just above the ground covering. This will provide air circulation to the produce to limit the degradation during storage. As vegetables age and decay they produce vapors that can speed up the decay process so removing these vapors will aid in preservation. When temperatures drop below freezing you may need to cover the vents to prevent cellar temperatures from dropping too low and damaging your produce. It is also beneficial to have a screen over the vents to prevent bugs from invading your cache. To maintain the proper moisture it may be necessary to position a bucket of water in the cellar or a wet sponge in a plastic pan if space is limited.

Trash Can Method – For a person with limited space or food to store, a large metal trash can may be used as a cellar. The can will need to be dug in with the top at least 3 inches above the ground level. The outside should be painted to prevent rust and dirt should be packed around it to within 3 inches of the top. Your produce can be placed in small individual boxes and stacked in the can allowing sufficient air space around the items. This type of cellar will provide a water tight enclosure that can be helpful if you live in an area that has a high water table. Once you have your items in the cellar you can pile straw or even leaves over the cellar at least 24 inches deep to provide the necessary insulation to prevent freezing and maintain a constant temperature.

Clay Lined Hole Method – For a larger cellar you can dig a hole approximately 4 feet on each side and 4 feet deep. You should angle the walls out so they are about 4 inches wider on each side than the bottom of the hole. You can then gather a mixture of locally available clay and mix it with enough water to make it workable. You can then apply about 4 inches of clay to each wall providing a smooth and stiff structure that will resist collapse when wet. The floor of the cellar should be covered with about 3 inches of stone to allow ground moisture to maintain humidity levels while avoiding a damp floor. The top can be covered with a thick piece of plywood or other sturdy material and then covered with straw, pine needles or leaves for insulation.

Plywood Lined Hole Method – The plywood lined hole is similar to the clay lined hole only plywood is used to strengthen the walls. A hole 4 feet on each side and 4 feet deep can be dug and four walls consisting of plywood secured together with 2×4 lumber in each corner. The plywood should be painted on the outside and the inner edges to make the form last longer. Gravel can be placed in the hole then the form can be lowered in and backfilled with soil. A Plywood lid can be added and covered with straw, pine needles or leaves for insulation. This will provide about 64 cubic feet of storage space.

Refrigerator/Freezer Method – An old refrigerator or freezer can be buried in the ground and used as a cellar. When this type of item is used it should be painted on the outside to resist rust. This type of structure is fairly quick and easy to install and will provide a very nice interior for storage. It can be covered with materials for additional insulation and protection.

Log Covered Cellar Method – This type of structure can be as large as you need and can hold many bushels of produce. A hole 6 feet by 8 feet and as deep as you require can be dug. If the walls are sufficiently strong and no internal bracing is needed you can either leave it as such or apply a layer of plastic to provide a cleaner appearance. If internal bracing is needed the walls can be reinforced with logs, masonry or a cob type of substance. The floor can be covered with gravel to avoid creating a muddy surface. Logs 6” in diameter and at least 4 feet longer than the hole opening can be cut and placed on the roof and can be packed with a cob type of material or covered with plastic for water proofing. Then the logs can be covered with two to three feet of dirt for insulation. A small entrance can be dug into one end and one door placed at ground level and one flush with the inside wall to provide an air lock to keep inside temperatures stable in very cold weather.

Root cellars can be built in just about any size you may want and with many different types of materials that may be available to you. The main points to keep in mind are proper ventilation, stable temperature above freezing, sufficient humidity, sufficient space for produce and a sufficiently sturdy structure to house your storage items. Each person must decide what type of cellar will best suit their needs then decide the best method of construction for their area. When times get tight and you find the need for storing excess in a simple and inexpensive way, you should have a plan for a root cellar that you can utilize. Modern storage systems are great but you never know when they may fail or become undependable. A well built cellar may even be utilized as a storm shelter so all possible uses should be considered before construction to get the most from it.

Secession Comes In All Sizes

North Carolina – May 20, 1775

Mecklenburg today became the first county in America to declare its independence from Britain. The safety committee of Mecklenburg, formed to carry out the will of the Continental Congress, took this radical step in response to the British attack on colonists at Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, last month. The committee called for the election of military officers, declared all colonial constitutions void and said that any person who accepted an office from the crown was an “enemy to his country.”

Enemies Foreign and Domestic

By: Tom Chatham

The last few years have seen some very confusing actions coming from the leadership in Washington that has made people question what exactly is going on. The war on terror has suddenly been turned on its’ head with little explanation why. Suddenly, Al-Qaida fighters are allies and U.S. veterans and patriots are the enemy. It makes no sense until you learn what has actually been going on in the land of the free lately.

Thanks to an FBI discovery of a key Muslim Brotherhood document, which was entered into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation terrorism finance trial, we now know what they are up to and who some of the players are. The document presents the Brotherhood plan for “civilian-jihad” against the U.S.

The internal memo said Muslim Brotherhood members “must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and by the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and Allah’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

Evidence presented at the trial of the Texas-based Muslim charity Holy Land Foundation, convicted of funding Hamas, exposed CAIR, ISNA and others as front groups for the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States

Egypt’s Rose El-Youssef magazine in a Dec.22 story said six men turned the White House “from a position hostile to Islamic groups and organizations in the world to the largest and most important supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The article names Arif Alikhan, assistant secretary of Homeland Security for policy development; Mohammed Elibiary, a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Rashad Hussain, the U.S. special envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference; Salam al-Marayati, co-founder of the Muslim Public Affairs Council, or MPAC); Imam Mohamed Magid, president of the Islamic Society of North America, or ISNA; and Eboo Patel, a member of President Obama’s Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood Partnerships.

An internal Council on American-Islamic Relations memo written in 2007 called for infiltrating the “judiciary, intelligence and homeland security committees” by, among other things, “placing Muslim interns” in Capitol Hill offices.
CAIR, consequently, placed a number of employees within the Capitol, including known terrorists and terrorist suspects. Is it a coincidence that U.S. policy is openly supportive of the Muslim Brotherhood? Director of National Intelligence James Clapper testified before the House Intelligence Committee in 2011 that the Muslim Brotherhood was a “largely secular organization” without “an overreaching agenda.”

The new Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi declared “The Koran is our constitution, The Prophet Mohammed is our leader. Jihad is our path. And death for the sake of Allah is our most lofty aspiration.” This also happens to be the motto for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Groups such as CAIR and the Islamic Society of North America have a proven record of senior officials being indicted and either imprisoned or deported from the United States due to their terrorist activities and connections.
CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awad, for example, invited al-Qaida terrorist Anwar Awlaki to speak and pray at the Capitol. Awad also helped get Awlaki into the Pentagon within months of Awlaki assisting the 9/11 hijackers.

The Egyptian magazine noted Alikhan is a founder of the World Islamic Organization, identifying it as a Brotherhood “subsidiary,” Alikhan was responsible for the “file of Islamic states” in the White House and provides the direct link between the Obama administration and the Arab Spring revolutions of 2011, according to the magazine.

Elibiary was singled out by Rep. Gohmert at a House hearing. The Republican congressman confronted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano with a charge that Elibiary, who had a security clearance as a member of the DHS advisory council, accessed a federal database and shopped sensitive reports to a left-leaning media outlet to publicize his claim that the department is promoting “Islamophobia”

Elibiary, president and CEO of the Freedom and Justice Foundation of Carrollton, Texas, has been a strong supporter of the radical Islamic theologian Sayyid Qutb, whose teachings inspired and continue to govern al-Qaida and Islamic jihadist organizations worldwide. . Elibiary has strongly criticized the U.S. government’s prosecution of fundraisers for Hamas and is a defender of CAIR

Former assistant U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy documents that the DHS advisory group helped devise the new Obama counterterrorism strategy. The strategy has law-enforcement pare back their intelligence-gathering activities and take their marching orders from ‘community partners.’

The Egyptian magazine, Rose El-Youssef, said Rashad Hussain maintained close ties with people and groups in the Muslim Brotherhood network in America. He took part in the June 2002 annual conference of the American Muslim Council, formerly headed by convicted terrorist financier Abdurahman Alamoudi.

Obama appointed Magid, chief of the Muslim Brotherhood-founded ISNA, as an adviser to the Department of Homeland Security. Magid has also given speeches and conferences on American Middle East policy at the State Department and offered advice to the FBI.

Patel maintains a close relationship with Tariq Ramadan, the grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder Hasan al-Banna, Rose El-Youssef reported. He’s a member of the Muslim Students Association, which was identified as a Muslim Brotherhood front group in a 1991 document introduced into evidence during the Holy Land Foundation trial.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation or OIC is a bloc of 57 Muslim nations and “claims jurisdiction over Muslims in non-Muslim lands, defines human rights as Shariah, and advocates that Muslims not assimilate into the cultures of non-Muslims.” Secretary of State Hillary Clinton teamed up with the OIC to pass a U.N. resolution to restrict free speech deemed to be “defamation” of Islam.

In July, Rep. Michele Bachmann, R, Minn., and four other Republican House members, pointed to Hillary Clinton’s top aide, Huma Abedin, as a possible Muslim Brotherhood influence on U.S. policy. The lawmakers asked the inspector generals at the departments of Homeland Security, Justice and State to investigate, prompting Democrats and Republicans to rush to Abedin’s defense.

Abedin worked for an organization founded by her family that is effectively at the forefront of a grand Saudi plan to mobilize U.S. Muslim minorities to transform America into a strict Wahhabi-style Islamic state, according to an Arabic-language manifesto issued by the Saudi monarchy.

“For us to raise issues about a highly based U.S. government official with known immediate family connections to foreign extremist organizations is not a question of singling out Ms. Abedin,” Bachmann wrote, “In fact these questions are raised by the U.S. government of anyone seeking a security clearance.”

Advocates for an investigation of the Muslim Brotherhood’s influence on the U.S. government argue a simple reading of security clearance guidelines in reference to Huma Abedin’s family would warrant investigation.

The Center for Security Policy notes that security clearance guidelines for federal employees state a “security risk may exist when an individual’s immediate family, including cohabitants and other persons to whom he or she may be bound by affection, influence, or obligation are not citizens of the United States or may be subject to duress.”

The guidelines express concern for any “association or sympathy with persons or organizations that advocate the overthrow of the United States Government, or any state or subdivision, by force or violence or by other unconstitutional means.”

Nevertheless, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank has suggested researchers and lawmakers who have presented evidence of the Muslim Brotherhood ties of Abedin and her family are motivated by racism. He commented in a column that it’s “hard to escape the suspicion” that the charges have “something to do with the way she looks and how she worships.”

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., called the request for an investigation of Abedin and her family a “sinister” and “nothing less than an unwarranted and unfounded attack on an honorable woman, a dedicated American and a loyal public servant.”

Valerie Jarrett, one of President Obama’s chief advisers, was born in Iran and by some accounts actually sets the policy at the White House. She holds the same extremist views as President Obama and is a major driver of the fundamental change called for in America.

The U.S. government continues to be advised by organizations and individuals that the U.S. government itself has identified in federal courts as fronts for the international Muslim Brotherhood. When combined with the fact that we have a President with questionable loyalties, it presents some disturbing possibilities.
The Muslim Brotherhood in America is a latent insurgency.
According to the new US counterinsurgency manual, FM 3-24, an insurgency is defined
“as an organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict (JP 1-02).”

In America there is weapons training in many of the Ikhwan’s ( Muslim Brotherhood) camps whereas in other countries that training would have to be conducted secretly or at great risk. It is likely that the Ikhwan in America has been and is conducting military training for contingencies in America, and to support Brotherhood activities in jihad combat in foreign lands. It should be inferred there are latent military capabilities in US Ikhwan organizations.
Naturalized American citizens identified as members of the Muslim Brotherhood have violated their oath of citizenship and deceived the US government as to foreign allegiances and intent. The oath reads:
“I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign prince, potentate, state, or sovereignty of whom or which I have heretofore been a subject or citizen; that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same; that I will bear arms on behalf of the United States when required by law; that I will perform noncombatant service in the Armed Forces of the United States when required by the law; that I will perform work of national importance under civilian direction when required by the law; and that I take this obligation freely without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion.”

Now that we know who is influencing our government at the highest levels, and what their intentions are, it might answer the question of why our government is turning on its’ own citizens and stockpiling so much ammo. It seems as though America has been sold out by our leaders and a terrorist organization has taken control. The out of control debt will indeed destroy us from within as our enemies have proposed. The U.S. is in extreme peril and our future is now more uncertain than ever. It is not inconceivable that these Ikhwan personnel will be absorbed into government operations or otherwise used in some capacity if martial law is declared and used to further the fundamental change called for to complete the transformation of America into part of a worldwide Islamic Caliphate.

The far left in America and the Muslim Brotherhood are using one another to destroy capitalism and usher in a new society. Once those on the right are disposed of, liberals think they will have a free hand to build their Marxist society but the Muslims may have different plans and will dispose of the liberals when the time comes.

Those that think there is a government plot to destroy the Constitution of the U.S. may not only be correct but may be grossly underestimating the agenda at work and its goals. The massive arms buildup by Americans may be justly acknowledged as the most prudent thing to do at this time. When a major crisis visits this country in the near future, there may be a nefarious government plot at its core. It would behoove all Americans to keep alert of events in the coming weeks and months and take nothing for granted when it comes to the well-being of your family. If your “root cellar” is not already well stocked, you should do something about that sooner rather than later.

Sheepdogs and Wolves

By: Tom Chatham

Anyone in this country that has been watching events unfold the last few years and has a realistic view of the world knows that a big fight is brewing in this country. It may not necessarily be a shooting war but it will be a battle of ideas and lifestyles.

When the people of a nation become so diverse that they no longer hold the same values in life, it is only a matter of time before a conflict arises. Diversity can work only as long as the idea of live and let live is practiced by everyone, but once a segment of that population attempts to force its ideas on everyone else, the peace and tranquility of the nation will be destroyed.

When conflict arises in a nation, it is not the whole nation that will fight the battle but only a small percentage of it. A small percentage will fight for the values as they were and a small percentage will fight for the values as they want them to be. The vast majority of the population may hold opinions that lean one way or the other but they will not engage in the battle themselves. These poor timid spirits will await the end of the battle and embrace whatever values prevail. These people are sometimes called sheep.

This is something that many do not grasp in this nation. Only a chosen few will take sides in this coming battle. Everyone will be affected but few will participate in the decision making.

The battle will be fought by the sheepdogs and the wolves. The sheep will go where they are told by whoever has the upper hand at the time. This is how it is and will be. If the sheepdogs are not victorious, the sheep will eventually be slaughtered as the wolves require. If the sheepdogs are victorious and kill or remove the wolves, the sheep will continue to be safe. This is how it is in nature.

Things can really be as simple as that because that’s how nature is. It can be harsh or pleasant but will always be simple in its’ true form and it isn’t always fair. A hurricane can knock down a great tree but if that tree has strong deep roots, it will survive and outlive the storm.

If the sheepdog has strong character and a noble heart it can defeat the savage wolf. That is what we must depend on as a nation in the future. It is only these few guardians and their character that will keep the nation safe and prosperous for future generations. The alternative could be oblivion.

Those in society that want radical change will do anything they can to sway public opinion to their side and will attack anyone that disagrees with them. They will dispose of systems that are tried and successful for ideas that are ill conceived and known to fail. They will slowly chip away at the stone foundations of society until nothing remains then claim it was destroyed by rot because of poor materials and workmanship. They will seek to build this new society upon the sand rather than stone as the former nation was. The sheep will be lulled away from the green pastures with sweet whispers of greener fields over the hill.

It is up to the sheepdogs to keep the sheep in their pasture and safe because the sheep know not what they do. When the wolves come around, it will be up to these sheepdogs to carry the fight and win the day. Sheep do not fight wolves so do not expect them to in the future. At some point you must decide whether you are a sheep, a wolf or a sheepdog. Once you know what you are, you will know what your job is and what others will expect of you. It is time for all sheepdogs to go to work. Are you ready?

Gun Control: The Red Herring

By: Tom Chatham

Ever since the Sandy Hook shootings, all you have heard from the left is gun control. They know this is a subject that will ignite the ire of the gun owning public and stir up a lot of bad feelings between the left and right in this country. That’s the point. While the left desperately wants to disarm the public, this latest show of disarmament is just that, another act in this long playing show. While any advances in gun control will be met with glee from the left, they know any meaningful disarmament would be a declaration of war.

They know that a massive push for more gun control will be the sole thing on many peoples’ minds. The people that know the current status of the U.S. and the financial calamity we are about to face will be too occupied with defending their guns to worry about anything else for a while. What is it that Rahm Emanuel likes to say, never let a good crisis go to waste. When they show you something with their right hand always keep an eye on their left one.

The power brokers in D.C. know that financial Armageddon is just around the corner and need to focus the nations’ attention elsewhere. As is the historical precedent, they will need to divert attention with a major war somewhere. Who is to say that war will not be in the U.S.? That would definitely divert everyone’s attention when the time comes.

It would be a two for one for the government. They could divert attention away from the financial crisis right up to the very end, then when everything falls apart go for the guns to keep pressure off of themselves for the crisis that they created and even have people look to them for help while blaming the deteriorating conditions on defiant gun owners.

While keeping an eye on the gun issue it is important to also keep an eye on four other issues that will have monumental effects on the public in the coming years. These issues will allow the government to gain full control of the population and tyranny will rule.

Dollar Status –

The derivatives bubble and the reserve currency status of the Dollar is a pressing issue that has the ability to change the world overnight. The worldwide value of derivatives is estimated at about 600 Trillion. If there is a meltdown it will take down major banks and possibly governments worldwide. Almost as disastrous is the reserve currency status of the Dollar. If the U.S. looses reserve currency status, the U.S. economy will implode almost overnight as everything that we must import will become much more expensive and we will no longer be able to just print money to buy the things we need. It will almost certainly cause hyperinflation in the U.S. destroying the currency and peoples’ savings. The FED is already buying most of the U.S. debt and several countries are moving away from the use of the Dollar in international commerce. If oil ceases to be sold in Dollars and oil producing countries like Saudi Arabia refuse to accept Dollars for oil then you will know the end of the Dollar is near.


The major stores of wealth remaining in the U.S. are in pension plans and retirement accounts. When the public is not looking they will try to grab these funds to continue funding the government and lock them into government securities that they control. These securities will either be wiped out in real value through inflation or if any value does remain the government will have control over who gets it and how much. Redistribution will be much easier once they have control of these funds and you will be at their mercy. I can imagine that anyone being labeled a terrorist by the government will have these funds seized by the government for their use.

Private Property –

The financial crisis will come as a surprise to many and these people will have no means to retain their property when the financial networks freeze up. Many will lose the money they had in the banks and with no means to continue paying their mortgage or ability to pay taxes, these properties will become an asset of the government either through the loan guarantees from federal agencies or from tax seizure by local governments. Those that have other payment options such as gold and silver to maintain payments will fare better than most others. Government ownership of most of the homes in the U.S. will give them the power over who gets shelter and what kind. They will also want control of the farmland which brings us to the fourth item.

Food –

The droughts of the past year have caused the global stocks of grain to become very low. If the drought conditions affect the grain harvests in 2013, the world will find itself in a precarious situation. The current low water levels in the Mississippi River are a good indication that ground moisture is very low in the center of the country. Unless we get sufficient rain in the next few months the winter wheat crop could be damaged. Food is power and if things get out of control the government will want to hold that power. If people are distracted from a potential food crisis by other things, they will not be stocking up on any food and will be caught with few supplies when a food shortage appears. This will allow the government the opportunity to control the food supplies and dictate where they are used and how much people will get.

It is not a coincidence that many of the gun owners in this country are also people who recognize the coming problems and have stocked up on food, gold and silver and own property to grow food, making them independent from the whims of the government. These are the very people that have tried in vain to alert the unsuspecting public with little success. It is to the governments’ advantage to keep these people distracted with other things while the country slips further into the abyss. Gun owners are the governments’ sworn enemies and the feds will seek to destroy them when the time comes.

At the end of the day the government will come after the guns but not before they have used guns as a distraction from the other problems that are not being addressed. These people are criminal but they are not stupid. The more chaos they can create at one time the better it will be for them. Who will care about the government coming after Billy bob’s guns when they are struggling just to feed their families and find shelter. Everything will be orchestrated for maximum effect and advantage. When the government starts to push gun control hard with the right hand, keep an eye on the left hand and watch out.

When Murphy Shows Up For Dinner

By: Tom Chatham

Everybody knows Murphy. Just when you think you have everything figured out and set, Murphy shows up and ruins your best laid plans. It always happens at critical times.

I’ve said several times that you always need several backup plans for a severe crisis. Even if most of those plans are just paper assessments of what to do in unusual circumstances it is important to think about them while you have the opportunity to make a rational plan. The recent interviews by Doug Hagmann, at Northeast Intelligence Network, with a DHS insider should leave you with a sense of foreboding. After reading these interviews it is up to each individual to assess the information and come to their own conclusion. In the end you will need to rely on your gut instinct and do what you feel is necessary to preserve your wellbeing.

Many people have seen the storm clouds forming and realize the danger we face as a nation and many have made extensive plans and laid in many supplies. Those that have a rural retreat that is well stocked and secure from most hazards must keep one thing in mind. No matter how well you have planned, expect Murphy to show up at a most inconvenient time and ruin everything. It may not happen but you would be foolish not to plan for it.

If the nation is locked down for any reason and the government feels the need to bring the total population under tight government control, your rural retreat may not help. The cities would be the first place they would secure due to the large population there. The suburbs would be next then the rural areas. They already know a lot of the gun owning population lives in farm country so if they decide to do something stupid like confiscate firearms, they will have a plan to do it.

Most likely they will do a reconnaissance of the area they are about to secure and identify any well armed and supplied persons then show up in force. Most of those that have planned to defend their homes have planned for several heavily armed civilians at most working in unison to attack them. If the only danger is from civilians, this might be sufficient. If a platoon of heavily armed federals show up with air support, the dynamics will be much different. Think ATF, DHS and TSA goons with predator drones and armored vehicles.

In this instance most would either surrender or fight to the death and the federals would be willing to level the place. This is the scenario you need to contemplate. As General Patton once said, no poor bastard ever won a war by dieing for his country, he won it by making that other poor dumb bastard die for his. Sometimes, its better to live to fight another day. That means if the war comes to your front door one day it might be better if you were not home to answer the door. At the very least you should have the ability to prevent any vehicles from getting within half a mile of your home to reduce the aggressors abilities.

For those that have made extensive plans, this might be unthinkable but needs to be said. Even if you have what you consider the perfect retreat to sit out any collapse, you need to consider what circumstances would cause you to leave and where you would go. This may only be a temporary relocation until your home is safe again. Then again, your home may be lost forever. Are you prepared for that eventuality? There are some simple and relatively inexpensive things you can do to cushion the blow of this type of upheaval.

If you have several acres of land you have the ability to build a hidden “root cellar” on your property to store critical items that will allow you to go on if most of your other supplies are lost. If you do not have sufficient land for this, and you live close to a heavily forested area you may be able to install a small cellar there, hidden from view which you can store supplies in. If you see the need to relocate in this type of scenario, you may want to identify a large national forest or park near your home that can be utilized. A weekend hiking trip to the area can provide the reconnaissance you need and allow you the opportunity to actually build your cellar while you are there.

A simple 8 x 10 cellar covered with logs and dirt and lined with plastic can provide you with all of the storage you need. It can even act as a relocation site to provide a shelter if things become desperate. Keep in mind we are talking about extreme circumstances where everything is going wrong and you have few options. This may even be a backup plan where you review topographic maps of the area and have satellite maps to see what is actually there. Without even going there, you can choose a site to fall back to in desperate times. Once there you can build a cellar for shelter and storage. With nothing more than a shovel, bow saw, hatchet and roll of plastic, you can build a cellar utilizing locally available materials.

By digging a hole, then lining it with plastic and utilizing the roof logs to hold the top of the plastic in place, you can create a floor and four walls with a moisture barrier. Any extra plastic can be wrapped around the top of the logs and left on top. A second piece of plastic can be laid on the top to completely cover the logs to prevent leaks from heavy rains, and then the structure can be covered with dirt. The amount of dirt will depend on the size of the logs used. A hidden entrance 2’x 4’ can be built and camouflaged to prevent detection. As with a root cellar, two plastic pipes can be installed for ventilation and a third pipe made of metal can be situated to act as a chimney for a small wood stove should it be necessary. With a small enough stove, even automotive exhaust flex pipe may be used. The floor and walls can be reinforced with masonry or logs but will take considerably more time and expense to complete.

If installing a stove pipe, it would be beneficial to have it protrude from the ground at least several feet if not yards from your cellar. This will prevent your cellar from being destroyed if the heat signature of the pipe is used to direct weapons to you. This will also help to diminish the heat signature as the smoke travels through the pipe. If a plastic or metal form that resembles a large animal like a deer or a bear is positioned over the pipe exhaust it may appear on infrared detection equipment as just the heat signature from an animal and be dismissed.

Just to be clear, what I am suggesting is this. In the near future those in America that believe in the constitution and its protections, will be faced with not one war to fight but three. They will be fighting a revolution against the Government, a civil war against those who support the government and eventually a war against foreign troops attempting to take control of this country. Once the country is weakened by internal fighting and unable to defend our borders, it would be the best time for an aggressor to strike. This is why even well stocked rural retreats may not be enough to keep you safe throughout all of the fighting. A cellar stocked with critical supplies may be your last resort to keep in the fight and stay alive. Those that do not have the financial means to stock an extra site should not dismiss it outright. You can still identify a cellar location and make a plan for relocating the supplies you do have to that location if it becomes necessary. A well thought out plan will cost you nothing now but may save your life later.

In the movie Defiance, Russian Jews were suddenly and violently killed when the German army overran their country. Some escaped to the forest where they formed a resistance and fought back. Their life in the forest was difficult because they had no resources to live there initially and they suffered for their lack of basic necessities. This is a prime example of why a backup plan is necessary. Things can go bad very quickly with little warning.

At some point in the near future, everyone in this country will have a Murphy moment, and when that happens they will suddenly realize that all of their future plans are now destroyed. They will suddenly feel like they have a giant hole in their chest as if their guts were ripped out, and they will be gripped with fear. When that happens even the most prepared will ask the same question. Oh my God, what do I do now? Those that prepared will have an immediate answer to that question.

Here are some potential items you might want to stock at a cellar site as minimal backup.

Sanitation Kit –
5 gal. bucket with gamma seal lid
4 rolls toilet tissue
2 qt. pine oil
50 8 gal. waste bags
1 toothbrush
2 tubes toothpaste
1 collapsible sink
10 disposable razors
2 cans shaving cream
1 bath towel
1 wash cloth
12 bars soap
1 bottle medicated powder
1 mirror

Clothing Resupply –
5 gal. bucket with gamma seal lid
1 heavy work shirt
1 heavy work pants
1 pair boots
3 pair socks
3 pair underwear
3 t shirts
1 thermal top
1 thermal bottom
1 hat
1 neck gator
1 field jacket

Food Stores –
6 lbs. rice
6 lbs. beans
42 oz. oats
32 oz. vegetable oil
100 tea bags
4 lbs. sugar
5 lbs. cornmeal
4 lbs. milk powder
8 oz. salt
2 oz. pepper
1 lb. popcorn
2 lbs. potato flakes
Multi vitamins

• multiply this list by the number of months you need

Kitchen Equipment –
Kerosene or propane stove
5 gal. kerosene or 20 lbs. propane per month
Cook set – 1 frying pan, 1 – 2 qt. pot w/lid, 1 – 2 qt. pressure cooker, 1 coffee pot
Dining set- knife, fork, spoon
Cooking utensils- Spatula, large spoon, carving knife, large fork
Dish pan
Dish soap
Dish rag
Dish towel
Cooler 25qt.
5 gal. water jug

Power & Lighting –
5 gal. bucket with gamma seal lid
Kerosene or propane lantern with extra wicks/mantles
Candles 100 hr.
LED flashlight
Handcrank flashlight/ radio
Rechargable batteries – D, AA
Solar charger
5 gal. kerosene or 20 lbs. propane per month

Sleeping Gear –
1 cot
1 sleeping bag
1 sleeping pad
1 pillow

Field Gear & Weapons –
Weapon – This can be a cheap bolt action like a Mosin-Nagant capable of defense or hunting large animals.
Ammo – 400 plus rounds of ammo for defense and hunting.
Rifle cleaning kit with oil
Ammo pouches
Back pack
Canteen, cup, cover
Rain gear

Medical Supplies –
Antibiotic ointment
Eye drops
Hydrogen peroxide
Burn cream
Calamine lotion
Surgical razor
Bandage scissors
Emergency Dental Kit
Cotton balls
Irrigation syringe
1st aid dressings
Surgical tape
Butterfly closures
Ace bandage

Misc. Supplies –
Bow saw
Vegetable seeds
Food prep table
Dining table w/ chairs
Mechanical clock
5 gal. solar shower
Portable shower enclosure w/ tub
Butane lighters
Sewing kit
Playing cards
5 gal. water storage containers
Water filter
Fishing supplies as appropriate