Where Nations Go to Die

By: Tom Chatham

When nations rise from the morass of discarded ideas and congeal into something special, they have the ability to mold and temper history. The men who live in these times are witness to great things that live only in another realm. The birthing of great nations is an ongoing process. As with any process it eventually comes to an end.

Nations can only live and thrive when the men who act as the custodians of the nations trust are diligent and dutiful. When this trust is broken and the custodians allow the morality and social norms to decay, the lifespan of the nation becomes a countdown to oblivion. No nation that becomes morally bankrupt can sustain the years without the eventual collapse of the society. As the morality degrades, the crimes men commit against one another increase. They not only increase but they get more violent and heinous in nature.

A case in point is the recent school shooting where 20 children were murdered. The liberal press was quick to denounce this senseless killing and blame it on the gun culture in this nation. There has been a gun culture in this country for over 400 years but it is only recently that mass shootings are a problem. Sixty years ago a person could buy a gun through the mail with no background check. People had more access to weapons then than they do now. So why didn’t we have a problem with mass killings back then? Automatic weapons have been around for 100 years, so the weapons are not that different. Something is different though.

Today’s society is the most heavily drugged and morally bankrupt generation in American history. Many of the drugs now prescribed have been found to invoke dangerous behavior in otherwise normal people. Many of the people that show outrage at the recent killings will gleefully tout their pro choice stance that has helped to kill millions of unborn children. To many of these people, the murder of innocent children is only an outrage when it can be used for some devious designs. Dozens of kids are killed every week in “gun free” Chicago with little or no mention in the national news. Murder is ok as long as it serves their purpose. To those that no longer have a moral compass to guide them, this seems a logical way to view the world.

With no moral compass to guide them, a nation will tear the flesh from its own rotting body and revel at the pretty colors as they bleed to death. The nation will succumb to insanity and chaos until there is no flesh left to claw at. This is how a morally corrupt nation dies. When a nation dies in this manner, the morality that still exists will be attacked by the insane as the cause of all the ills. The insane and morally corrupt will seek out and destroy this last bastion of reality in the desperate hope of saving themselves.

Those last bastions of morality can not stop the decay and destruction until the nation has run its course. Their only hope of regaining the upper hand is to survive the decay with their morals in tact and hope for the chance to rebuild the nation.

This process will carry the nation to unknown depths of deprivation and pain. It will end somewhere on the plains of apathy and despair among the morass of broken promises and ideas. When nations die they end much like cloudy days, with no discernible sunset, no specific moment between light and darkness, just a dim glow that fades away into obscurity until nothing remains. This can be a time of rebirth or oblivion.


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