And When The Bough Breaks….

By: Tom Chatham – Author of Rebuilding The Republic

Half of the people in America now depend on government money in some form or another to get by from day to day. These payments are a major part of our economy now and the elimination of these payments will be catastrophic to the standard of living that is already falling at a rapid pace. The unsustainable nature of this government money guarantees that it will be cut off at some point in the future.

With the encroachment of government into free markets, we now find ourselves in a spiral of decay that will end with unnecessary poverty for the masses. The word poverty means something different to Americans than it does to everyone else in the world.

Tocqueville once wrote that, “The word poor is used here in a relative, not an absolute sense. Poor men in America would often appear rich in comparison with the poor of Europe.” This is an important distinction that Americans need to realize.

Norman Podhoretz once related a story told to him by a Soviet dissident providing a good illustration of this. ‘It seems the Soviet authorities used to encourage the repeated screening of The Grapes of Wrath, a movie about the Great Depression-era migration of starving farmers from the Dust Bowl to California in their broken-down pickups. But contrary to expectation, what Soviet audiences got from this film was not an impression of how wretched was the plight of the poor in America. Instead they came away marveling that in America, “even the peasants own trucks.”’

Even the “poor” in America have a good standard of living compared to most of the rest of the world, but for many of these people that is not acceptable. Many of the poor in America can boast of having a refrigerator, a TV, a DVD player, a closet full of clothing and some even a car. Until recently poor was a relative term in America but that will change soon. If the free market economy we have is allowed to die, these people will find out what actual poverty is when the government payments they depend on suddenly cease and they are thrown back on their own resources, which are few and far between.

The ultra-liberals in this country always focus on the small number of things that are wrong with the country, while the ultra-conservatives focus on everything that is right with it. The liberals want to destroy all of the things that are right in order to fix the few things that are wrong. This is what will cause the absolute poverty that most Americans will find themselves dealing with and will have no way out of because the free market system that would allow them the freedom to work and be successful will be gone.

This is why Americans have very little time to wake up and develop an economic survival strategy to ride out this storm. Once the gale winds begin to blow it will be too late to amass the resources you need to maintain a reasonable standard of living and care for your family. Once real poverty is a part of the American landscape, it will be decades if ever, before it will improve significantly. Those that rely solely on the government for everyday needs will have a great fall when the support system breaks. Having resources to draw on may not keep you from falling but you will end up on top of the pile instead of on the bottom. Many things in life are out of a persons control but this is one thing that everyone has control over and it is your responsibility.


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